6 Tales of Bridesmaids Behaving Badly

We hear plenty of stories about bridezillas, but what happens when it's the bridesmaid that turns rogue? These poor brides lived to tell the tale...

For anyone that’s ever been a bridesmaid, you’ll know what a tough job it can be. There’s the fittings, organising the topless cocktail waiter for the hen’s party, subtly steering the bride towards a dress that doesn’t make her look like a walking marshmallow, and that’s before you’ve agreed to max out your credit card for a dress you’ll never wear again! But you rock that taffeta peach gown with a smile and support her through her special day, because that’s what best friends and sisters do. 

Unless they don’t....

Any bride will tell you that a 'bridesmaidzilla' can turn your dream day into a living nightmare. And we’ve scoured the web for the worst!

1. Single White Bridesmaid 

"At my friend’s wedding, her bridesmaid was in love with the groom. During the first dance she cut in, and luckily there was someone to dance with the bride. She later got drunk, and cried so loudly during the best man’s speech that he had to cut his speech short. Later that night, she egged their limo and drew moustaches and horns all over their guest book pictures. And for some reason, the groom still talks to her."

Via WeddingBee.com

2. Bridesmaid Vs Tan

“As maid of honour, I was wearing a lovely burgundy satin dress. But as I’m blonde and quite pale, I was worried I’d look washed out, so the day before, I’d covered my arms and legs in fake tan. But on the day, I still thought I was too pasty. With minutes to spare before we had to be at the church, I announced: 'Hang on. I have to do something.' Hitching up my immaculate dress, I ran to my bedroom and began frantically dabbing at my chest with fake tan.

Tissue stuck to my fingers and I could feel myself getting hotter, the fake tan started to streak and from downstairs I could hear mum saying we needed to go. They immediately noticed the fake tan, but, as my mum said, it was too late to do anything. We clambered into the car and everyone was seething.

Even worse, the smell of fake tan was overpowering. The congregation couldn’t help but notice the smell, not to mention my streaky, orange chest. In the pews, people were edging away from me. Then, after the ceremony, I hugged several guests, transferring my bright orange streaks onto dresses and white shirt collars. They must have been furious. When I look at the photographs, I’m mortified. There is my beautiful English-rose sister, our other English rose bridesmaid and me — Tango-ed.”

Via The Daily Mail

3. Wedding Cake Crasher

“I was trying to get the best man to sober up with some coffee. He spilled it, slipped in the coffee puddle, and grabbed my dress on the way down. I clutched the tablecloth and jerked the wedding cake down to the floor.”

Via Buzzfeed

4. Runaway Bridesmaid

“I went wedding dress shopping with a couple of bridesmaids and had an 11 AM appointment at a bridal salon. One of my bridesmaids had been drinking at a christening before our appointment and showed up totally wasted.

She was loud, slurring, and grabbing different wedding dresses off the racks. The sales people kept asking her to sit down, but she wouldn't listen. She finally said that she could tell that she wasn't wanted there and left.

As she was driving out of the parking lot, she hit the sales person's car and drove away. They took down her tag number and called the police, who came to the scene and interviewed me as part of their investigation.

My bridesmaid then called me that afternoon and screamed at me, accusing me of calling the cops on her. She did not recall hitting a car or behaving the way she did. Needless to say, she is no longer a bridesmaid."

Via Theknot.com

5. The Wedding Singer

“Firstly, my bridesmaid was asked as she was my oldest (30 years) friend, and I had been in her wedding that failed after a year or so of marriage. On the day itself she got drunk and grinded (picture lap dance) my uncle with his wife sitting there next to him agog…

She then took over from the DJ and did impromptu karaoke. Without consultation. Singing very badly. To top off the night, as her on-again off-again boyfriend was not invited, she took the liberty of sleeping with my brother to pay me back!”

Via Weddingbee.com

6. Double Trouble

“I had asked my brother's wife to be my matron of honour when I was getting married the second time. My husband then asked his best friend, also his neighbour, to be my other bridesmaid, which I wasn't thrilled about, but went along with.

These two ladies tried to ruin the wedding, literally. They intentionally scheduled my bridal shower on a weekend I was supposed to be out of town — and claimed the invitations were already printed and mailed, and the cake had been ordered and the caterer had been paid the deposit. Turns out, they were all lies. I found out the invitations were bought at the store and hand-written, not printed. They intentionally did not mail the invitations until after the RSVP date, so no one would come.

Three weeks before the wedding, I get a list of demands from the two of them, which included: My husband's 9-year-old son was not to be included in the wedding party as a junior usher. They wanted to reselect the dinner menu. They wanted to change the seating plan. They wanted to be in charge of the music. They wanted to be reimbursed for the dresses they picked out. They demanded to be reimbursed for all expenses for the bridal shower — like the 'custom-printed invitations' and the lost deposit to the caterer.

I told them to return the dresses to me in the original condition they were purchased, and I would reimburse them, and find someone else to wear the dresses. After saying no to all their other demands, I informed both they were no longer in the wedding.

About two days later, they called the hotel to tell them the wedding was called off and they should cancel all the reservations. We discussed security with the venue, and decided that since the best man was a police officer,  that we would not need additional help. Thankfully they were not that stupid to try something.”

Randi Kaplan DellaVechia, Easton via Le High Valley Live

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