Alex Perry’s Guide To Caring For Your Clothes

As the winter months fast approach and you find yourself searching through the wardrobe for your favourite coat, the last thing you want to realise is that your neglect for this much loved winter warmer has resulted in it looking completely dull and unimpressive.

Alex Perry, Electrolux Fabric Care Ambassador and renowned Australian fashion designer, is a professional when it comes to taking care of clothing. Whether it’s your favourite white cotton tee or your most expensive cashmere sweater, he’s got fuss free advice to help take the concern out of clothing care this season.

“As a fashion designer, I use an array of elegant materials daily and something you must realise about fabric is that it all has to be treated in different ways. By being fabric savvy you can get your winter wardrobe ready and care for all your gorgeous garments to ensure they always looks fab, not drab,” stated Alex.

Here are some of Alex’s top tips to boost your fabric IQ.

Wool and cashmere:

Are lightweight natural fabrics to keep you warm during the cooler months. Freshen up your winter woollies by airing them out ahead of wearing them. When washing, always use a good quality wool wash to keep them looking and feeling their best. Always try and fold your items rather than hanging them, this will help keep their shape.


Is a lovely material – warm, soft and stylist. Rub suede gently with a bath towel to restore some of its natural texture. Invest in a good quality suede brush; this is great for cleaning both clothing and shoes. Be careful not to use stain remover on this fabric as they could do more harm than good.


Is a cool and light natural fibre which is great for wearing all year-round. One thing to remember is it often shrinks a little the first time you wash it. You can avoid this by using the cool setting on your dryer and you should always only wash using cold water.

Be aware that cotton tends to absorb colours easily. One way to avoid turning your whites a permanent shade of pink, is to always wash your whites and colours separately. Always store cotton out of sunlight as overexposure may weaken or yellow the fibres.


Remember this is a delicate material which requires very gentle handling but is gorgeous to wear. A sexy silk blouses under a winter coat is the perfect way you glam up your look. To avoid unnecessary tears, use the ED19710W Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer to delicately dry silk garments, this will also save you a fortune on dry cleaning bills.

Avoid spraying with perfumes and hairsprays, as the fabric may stain. Allow the garment to drip dry, but never in the sun, as it will become brittle and can bleach easily.


This is one of my favourite materials to use for evening dresses, as it gives an elegant and floating appearance to the garment. Any stains should not be wetted and wiped. Chiffon distorts when wet and far more damage could be done once it is damp. If stretched or shrunk, sadly the fabric may not return to its original shape.


Nylon is a strong and lightweight material that is easy to take care of. All nylon whites should be washed separately to avoid greying (especially in underwear and bars). Nylon is perfect for activewear as it resists absorbing moisture and dries easily.

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