8 Most Noteworthy Celebrity Transformations!

Time, and a much-improved style squad, has been kind to some of our favourite celebrities! Here are 8 big beauty evolutions that will make you look twice.

In Hollywood, we're never short of a celebrity transformation. Here we look at the most noteworthy.


1. Taylor Swift

As a country music Wunderkind, Taylor Swift hit the stage and sound waves back in 2006 - slinging a guitar and a curling wand with equal dexterity. From ‘Geek’ to 'Chic' in just a decade, Tay Tay's crunchy curls, frosted lipstick and blue eyeliner have been replaced with a shaggy, long bob, on-trend makeup tones and minimal fuss. Add to that a side serve of worldwide radio domination, sold out concerts and enough Instagram followers to populate a small planet - not to mention an equally famous boyfriend and a gaggle of uber-fashion girlfriends - and it seems Taylor is winning more with each whirlwind year.

2. Emma Watson

Dubbed ‘The Voice Of A Generation’ by UK Vogue, Emma Watson is also becoming the modern-day duckling/swan deal right before our eyes. As Harry Potter’s childhood friend Hermione Granger throughout the record-breaking movie series that ran from 2001 – 2011, Emma was all thick bangs and baggy cloaks. If only Harry could see her now! Emma has since hung up her broom and today consistently stuns as a 25-year-old beauty – and brain – to be reckoned with. However, her enviable brows, English-rose complexion and fearless fashion sense pale in comparison to the beautiful work she is doing as an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.


3. Michelle Williams

As the all blonde-tousled hair and seductive scowl as bad girl Jen Lindley in Dawson’s Creek, Michelle's teenage persona hung on her killer stare and dark wardrobe. In the 1990s, her beauty was concealed beneath  heavily made-up eyes, brassy blonde hair and tomato-red lips, but as she improved her career choices - from teen-drama to gripping turns in Brokeback Mountain - she also pared back her beauty approach. Today, her platinum cropped hair, elfin figure and alabaster complexion looms from Louis Vuitton billboards around the globe as she continues her ascent as the perfect talented actress/beauty icon/ 'It' Girl hybrid.

4. Kim Kardashian

Whether contouring or cosmetic surgery can be credited for her matured looks – or is it both? – there is no denying that Kim Kardashian is hitting her beauty stride right about now. As a high-schooler in 1997, her full lips and Armenian colouring were in full-effect, but in a more overt, overdone manner. Over the past few decades, she has tried and tested many beauty looks – including bleach blonde locks – to settle on a natural palette that works for her. As one of the most photographed women on the planet, Kim is a perfect example of how to use quality cosmetics cleverly to enhance your ethnicity as you age.


5. Jennifer Lopez

Credit: nbclatino.com

At the age of 46, J-Lo is turning more heads and breaking more hearts than ever. Over the last 20 years she has continually raised the beauty bar when it comes to 100 per cent gold star standard hair, skin, body and beauty looks. Gone are the days of crop tops (ok, maybe not) fly-girl curls, brown lipstick, thin brows and powdered skin circa 1997. Now it’s all glistening, honey-hued skin, toned muscles for miles, full lashes and a natural pout as she dominates television, film and even reality television with a seemingly different beauty look each time. And that body? It would make her 20-year-old-self envious!

6. Jennifer Aniston

Arguably the reigning queen of the celebrity beauty revolution, Jennifer – who always thought herself to be plain and frumpy as a teen – has blossomed past the ‘Rachel’ haircut, through life’s public ups-and-downs, weight fluctuations and back into some of our favourite on-screen moments as one of the most watchable and enchanting women in entertainment. Today, her body remains supple and honed thanks to a life of healthy living and yoga, and – although her fashion and beauty choices remain safe – they are yet to fail her.


7. Demi Moore

Credit: nydailynews.com

Believe it or not, Demi circa 1985 – during her ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ moment - looked older than the Demi of today. Back then she sported a short, masculine haircut, thin-framed spectacles and top-to-toe coverage with her dressing. Today, the 52-year-old keeps her hair lush and long, her body in super-tight condition and her luminous skin and youthful joie de vivre in tact thanks to her brood of daughters and a more Zen take on life. Her diet is clean and pure and her devotion to Kabbalah and charity seems to keep her spirit vital and young. 

8. Sandra Bullock

Credit: 20th Century Fox

This year saw Sandra Bullock named Most Beautiful Woman by PEOPLE Magazine at the ripe young age of 51! Although she fobbed it off as ‘ridiculous’ at the time, there is no denying her beauty evolution – from relatively ‘plain-but-strong’ Jane in 1994s ‘Speed’ through to her Academy Award winning looks of today - have been remarkable. Her dark tousled hair, clean-living beauty (she is a fan of kick-boxing, Pilates and weight-training) and ability to laugh at herself has also held her in good stead as America’s sweetheart and super hot Mumma (to son Louis.)

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