5 Things That Women Who Dress With Confidence Do

Clothes are a powerful tool and when executed well, will give us the confidence booster we need when it matters the most. Follow these expert tips to give yourself a powerful presence. 

Self-confidence is one of the best feelings in the world. Some of us have it, some of us want more of it and others have too much of it (enter self-confidence's alter ego; arrogance). It's no secret that what we wear effects it.

At Colette Werden, we’re obsessed with women and what affects their self-confidence. We recently commissioned a survey with female entrepreneurs and professionals and found a whopping 97% said that their self-confidence increased when they believed they looked good. On the flip side, when they didn't like what they were wearing, 74.3% did not walk with confidence and 58.5% communicated poorly with others.

It's mind blowing that these pieces of fabric that we adorn our bodies with, called clothes, can cause a ripple effect on how we feel about ourselves, how tall we walk and how freely we communicate. 

Women who present themselves confidently know it's not about wearing the latest fashion trend; they have their own style and they own it - they use clothes to illustrate their authentic inner identity. This ensures that they're feeling rock solid confidence, walking like they deserve to be right where they are and have the certainty that no matter what opportunity comes their way, they'll be able to handle it. I have two words for that -  powerful presence.

Follow these top tips to gain a powerful presence:

1.They know what they want their image to say, without having to speak a word. 

We humans have powerful minds. Neuroscientists revealed we can make 11 rapid fire decisions about somebody within 7 seconds of meeting them; all based on the way they choose to present themselves. So, use your image as your biggest marketing tool – what personality traits, strengths and values can you portray through your image, without having to say a word? Perhaps it’s that you’re approachable. Then avoid high neck tops and open up your chest area; when this area is closed, it’s the equivalent of crossed arms in body language. Are you light hearted and bubbly? Then opt for bright colours and make use of fun prints. Or if you’re a great decision maker and have a strong opinion, then wear contrasting colours as this says “there’s not grey area, it’s one way or the other”. Great attention to detail? Ensure your look is aligned from top to toe.

2.They never compromise on fit.

The quickest way to diminish the perception of professionalism and self-certainty is through an ill-fitting outfit. The fit across your shoulders, around your stomach, sleeve length and pant length are crucial here. The cheapest garment can look like the most expensive if it fits your frame well.

3.They remove their weaknesses from their wardrobe.

From this point forward, your wardrobe is no longer just a place where your clothes are hung and stored. It’s where you’re creating yourself, every single day. Anything that you don’t fit into, whatever you don’t wear anymore, the items that you’re holding onto “just in case” – let them go. They’re effecting you more than you think. Case in point, every single time you look at those jeans that you can’t fit into anymore, you’re only reminding yourself of how much weight you’ve put on. Get that toxic energy out of there. Only leave clothes in there that you look and feel great in now. These are the garments that are paying their rent and deserve to occupy your wardrobe space. You’ll save time (not trawling through clothes finding something to wear), you’ll have clarity around what clothes you own (just watch how many more outfit options you’ll come up with) and you’ll have the confidence that no matter what you’re pulling out to wear, you’ll be rocking.

4.They have a Style Guide.

Now, this, my stylish friend, will be your new secret weapon. Dedicate a few hours to putting together all the outfit options in your wardrobe (this is where your mixing’n’matching skills need to come to play), photograph them and format them all into a PDF. Save this on your iPhone or iPad, flick through, choose your outfit and go! You’ll be making the most of all the garments in your wardrobe and saving a grand load of time getting dressed for any occasion at any time. Heads up - do this with a stylist you trust or an honest friend; you’re looking at your wardrobe with the same uninspired eyes every day. They will help you see outfit options that you never knew existed, help get you over the line when you hesitate about what to let go of and remind you that you look damn sexy in that LBD.

5.They own it. 

Before you head out, tell yourself, “I’ve got this”. Walk with your head held up high, with rock solid posture and own your clothes like they’re your second skin. You’ll be feeling unstoppable. Game on.

By Colette Werden

For more inspiration on dressing with confidence, head to colettewerden.com 

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