10 Beauty Tips for Winter

Is your skin drying out? With winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to update your beauty and wellbeing routine! 

Here are some expert tips from Junia Kerr, owner and operator of holistic salon Sage Beauty.

1. Keep your Skin Toned and Hydrated

Keep your skin toned and hydrated through winter by applying a good quality Jojoba Oil beneath your moisturiser I recommend either MV Organic Jojoba oil, or Kora Rosehip oil - which is in a base of Jojoba and also contains Sea Buckthorn oil – both are also good for flaky skin, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

2. Maintain your Brows

Maintain your brows by applying a light brow powder such as Finishing Touch – this is a simple way to keep your brows looking great and having extra depth of colour without looking “drawn on”. Application is with a dual ended brush and very simple and quick. NB. Finishing Touch were the chosen brow collection used in this year’s Logie Awards.

3. Have a Protein Shake

Have a good protein shake with blueberries and/or banana for breakfast, this will stop your 3pm sugar craving and keep your energy levels up till lunch so you won’t feel the need to snack on food that may not be so good for you.

4. Take Fish Oil

If your skin is super dry, take a lot of fish oil – I mean a lot. Check your source, a practitioner fish oil such as Metagenics or Bioceuticals will be reliable and good quality, forget the cheap supermarket brands, you don’t know what is in them or how effective they are. Ask your local Naturopath for a recommended dose, and watch your skin improve. Not bad for the brain and joints either !

5. Try MV 9 Oil

If you have really porous thick skin which you just can’t seem to get clean, try MV 9 Oil. This oil contains Vitamin E, Avocado oil and Centella Asiatica oil, a wonderful oil which is anti-bacterial and rich in antioxidants. Massage gently into problem areas, like the nose, and steam it off with a hot compress. Within no time at all, you will have beautiful clean healthy pink skin. This is magic.

6. Apply a Moisturising Mask

Apply a Moisturising Mask to your skin fortnightly in winter to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Recommend: Dr Hauschka Moisturising Mask or Kora Moisturising Mask.

7. Use Dr. Hauscka N or S ampules

To keep your skin conditioned each change of season, use Dr. Hauscka N or S ampules, one at night after cleansing your skin. These ampules have ingredients in them designed to hydrate, strengthen and calm your skin.

8. Go for a Morning Run or Walk

Get up and go for a run or a brisk walk outdoors before work. This will get your metabolism going and shake out the cobwebs. Rain, hail or shine, get out there in nature and embrace the mood of the day.

9. Check your Nails

Check your nails to see if you are deficient in zinc, calcium or other minerals. Ridges that go across your nails usually indicate protein deficiency.

10. Eat more Protein

If you are craving sugar you might not be getting enough protein. Make sure you have healthy serving of protein daily as well as fresh fruit and veges. You may also need chrome which can prevent sugar craving- check with you natural practitioner first.

For more info, check out www.sagebeauty.com.au

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Posted by annietsuiReport
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Posted by Danielle791Report
Maintain your brows - Product range is actually Final Touch Brows for anyone interested. It use to be known as Finishing Touch Brows but has been changed :)
Posted by beautyproductReport
Thanks for the post "10 Beauty Tips for Winter ". I found it very helpful and expect other will find it useful too.
Natural Skin Product- www.healthylifedubbo.com.au
Posted by Jay1Report
Cold, wind, offices with an overpowered heating system that dries whatever moisture was left on your skin from outdoors... It is no wonder that many women dread winter and its effect on their skin. A new season calls for some changes on your beauty routine in order to keep breakouts, flaky patches and dry skin at bay.

Wear Products with Sunscreen

Even if the sun is nowhere to be seen, ultraviolet light still makes it past the cloud cover and will increase the rate at which your skin ages. This effect is compounded by the fact that wind and cold dry up your skin and lower its natural resistances, so while you won't get sunburnt your skin will still suffer. Invest on moisturizers or makeup with added FP15 filters at the very least. In fact, you should do this all year around to reduce the speed at which free radicals age your skin, but it's easier to remember about it when the sun is shining and your face starts to feel too warm.

Use More Moisturizer than Usual

Skin in winter suffers even more from lack of moisture, so even if you already use a moisturizer cream regularly it's a good moment to buy a slightly heavier one. Alternatively, you can replace your usual tinted moisturizer with a foundation enriched with anti-aging serums, or apply a face mask at least once a week that is suited for your skin type. This will help keep redness and wrinkles at bay, and will make your skin feel much more comfortable. If you work on an office with a specially dry environment you may want to reapply your moisturizing or use a water spray during the day.

Drink a Lot of Water

Or hot tea, or herbal infusions. Your skin needs to be well hydrated to deal with the bad weather, so make sure you drink enough water even if it's cold and you don't really feel thirsty. schoonheidsinstituut starts from within, and without water your skin will look dry and sallow. Winter is also a season for partying, and many people drink or eat in excess due to the fact that they don't need to worry about looking good on a sundress. Water helps reduce the damage done by those excesses.

Trade Baths for Showers and Body Massage

Baths are great for warming up in winter, but at the same time the excess heat and changes in temperature can make your skin redder and remove the oils that keep the moisture in. Consider helping your circulation by using a massage glove while on the shower to gently exfoliate and body oil afterwards to lock the moisture in, and in a few weeks people will wonder why you look radiant while everybody else seems dull and tired.