10 Celebrity Bad Girls We Just Love To Love!

Another day, another bad girl hits the headlines. Most recently, it was Kate Moss with her inflight vodka-fuelled slip up. But we forgive her, right? Because sometimes, it’s the baddies that we love the best! Here is our round up of the top 10 tantrum-throwing, tabloid-worthy fiery femmes!

These famous celebs prove just how much it's good to be bad. These 10 Hollywood bad girls are never short of a bit of drama, all ready for the prying lens of the paparazzi to see!

1. Kate Moss

Way back when she was an impish 14-year-old aspiring model in the late 1980s, Kate was throwing her spanner in the beauty and fashion world left right and centre. She dated bad boys – namely Johnny Depp and heroin addict Pete Doherty – and partied wildly with fellow supermodels. In 2011, a photo of her snorting cocaine sent her career into a tailspin with clients dropping her into the 'too scandalous' basket. In retrospect, the sordid affair proved her saving, as motherhood and her marriage to good guy Jamie Hince of the band, The Kills has since provided focus and stability for her rebooted career. Surely the recent in-flight hiccup is just that, and it's safe to assume Kate will continue to rock the boat (or aeroplane) well into her golden years!

2. Lindsay Lohan

The original Mean Girl and mega-movie darling, Lindsay went onto emerge as a troubled woman, hindered by in-family fighting and many false career turns which saw her life careen off course. Over the years, there have been countless court cases, multiple money problems, feverish fashion and beauty faux pas and ongoing substance addictions. A short-term move to London to get away from the influences of LA last year saw her slip off the scandal radar somewhat, and she recently announced she is “better than ever” after coming off probation.  Time will tell, so stay tuned on Channel Lohan!

3. Kim Kardashian

Before she was the poster girl for Parisian fashion show chic, motherhood, marriage and mega-multi dollar business acumen, Kim Kardashian was simply another unknown player in a supposedly leaked sex tape. Fast forward and she has turned that personal disaster into a dynasty, notably as the epicenter of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s phenomenon. But beneath that refined exterior, flawless wardrobe and heavily manufactured media image, is that naughty girl always on the prowl? That’s for Kanye to know, and for the paparazzi to no doubt sniff out!

4. Kristen Stewart

This acting ingénue has graced our screens with the likes of legends Jodie Foster and Julieanne Moore, and with her smart, independently lauded celluloid choices of late and her alignment with fashion brand Balenciaga, you’d be forgiven for overlooking her past indiscretions. Which ones you ask? Well there was the affair she had with the then (very married) British director Rupert Saunders while living with her long-term boyfriend and former Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. Then, sprinkle in some subtly administered verbal middle fingers aimed at the media and her supposed current lesbian relationship, and Kristen comes across as the coolest mix of rebellion personified! 

5. Miley Cyrus

Smashing the celebrity child star mould, Miley has ramped up her rebel image every which way since wrapping on Hannah Montana as a teen. First came the dramatic, androgynous bleached crop, then her take on the twerk seemed to scandalise the globe. Today, her oft-seen semi-nudity and risqué wardrobe choices, open adoration of smoking marijuana and admission to bisexual relationships has kept the tabloids on their toes. So, as we watch Miley blossom into womanhood, we can rest assured that headlines, lovers and scandalous photo-spreads may come and go, but Miley’s brash behaviour is here to stay!

6. Rihanna

First there was Debbie Harry, then Madonna. Now, Rihanna is mixing up the music business with her anti-establishment attitude, racy image and sexually charged persona. There are ever-present nude photo-shoots, scantily clad social media postings and erotic on-stage performances, not to mention her openly brazen champagne swilling, pot-smoking, tattoo accumulating lifestyle! Music’s bad girl is certainly putting on an eternal show for anyone who is watching – and considering she has an instagram following of many millions - it seems there are quite a few of us. 

7. Cara Delevigne

British-born Cara Delevigne has all the makings of an enthralling gorgeous girl gone bad. Born into great wealth and notability, she has gone on to carve her own niche within the beauty industry as one of our most influential supermodels and fashion trailblazers of this millennium – redefining what we see as refined. She parties with the best of them and is never without her quirky social-media sneer. Throw in a rumoured relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez recently, and this brazen beauty is one we simply can't take our eyes off. 

8. Sienna Miller

Don’t believe a second of that ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt’ red carpet regale! Sienna Miller knows how to do Bad Girl like the best of them. Before she was a mother – and mega movie star – Sienna was finding her feet alongside lover Jude Law and proving far more famous for her heavy partying and dramatic break ups than any movie she made. Once that relationship was over, she went on to have an affair with her married co-star, Balthazar Getty, before possibly taking stock and disappearing from the celebrity radar for a snippet. Fast forward to 2015, and she has re-emerged centre stage with a solid relationship with fellow actor Tom Sturridge, a gorgeous girl Marlowe and a steady ascent back into stardom.

9. Naomi Campbell

Old habits die hard, as Naomi Campbell can attest. Unfortunately, her fiery temper has forever been shadowed by her fierce stature and catwalk stomp. One of the original supermodels of the 90s, Naomi has had many run-ins with the law due to several highly clicked clashes with billionaire lovers – and staff – alike. Out to pasture? Not so much. Where there is smoke there is fire with this 45-year-old. No doubt there is another verbal lashing about to go viral at any moment? 

10. Angeline Jolie

If you resided under a comfy rock during the late 90’s and early 2000's you’d be forgiven for thinking Ange is the Mother Teresa of the modern day. But her teens were peppered with serious drug addiction, and her twenties were rife with sexually charged affairs, bisexual relationships and enormous disregard for authority. Brad, six kids and around the clock U.N work may have changed all that, but just don’t expect to see her in good girl hues of pink or sunny yellow anytime soon. Ange’s ever black uniform still hints at her inner, ever-present Goth girl!

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