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We all have a lazy side craving beauty shortcuts that save time and money, but none of us want to compromise on looking great. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of The Lazy Princess - celebrity stylist Hannah Sandling’s latest bible for cash-strapped, time-poor beauty addicts. Jam-packed with insider tips and tricks, it’s guaranteed to give you a boost into the beauty fast lane. Read on to find out how:


Last minute invite on your hands? Don't panic and pass on the party of the year just because you haven’t spent the day in preparation. Hannah reveals her secrets to getting red-carpet-ready in a rush:

:: No time to wash your locks? No problem. “Take the ultimate lazy-girl option and spray dry shampoo into your hair,” she recommends. Leave it for five seconds to absorb excess oil, before brushing it out and, hey presto! You'll look like you've just stepped out of the salon.

:: Need a hot hairdo, fast? Not to worry. “Put sections in rollers, apply a little hairspray to them and leave for five seconds to dry. Your hair will now boast a rather voluminous Hollywood style,” Hannah says. Embellished clips and pins are also a great way to add instant glamour.

:: Manicurist gone missing? Simple solution. “If you want a cheat's version of a French manicure, just paint the ends of your nails in white,” she suggests. “Another fake French mani tip is to buy a white nail pencil and apply it under the nail. It takes about a minute to do, costs next to nothing and looks very convincing.”


We've all been there – when too many big nights have left our skin dull and spotty and our eyes with more bags than Paris Hilton on a shopping spree. Fear not, Hannah has cheap and easy remedies to disguise signs of a rundown princess:

The problem: sallow skin

The solution: Brighten a lacklustre complexion with a few sweeps of your fingers. “A facial massage will help stimulate the blood circulation in a flash and flush out those nasty toxins,” she advises. “You can do this yourself at home with your own face cream - just massage it gently into your skin in upwards strokes.”

The problem: unexpected breakouts

The solution: If a spot has emerged right at the wrong moment – which, lets be honest, they always do - never be tempted to squeeze. Not only will you irritate it further but you could end up scarring your skin. “Rather than picking greasy red zits, wrap an ice cube in a clean sock and hold it on the area for a minute or two,” Hannah recommends. “If you're going straight out dab some tea tree oil on it, leave to absorb, and then cover with a light coating of concealer.”

The problem: puffy peepers

The solution: Kick back with a nice cuppa at night – only this time use the tea to relieve tell-tale tired eyes rather than to drink! “To de-puff eyes, pre-soak four teabags in iced water and place over your eyelids,” Hannah explains. “When they get warm after five minutes, switch them with the other two teabags in the iced water and leave on for a further ten minutes.”


If you fancy yourself a bit of a Nigella Lawson and love nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen, why not try switching the muffin mix for some delicious skin care products instead? “Your fridge can be a valuable source of beauty treatments,” enthuses Hannah. And the best part is, you can make your treatment and still lick the bowl! Here are some of her favourite make-and-do beauty recipes:

1. Rustle up an excellent natural toner by whizzing up a big slice of watermelon in a blender and applying it directly to a cleansed face.
2. For a brilliant DIY exfoliating facial scrub, mix two tablespoons each of sugar and lemon juice and gently massage over a cleansed complexion for a minute or two.
3. Make your own ultra-nourishing face treatment by mashing up a banana with a little milk and smoothing it on to your face.

Insider advice: Home- produced equals zero preservatives, which means they don’t have a long shelf-life and need be used straight away.


You’re on holiday - the sun is shining, the sangria is flowing, and for some reason, the boys just look that much better. You’re so relaxed it’s easy to indulge your lazy side, but no matter how languid you get, there’s never an excuse for ditching your SPF duties. “It's your call,” warns Hannah. “You can look like a sun-kissed Brazilian babe parading down the beach…or more like you're meant to be on a Mediterranean menu - a fresh red lobster.” Here are her top tips for protecting your skin throughout the summer:

:: To keep your cool by the pool, fill a little spray bottle with water and spritz your face lightly every so often to keep your skin hydrated.
:: Slap on your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step out of the shade so it has enough time to be thoroughly absorbed into your skin.
:: Apply a new layer of sunscreen every two hours if you’re simply lazing about, or every hour if you’re in and out of the water. A water-resistant formula will last longer and is the ideal choice if you’re working up a sweat.

Insider advice: Transparent-style SPF sprays are ideal for lazy princesses as they require less effort to rub into the skin.


When it comes to achieving a golden summer glow, the best way to go is definitely faux. Here, we put one of the top- market tanners to the test:

The product: St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse 120ml, $43.95
Our verdict: The lightweight mousse dries almost instantly, lasts for ages (thanks to aloe vera) and is specially formulated to minimise that all-too-common fake tan smell.
The depth of colour depends on your application so whether you're looking for a subtle pick-me-up or a deeper shade of bronze, this product will do the job.

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yeah some good advice there ,for fake tani use suga baby golden glow , its amazing and leaves skin smelling good and moisturised!