15 Ways To Look Good in Photos!

The party season is almost upon us and that also means the season of happy snaps. Worried about how you'll look and the photos you'll be tagged in on Facebook?

Fear not! Follow these top tips from Photographer and Professional Makeup Artist and Simona Janek from gm Photographics to ensure you look your best for the camera every time.

Best Poses

1) To avoid having a double chin in a photo push your chin forward as far as you can and then slightly down. Think of a turtle when you do this, it feels a little strange but will look great!

2) To avoid a hunchback always keep a nice straight posture and the back of your neck long. This will instantly make you look younger and more graceful

3) In full length photos it always looks better to stand 45 degrees to the camera (shoulders and hips) rather than front on. This creates a more slimming look

4) When posing make sure to differentiate your arms and legs. Make each pose asymmetrical. If you have one arm by your side, make the other arm bend. This will look more realistic and balanced

5) For women, the idea is to create an hourglass figure. Keep your weight on the back foot and push the back hip out then bring the other knee across slightly

6) Create some space between your arms and body for a slimming affect. Put one hand on the hip or in your pocket

7) If you put your hands in your pockets, make sure you can still see a thumb or part of your hand

8) If you want to create a slimming effect whilst standing, start by putting your hands on your hips. Now move your hands closer together towards your stomach. This gives the illusion of a smaller waist/hips for that cover girl look

Say Cheese!

9) Remember to smile, if not with your teeth then with your eyes and slightly lift the corners of your mouth as if you were about to smile

10) You can try a variety of expressions for the camera. Try looking away, then turning and looking back into the camera. This often relaxes you and avoids static expressions

11) There is nothing wrong with having a little mirror practice in the privacy of your home. Work out your best side, which smile works best for you

12) Practise makes perfect. Use your digital camera and ask a friend to take some shots for you

Work Your Outfit

13) Try on different outfits to find the most flattering neckline and hem length. A V- neck will usually work best for most women

14) Accessories can help when posing and can give you something to do with your hands. Practice holding different objects or moving accessories on your body. For example twirling a necklace around your neck or adjusting a hat brim

15) Remember to breathe through your posing. Don’t try to hold your breath as you won’t appear at ease

For more great tips or to book a professional portrait session, head to www.gmphotographics.com.au

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