7 Days to Wonderful Skin

All it takes is seven days and several simple ways to reinvent and reinvigorate your skin care routine, Emma Bangay discovers.

Do you think your skin is as good as it can be? Maybe it is, but maybe it is not. The first piece of advice experts offer up if you are yearning for a more youthful, vibrant visage is that a change is as good as a holiday. And, hello? Who’s complexion doesn’t need a bit of a rest, right?

“Sticking to the same skincare routine will not work forever and ever,” explains Kate Samson, Natural Therapist and Founder of Cedar+Stone. “Your skin can become immune to certain products, much like your hair. We recommend switching your routine around every few months to get the most out of each product.”

Here are more simple ways over the next seven days to snaffle superior skin! 


Come Sunday, your skin may be showing the signs of death-by-dancing-all-night or a raft of indulgent desserts. To revive it, Kate suggests applying a bentonite clay mask to draw out impurities and smooth skin. Tanya Felli, founder of ivadore adds that a good exfoliation can further slough away those Saturday night sins! “The older we get the slower the skin cells turnover is so the best way to help this process along is to use a combination of soft granules plus both AHA's & BHA's on the skin once a week,” she advises. “These miracle workers will help to dissolve away dead skin, unclog pores and reveal smooth healthy new cells that were hiding underneath. Make it a habit to exfoliate at the start of each week and you will be one step closer to a radiant complexion.“

Sunday's Picks: 

Cedar+Stone Bentonite Clay Mask

ivadore Revive 


You’re back to the daily grind, so it’s all about hydrating the skin to ensure it gets the best start possible, says Tanya. “Start the week with well-hydrated skin by using a serum high in antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid - especially before applying makeup,” she says. “This will help protect your skin from premature ageing and stop it from looking dry," she adds. Airtight moisturising momentum also helps keep fine lines at bay, plumps skin and makes it easier to get a flawless look with makeup. As Monday in the office can prove stressful, Kate loves having a face-mist on hand at her desk to prevent those mid-morning and late-afternoon office meltdowns! “Try a facial mist packed with calming essential oils to help ease stress and keep you focused for a big  week," she says.  

Monday's Picks: 

APIVITA Natural Serum Hydration

Bobbi Brown Face Mist


Tone up on Tuesday, Kate encourages, explaining that sometimes the overindulgence on the weekend can wait until now to show itself. If skin appears dull and lacklustre, and craving a boost for the week, “try toning with a rose water,” she advises. “Not only does it smell like your dreams, but it will tighten pores and brighten skin. A toning mist also works wonders towards setting makeup or adding a dewy finish to clean skin.

Tuesday's Picks: 

Vanessa Megan Rose Water Spray

Oil Garden Rose Water


On Wednesday, you want to take a little walk, Tanya advises. “Visit your local farmers market and make it habit to eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Cut out sugary drinks and avoid processed foods as much as possible and choose to buy organic fruits and vegetables to avoid unwanted chemicals in your diet. Your skin will thank you for it.” Kate agrees that skin beauty starts within - especially on hump-day. “On Wednesday, wake up, wash your face with water, apply a light facial oil or moisturiser and get your nutritional benefits from the healthy food you ingest. Sometimes, that’s the best thing.”

Wednesday's Picks: 

Sukin Super Greens Facial Moisturiser

Essano Moisturiser


For Kate, Thursday is prime-time to prep skin for what your social calendar holds on Friday night. “Whether getting ready for an event, a date, girls night or even just feeling fresh for the weekend, we recommend taking the time to really pamper your skin from the inside and out.” To do this, start with a full body salt scrub exfoliation - but don’t stop at your neck. “Exfoliation is a must for a soft, glowing complexion,” she adds.

Cedar+Stone Mint + Sea Salt Body Scrub

The Organic Project Simple As That Exfoliant


It’s saturation time again! So on Friday, it's all about oils. Lightly exfoliate and follow with facial oil or - if you don't like the texture of oil, use an intensive moisturiser

Friday's Picks: 

ivadore Love Oil Treatment

Jasmin Organics Rejuvenating Face Scrub


If you woke up with panda eyes, shame on you! “Not removing makeup before bed is a big No No,” Kate insists. “No matter how tired you are it is vital you remove makeup before bed." If you don't have your cleanser close at hand, we won't ask any questions, but the experts do insist that that is no excuse as coconut oil or a facial cleansing wipe (which should always be in the clutch purse, will suffice. “Leaving makeup on will dehydrate skin, make fine lines appear deeper, enlarge pores and leave your skin extremely irritable,” Kate points out.

On Saturday, further improve poor skin performance from the night before with some exercise advises Tanya. “Getting out to exercise can be the last thing you feel like doing but if you make it a priority you will not only feel great but the sweat will open pores, increase blood circulation and help remove toxins and unwanted dirt in your pores,” she insists. The results? "A more positive you, clearer skin and more nutrients delivered to cells that need to be repaired. Just make sure you wash your skin after each workout to clear away the debris.”

Kosmea Facial Cleansing Wipes

Indah Virgin Coconut Oil

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