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Stevie English

Hair Expert

Stevie English is here to answer your hair questions from colour, and style to the latest trends!

Stevie English is here to answer your hair questions from colour, and style to the latest trends!

About Stevie English

Stevie English has been hairdressing for over 16 years. Born in Somerset, England, he moved to the bright lights of London and began his brilliant career. Stevie trained under internationally renowned hairdresser and organic hair colouring pioneer Daniel Field.

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» Past Questions & Answers

Not happy, Hairdresser  

Going to the same salon for years - now there's a new cutter and I'm not happy. Do I change salons? Do I opt for another cutter in the same salon? (my old cutter has returned from o/s but is further...

curl enhancer  

hi stevie, my grandaughter has gorgeous curly hair , but it is long and thick and course she gets lots of dandruff . Her mum is of maori descent and she has inherited the hair , its beautiful but it i...

New Hair Cut for Winter  

Hello Stevie My Name is Talitha and I have shoulder length brown hair but I wanna change that for winter and I was hoping that you could suggest some ideas for me. Thanks Talitha McKinnon...

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