9 Ways to Stop Nail Biting!

No need to hide your hands anymore because they look like you nibbled your nails for lunch. Karon McKendrick-Taylor, OPI Educator, helps you kick your habit!

1. Keep your nails painted, preferably with a dark of bright colour, as many of you know your nails often end up in your mouth without you even knowing it, so having an obvious colour on your nails, sometimes reminds us to keep them out of our mouths.

2. Redo your nails when the nail polish has worn/bitten away.

3. Pay for someone to do them for you – it is surprising how when paying for a service you appreciate it so much more.

4. Treat yourself to a set of coloured gel nails. Gels won’t ruin your natural nail bed and coloured gels soak off in diluted polish remover. This will act as a protective layer to your natural nails and reduce the risk of biting. We recommend OPI’s Axxium Soak Off Coloured Gels.

5. Daily massage oil and hand lotion into and around your nails, often people end up biting nails because the skin around the nail is dry and peeling.

6. Nails that have been bitten usually grow very fast so have a nail file always available to smooth /file away any rough edges.

7. Once your nails have grown beyond your fingertips, apply a nail hardener, we recommend OPI’s Soft & Thin Nail Envy Strengthener. Use a nail hardener as your base coat to strengthen and protect the nail. This will ensure continued success and glamorous nails.

8. If you know that you bite your nails predominately when you are watching TV or on the phone, look for something else to do with your hands, such as knitting or drawing or perhaps painting your nails, anything to keep your hands busy and away from your mouth.

9. Set yourself a goal and reward yourself with a gift (big or small). Rings look much better on hands with good healthy nails. This may just be the incentive you need.

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