Biggest Celebrity Beauty Mistakes

Our Beauty Expert, Emma Bangay, reveals three of the most common celebrity beauty slip-ups, and how you can avoid them!

Unlike 16 car garages and personal brolly bearers, makeup mistakes are not reserved only for the rich and famous. Us mere mortals can suffer also. The difference is, we don’t have 492 paparazzi lenses honed in on us when we face a cosmetic slip-up. Phew.
Even so, one set of prying eyes at the bus stop can be as bad as a stack of tabloid headlines, so here are three of the most common celebrity beauty slip-ups, and how you can avoid them!

1. Foundation Faux Par

Complexion coverage that is fit for flashbulbs is not going to translate to the everyday. Ever. The photo-ready faces of celebrities are made up that way by professional makeup artists touting an arsenal of primers, bases, concealers, foundations, bronzers and powders. Warning: Do not try this at home. Real life calls for less foundation in order to avoid cakey, flaky complexions, heavier, deeper lines and clogging and congestion.  

The Remedy: Keep it clean and pare it back. The best coverage begins with regular cleansing because if skin is dry and dehydrated, coverage will never appear luminous or moist. Ensure you exfoliate at least once a week and cleanse nightly, (preferably with a glycolic-based product if you are a little older). BB creams are then the best moisturiser/coverage hybrid to ensure an even tone and radiant effect coverage, and use a mineral bronzer that works with the pH balance and hydrates simultaneously on top of you need to mattify for evening.

The Rule: Never apply foundation under fluorescent lights, as it will dictate an unrealistic result. Instead, apply next to a window or always check the results in a hand mirror outside to ensure coverage is colour-matched and blended evenly around the hair and jawline.

2. Mascara Miscalculation:

I get that long, lush lashes are du jour at the moment, but when you’re straining to see past the jungle on your lids, then there is a problem here, people. Add to that the overzealous application of plumping, lengthening, volumising and maximising mascaras? Well, your flirtation with the faux lash trend could result in serious vision impairing results!

The Remedy: By all means, go faux with lashes, but rather than applying a cheap complete set, invest in individual lashes to add just to the outer corners of the eye. In addition, stick to used-by-dates on your mascara to avoid clumping and drying upon application, and always use a lash comb upon completion to ensure any build-up is eliminated.

The Rule: The best lashes begin with the curl. Before applying mascara, heat the rubber section of your eyelash curler for a few seconds with your hairdryer, then press and hold for 3 seconds on each upper-lash. This will ‘set’ the upward curl all day, no matter what mascara you use.

3. Regrowth Recoil:

We can blame SJP for this very fine-line between dark and light of locks. She made it famous – and acceptable- during her Sex In The City days, and since then its’ been universally adopted with open arms by budget-conscious teens and tired mothers who can’t afford – or aren’t inclined – to retouch roots regularly. The advent of ‘balliage’ and ‘parachuting’ colour trends (where random mid-lengths to ends are lightened a shade or two from the root colour) when done right, is one of the decades most defining looks. Done wrong? Well, that’s another story…

The Remedy: You don’t have to break the bank and book a salon visit too regularly. At-Home hair colour kits have come ahead in leaps and bounds, with several major pharmacy brands offering kits (complete with combs and hydrating treatments) to perfect this undone look.

The Rule: Only go two shades lighter on the ends from the root colour to keep this look on-trend. Shampoo with a cleansing product at least twice a week to avoid greasiness around the already darker root area and use a dry shampoo when the scalp area is looking greasy and lengths, lank. Additionally, brighten any lightened ends by only using shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair.

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