Gemini: Your Full Astrology Guide for 2017

There's a lot happening in 2017 for Geminis! Our resident Astrology expert, Kelli Fox, reveals all below.


For the majority of 2017, you can look forward to a life full of love, creativity, travel and pleasure, thanks to a sweet boost from generous Jupiter. If you’ve got the travel itch, book a trip before October. It could be one of the best vacations you’ll ever take.

During the Spring, Jupiter is in your Health Sector, helping you achieve a level of wellness you never thought possible. Now’s the time to make big changes in your diet, exercise and sleep routines. This period could also bring a fascinating new job that makes you feel excited to go to work each morning. What a welcome change of pace!

Love and Romance

You’re definitely bringing the spice this year, turning heads wherever you go! This is especially true between January and September as benevolent Jupiter heats up your love life. If you’re already partnered up, it’ll feel like you and your sweetie are courting all over again. The first weekend in June is ideal for Geminis thinking about marriage or getting engaged.

With the influence of serious Saturn, you’re thinking long term. That’s so unlike you! Yet even independent Gemini has that yearning to settle down. Joining forces with someone brings stability to your life. Just know that any commitment you make under Saturn’s powerful influence will be the real deal.

Career and Money

You could really rock it career-wise this year, Gemini. The excitement starts February 26, when a Solar Eclipse boosts you to the top of your field. A promotion or high-profile position is a strong possibility.

Dreamy Neptune also helps you make your mark in 2017. If your work is in a creative field then your reputation could skyrocket.

Of course, with transformative Pluto crusading through your Income Sector, you’ll have to work more for love than for money this year. This struggle could intensify at the end of the year when restrictive Saturn joins Pluto. Try not to let it distract you.

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