Carson Kressley Q&A: Drag Race and Australian Fashion!

Fashion maven Carson Kressley talks exclusively to LifeStyle YOU about all things Drag Race, Fashion and his love of Aussie designers!

RuPaul's Drag Race is getting a makeover hunty! The seventh season of the show has added reality show veteran Carson Kressley to the judging panel of LifeStyle YOU's hit show! We chatted exclusively to Carson about what it's like to work with Ru and all about his love of the Australian Fashion scene.

Hi Carson! How are you?

I’m going GREAT! How is everything down under?

We’re really excited to have you as a judge on the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Can you tell us how it came about and what the experience was like?

I’ve always been a big fan of the show and was doing another project here in the states called ‘Skin Wars’ (premiering on LifeStyle YOU in May) When Ru said to me one day “why haven’t you done my show?” and It’s because our schedules never lined up! But I told him that I was really keen and he said to me “Don’t worry about it, we’ll make it happen.” Then we were literally on the phone 2 weeks later hashing it out and he made it happen!

How did it feel being there every week, did you get very attached to the girls?

Obviously the judges take it very seriously and I LOVE a good drag queen (who doesn’t?) and being there every week, you can’t help but get invested. As a judge, we don’t see much of them, we only see them on the runway once the challenge has come to fruition. But you do fall in love with certain personalities and it’s hard to see them sashay away. I’ve done a lot of reality TV shows and this one is heartbreaking because you have to watch someone let go of their dreams every week!

What was it like working with RuPaul, Michelle Visage and fellow new judge Ross Matthews?

RuPaul is fantastic. Ru is smart, kind, wonderful, tasteful, funny, irreverent, gorgeous, and welcoming… I mean the list goes on. If you watch the show, you can really tell his heart is in the right place. Even with criticism there’s always kindness behind it, you know he is mother hen and it really shows. Michelle is great, she is outspoken and fabulous, I thought I was going to be afraid of her but she is wonderful. And Ross is great, we’ve worked together before so it was very easy… everyone knows their stuff, it was just such a joy to work on the show! We also have SO MANY amazing guest stars - one being your own Olivia Newtown John who I got to sit next to her for 6 hours! By the end I was like (imitates Aussie accent) ‘Oh Liv, that was a cracker wasn’t it, yeah mate’ and she was like, ‘Okay you need to dial it back’ (laughs) but she is lovely.

Do you have a favourite queen?

It changes every week which is what makes this show really interesting! We have such a diverse cast – we have campy queens, comedy queens, beauty queens and every week they each shine in their own way. They all have potential but some of my favourites would be Pearl, Ginger Minj… but they’re all apples and oranges!

I want to go back to ‘Queer Eye For the Straight Guy’ days. Are you still blown away that people love and talk about the show all these years later?

I’m continually surprised. Queer Eye was my first job on TV. The show really resonated with people and had a really positive spin to it because we genuinely wanted to help people. All of us in the fab 5 were talented in our fields but also wanted to have fun, help people look great, feel great and I think people appreciated that… and appreciated the heart of the show. But I am still shocked to this day that I am still on TV.

Is there any chance of a reunion?
We did do a couple of one-off specials a couple years back and we’re all still the best of friends. We will always have a bond. But, I’m not sure about an official reunion – everyone is doing their own thing now, but it would be fascinating to go back. I would love to revisit some of the straight guys and see how they turned out! I want to see if any grew their mullets back.

Here at LifeStyle YOU we love Fashion! What are your thoughts on Australian fashion? Do you have any favourite designers?

Yeah! There are SO MANY AMAZING fashion designers down under! And I think sometimes Australians discount home-grown fashion but it’s some of the best in the world. I love Bec & Bridge, J’Aton, Scanlan Theodore – there are just so many great Australian brands. There is definitely Australian aesthetic in your brands so GOOD ON YA *laughs*

How do you feel about fashion on the red carpet in 2015? Are there any celebrities you want to just makeover?

Not really but I think at the Oscars, the Grammys etc. so many celebrities have become a little gun-shy when it comes to fashion. Everyone has a stylist, everyone has someone helping them and on the red carpet this year at the Oscars, there was no excitement. There were some great looks, like your own Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyong'o, but mostly, everyone played it so safe.

What do you think is the worst fashion mistake people make?

The one for me that has always been a big issue is fit. It doesn’t matter what size you are, if your clothes sit right and create the right silhouette then you’re always going to look fabulous. Nobody likes baggy clothes! You can’t fit 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag right? And that goes for men and women. Men especially haven’t been conscious of fit – they think super baggy is in but then we can’t see how hot they are and that makes me very sad. The other thing is that I really think it’s important people create their own style. Everyone is copying the mannequins and it’s really important everyone adds their own personal twist to their style. The reason we get dressed is to express ourselves so adding individuality is paramount.

Finally, when are you coming back down under?
I don’t know! Soon I hope. Let’s work on that.

RuPaul's Drag Race Series 7 airs Wednesdays March 18 @ 9.30pm EDT exclusively on LifeStyle YOU

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