Father’s Day Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign

Need help picking the perfect gift for Dad and running out of ideas? A quick look at his star sign may just give you the insight you need. Find out more now!

Fathers can be difficult to buy presents for as they’ve either already got one or they don’t want one. We need insight, a way to seek out that perfect gift for Dad. Maybe Dad wants another BBQ meat flipper, new tool set or updated weed whacker - who knows?

A quick look at Dad’s Zodiac sign will give us the insight we need to find him a gift that will really surprise and delight him.

The Ram’s overt optimism leaves the gift options wide-open. Always seeking excitement, passionate Aries is always on the go, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Perhaps a new phone or a gym membership? Aries wants the tools to make themselves better. A competitive spirit combined with an independent nature, means the Aries dad will enjoy gifts for them alone.

A Taurus Dad would prefer a practical tie to an electronic gizmo or a toy. Quality pretty much says it all. Taurus has good taste and loves to be pampered. They enjoy good food, so maybe gift certificates for a restaurant you’re sure, Dad will enjoy. Go with the flow, Taurus likes what they like and you can’t change them so don’t even try.

What stimulates that clever mind of your Gemini Dad? What does your Dad love, besides you? How about a grab bag of several gifts, perhaps to feed his many interests; maybe something fun and something challenging. Always making sure your gift is a lot of fun, but not too challenging, lest their restless nature make them put it down moving on to the next challenge.

The Cancer Dad is complex, loving and nurturing yet can be temperamental and moody. Some may have fragile egos, so the gift of a diet book could be easily misunderstood but a great recipe book may be just the perfect present. Their need to be loved requires gifts of reassurance, gifts which make them feel loved, even if it’s just a sincere card with a personal note.

Perhaps your Leo Dad loves being the centre of attention? If so, give him that gift which makes him feel that way and he’ll be content like a cat in the sun. Leo’s enjoy the new and exciting, almost as much as they love quality. They have wonderful taste which might make them a bit selective about clothing, but which Leo Dad wouldn’t appreciate a quality bottle of wine?

Virgo is the sign of service so perhaps your Dad is a builder and an organizer in some way. Give him those tools which most fits these traits and he will most certainly love it. Because a Virgo probably won’t give you any hints, you must use your powers of deduction and years of experience to crack your Virgo Dads precise nature.

Libra and luxury go hand in hand, they also like people and nice décor. This sign is all about balance, good manners and refined taste. Your Dad might like a new set of patio furniture or barbecue. Your Libra Dad is more than likely diplomatic and enjoys harmony which means almost any gift will be acceptable.

Scorpio’s are full of intensity and contradictions. A mystery novel or a telescope might appeal to your Scorpio Dad’s inquisitive mind. This sign likes control so sky diving or bungy jumping aren’t good candidates for your gift. They are difficult to surprise but a weekend getaway with someone special will appeal to their passionate nature.

With Sagittarius, it’s all about exploration and excitement. They are philosophers on the road to adventure, provided it doesn’t take too long. Buy your Sagittarius Dad a gadget, he’ll love it, buy him a book and he’ll love that too. How about anything rare or interesting, from art museums to an amusement park? Any gift which tickles his inner sense of learning is also welcomed.

Capricorn is both responsible and resourceful. They are generally ambitious planners so a spur of the moment get-together probably won’t appeal to your Dad. Let him pick out the restaurant and choose the time. A nice conventional Father’s day gift will make this Dad very happy.  How about a comfy pair of socks, aftershave or nice tie?

Appeal to your Aquarian Dad’s individual sense of style and scientific mind. This sign is always looking for intellectual stimulation and always willing to try something new. A new book or a new or a new restaurant with the operative word being “new”. Their love is for the cerebral and not the physical, any gift which excites their mind will be a good one.

This sign is selflessness and compassionate. The Pisces Dad may feel bad when he causes his family to spend time and money on him. A gift to help others is a gift your Dad would love. Perhaps something like jumper cables or a bird feeder, a gift that gives to those who enjoy giving. A donation to a charity in your Dads name may also be just the right idea!

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