5 Ancient Beauty Rituals That Actually Work

Find out more about these top hair and make-up secrets that have stood the test of time. Plus, these beauty tricks are cheap and easy to replicate at home!

There has always been and will always be beauty industry fads that have their 15-minutes of fame and then quickly disappear into oblivion. Throughout the ages however, there have been some hair and make-up secrets that have stood the test of time. 

The art of ‘pretty’ has been around for as long as our existence, but not all of our female ancestors had the right idea when it came to beauty tricks, with some turning to crocodile poo, rust and leeches to complete their look. However, if it wasn’t for these trail-blazing women trialling a range of products and ingredients, we wouldn’t have many of the treatments we rely on today.

With over a decade of experience teaching at the benchmark for hair, makeup and beauty education in the country, the Australasian College Broadway, I’ve put together some ancient beauty rituals that not only work, but should be staples in your everyday routine.

1. Coconut Oil – The ancient Egyptians made a lot of advances in beauty and many of their tricks are still used today. Because they had such a vast supply of coconuts, the Egyptians used the oil from this super food to hold their hairstyles in place – an ancient alternative to hairspray! This can still be used today and it doubles as a great conditioner. Coconut oil is perfect for achieving a slicked back ponytail, that is polished, sexy and perfect for the days you need a quick style, but don’t have time to wash and blow-dry your hair.

2. Rosemary Oil – For centuries, our ancestors in Mediterranean countries have been using rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth and get long, luscious locks.  It’s an ingredient that is still considered to work today as the oil stimulates cell division and dilates the blood vessels, which encourage the follicles to produce new growth. To use this at home, simply add a few drops of rosemary oil into your shampoo or conditioner, or use the oil as an intensive treatment and leave it on your scalp for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

3. Beer – Beer became increasingly popular in the early 1900s and was most probably used by your grandparents at one point. Simply rinse your hair with ale after washing and you’ll be left with glossy locks that have loads of volume and weight. The thought process behind this is that after the beer liquid evaporates, your strands are coated with a residue of hops and barley which pack a powerful punch. The downside is that you’ll smell like a brewery, but if it works for the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones, who are we to judge?

4. Crushed mulberries – Not only are berries delicious, but they are also a fantastic makeup tool. Our Greek ancestors used crushed mulberries to stain their lips, but you can also use them to create a natural looking rosy glow on your cheeks. If you can’t get your hands on mulberries, strawberries will also work. Simply crush the berry with a fork, dip your fingers in the juice and blend into the areas you want to colour.

5. Threading – This technique of hair removal started in South Asia and the Middle East, but has now become a popular eyebrow treatment available at many Australian salons. Threading uses a cotton thread which the therapist twists and rolls along the surface of the skin, catching the hair and pulling them from the follicle. The benefit of this is that it doesn’t use any chemicals, so is a great solution for people with sensitive skin. Threading also provides a cleaner line than waxing, and is said to be less painful.

Not only are these beauty tricks cheap and easy to replicate at home, they’ve survived centuries of real-life product testing all over the world – not many brands can beat those types of figures!

This article was written by Julie Halkidis Head of Make-up & Hairdressing at The Australasian College Broadway.

The Australasian College Broadway is Australia’s benchmark in hair, beauty and make-up education, with thousands of students passing through its doors every year. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, The College offers a diverse range of courses and has just launched a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics).

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I'm a big believer of ancient remedies! It's great to see them spoken about in today's day & age.