15 Fashion Trends we'll be Regretting in 10 Years Time

We've all been guilty of a fashion crime at some time or other. Here's our prediction of the 15 trends we'll be laughing at in 10 year's time!

Remember a decade ago when army print cargo pants, sequined crop tops and corn-rows were the height of cool? Yeah, we’d rather forget too. But with the breakneck speed of today’s fashion, we’re willing to bet our pineapple print sundress and fedora that those trends we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on in 2015 will provide an endless amount of ‘we can’t believe we wore that’ fodder in just a few years time! 

Here are our top 15 picks:

1. Fringe factor

A leading trend on the Fall 2014 runways, fashionista-wannabes embraced the American Indian inspired trend with fervor. And it went to lengths we’d never seen before. 

Credit: trendvee.com

2. Gold tattoos

They may be prettier than the lick-and-stick variety you plastered all over your body back in the early 90s, but enjoy ‘em while they last - these will be back in fashion purgatory faster than you can say ‘faux boho’.

Credit: etsy.com

3. Overall staying power

Who knew that something tradies wore to work would be embraced so whole-heartedly by the fashion set? 

4. Pleather

It’s sticky, shiny, and cheap and makes a squelchy sound when you walk. It will also start flaking apart after a couple of wears and takes us straight into dominatrix territory. Unless this is what you’re going for, best to steer clear.

5. Capes

Are you a prince? A Disney character? Perhaps a super hero? No? Then this look should be left well alone.

6. Lace fringing

Someone out in Pinterest land decided it would be cool to sew doilies onto their denim cut offs, and when the mainstream fashion outlets decided to produce them en-masse, it ensured that it became summer’s go-to fashion staple; and in next season’s bargain bins.

7. Pantsuits

Was it only a few years ago we were giggling at those 70s pantsuits? Well they’re back on the fashion hit list – and now we’re just giggling at the camel toe. Unless you’ve got supermodel proportions (and even then, sometimes it doesn’t work out), best give this one a miss.

8. Ripped jeans

We’re not talking a little wear in the knees, these ripped jeans have more ripped out, than what’s left in. 

9. Butt flash

When did wearing so little become so fashionable? We’re not quite sure why celebrities spend money on such an expensive gown when they might as well be naked.

10. Crotch flash

Celebs – take note. We don’t care how good the shock factor is or how many column inches you garner from wearing such a travesty. We hope this trend dies just as quickly as it appeared.

11. Leggings

Not since Olivia Newton-John first rocked those tighter than tight leggings in ‘Grease’ have we seen such an influx of leggings in chain stores. But now we’ve got a a kaleidoscope of patterns, cuts and designs, and it’s enough to make your head spin.

Credit: ebay.co.uk

12. Necklace inspired head pieces

It may have taken a few years to catch on, but now every festival goer with a spare $10 and a cut price jewellery outlet at her disposal is throwing a necklace on her head. 

13. Ditto fake flower headbands

Hipsters everywhere are clamouring for that wild child 70s boho look. But if you’re over the age of 22, only purchase for when your daughter, kid sister/niece wants to play fairy dress ups. 

14. Gladiator sandals

Remember those sandals you bought back in high school that you strapped up your legs, only to find you were left with obnoxious criss-cross patterns on your skin that took hours to go away? Well they’re back. If you’re on the hunt for this season’s ‘must have’ you’ll surely find them heavily discounted at end of season sales.

15. Platform sneakers

What do you get when you mix a high heel and a sneaker? These atrocities! They might make you taller, but no cooler. Sorry!

What do you think is the biggest fashion trend from this year we’ll be laughing at in 10 years time? Let us know by commenting below! 

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The Crotch flash is a real no no!