8 Things Flight Attendants Wish You Would Stop Doing

They've seen the very best and worst when it comes to flying. Here's a list of the top 8 things they wish passengers would just stop doing.

It's quite often flight attendants hear of passengers complaining about this or that when it comes to how comfortable flying is, but the reality is - what you pay is what you get.

While you may complain about the width of seats, leg room or meals available for a few hours, for the flight attendant, this is an everyday occurrence.

Here, a group of flight attendants list the top 8 things they wish passengers would just stop doing:

1. Leaving rubbish in pocket seats

“We walk up and down the aisle throughout the flight with a trash bag to collect trash.” — Abbie Unger

Credit: PassengerShaming.com

2. Indecisiveness and bad timing when asking for drinks 

"You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” — Corinne Spring from the Flight Attendant Career Connection.

“There is nothing more irritating than when a passenger comes straight onto the plane and asks for a soft drink. I’m like, ‘Seriously?’” — Nick Stracener

3. Taking up too much overhead space

“My head literally just exploded. #TheSenseofEntitlement.” — Shawn Kathleen

4. Inappropriately grabbing our attention

“Please don’t touch, poke, or tug on a flight attendant. You could say ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’. You can say ‘miss,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘pardon me’ — or just wait until I make eye contact with you. But please don’t touch my rear end again!” — Abbie Unger

5. Blocking the aisle

“Attention all passengers: Stop. Doing. This.” — Shawn Kathleen said of the photo below:

Credit: PassengerShaming.com

6. Making yourself at home with shoes off and nail cutting sessions

“It’s just so gross. And people in first class are even worse — they think it’s their house.” — Nick Stracener

“We are always reminding people to put their shoes on because the wetness on the floor is not water.” — Sydney Pearl

Credit: PassengerShaming.com

7. Using the toilet at inconvenient times

“My main pet peeve is when people get on the plane and immediately go to the bathroom all the way in the back.” — an anonymous flight attendant told the NYPost

8. Hanging out in or around the galley

“I came out of the galley and she scared the crap out of me!!” — Shawn Kathleen said on spotting the woman in the photo below:

Credit: PassengerShaming.com

What's the worst or most annoying thing you've seen or experienced when flying? Let us know by commenting below!

Image Credit: PassengerShaming.com

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