8 beauty hacks that will completely transform your makeup routine

Applying makeup is a bit like yoga; no matter how good you get at it, there always seems to be something new to master. But unlike yoga, the chances of actually finding the time to sit down and learn a few new tricks are slim to none. That's why we put together this list of beauty hacks. Whether you’re a cosmetics queen or a makeup rookie, these expert tips will get you out the door looking and feeling great. 

1. How to…choose the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone

Tried the tester foundation on the back of your hand but still find that it’s not quite right? Stop testing out different shades on the back of your hand. The same goes for using testers on your neck; just stop. Despite what you may have heard, these parts of your body don’t always have the same colouring as your face.

Your best bet is to go old school. Head to your closest beauty counter and ask the staff to help you test out different shades on your actual face. Can’t get to a store? Request a few samples from an online retailer so you can ensure your hard-earned money is spent on a foundation that matches your skin colour perfectly.

2. How to…apply concealer like a pro

Do you apply your concealer then rub it under your eyes and over your blemishes and pigmentation? For the love of mascara, stop! Fight the urge to rub and dab gently instead. Yes, it takes slightly longer but it will help your concealer to work its magic and stay put for longer. Rubbing will only move your concealer from one place to another and sheer out the coverage you’re trying to achieve.

3. How to…wear blush with confidence

Blush has the magical ability to freshen and brighten your complexion. It doesn’t matter if you use a stain, powder or cream blush, if you swipe it onto the correct place on that lovely face of yours, you will see thrilling results.

The secret? Apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering where these juicy apples are supposedly located, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. You’ll notice two fleshy apples emerge. This is where you want your blush - any lower and it’ll drag your face down, any higher and, well, it might as well be eyeshadow.


4. How to…master eyeliner in minutes

Hands up who’s awful at applying liquid eyeliner, or any form of eyeliner for that matter? Don’t be shy, it can be difficult. If you find that your black eye pen or pencil looks as if it’s been applied by a toddler, never fear. Simply switch to a brown eyeliner pencil. Brown looks a lot more natural so it’s more forgiving if your unsteady hand goes a little rogue. It’s also easy to smudge into your lash line to create a smoky look. Trust us, go brown and you won’t look back.

5. How to…make your lipstick last longer

Rather than just use your lip liner on the outline of your lips, do yourself a favour and use it to colour your lips in their entirety. Think of lip liner as a primer for your lips, it helps your colour to stay in place for longer and prevents smudging and feathering.

6.  How to…supercharge your eyelash curler

Using an eyelash curler before you put on your mascara will open up your eyes and give you the illusion of longer lashes. If you’re looking to step things up a notch, blast your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a couple of seconds before curling your lashes, it’ll set them in place, keeping them curly and gorgeous all day long. Just test that the curler’s not too hot before letting it anywhere near your eyes.

7. How to…keep your face in place

Do you apply your make-up perfectly then look in the mirror half-way through the day and find it’s melted off your face? Chances are, you’re not applying a setting spray or finishing powder to your face post-make-up application. Think they seem like overkill? They’re most definitely not if you want to minimise shine and prevent your carefully applied makeup from moving.

8. How to… make your fragrance last all day long

Do you liberally spray your perfume in the morning only for it to completely disappear by the time you’ve grabbed your morning latte? We feel you, it’s annoying. To make your fragrance last well into the day, dab a small amount of Vaseline onto your wrists where you normally spritz. Then spray on your perfume. The Vaseline primes your skin, keeping you smelling delicious for much, much longer.

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