Bacon, Selfie and Face Palm Emojis? Yes Please!

Emoji is a serious business with the creators releasing a new round of candidates, including bacon, the selfie, and the face palm.

Soon we will just be using 'emoji-speak' instead of actual text when conversing with one another, with the news that the creators of emoji have just accepted 38 characters for a new release in mid-2016.

The standout emoji would have to be the 'face palm' - that public acknowledgement of doing something rather embarrassing or awkward.

True foodie fans will absolutely love the bacon emoji:

While vegans will no doubt find their fix in the avocado emoji:

For those who have a signature hand gesture, you'll find delight in these:

And to match the lady in red, meet the new Travolta-esque character:

What do you think of the new round of emoji candidates? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Images: Unicode Emojipedia Page


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