Skewered by Celeste Barber

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Skewered by Celeste Barber | Episode 3 Sophie Monk


Watch episode 3 of Skewered by Celeste Barber. This time Sophie Monk whips up the ultimate combo - garlic and oregano haloumi tacos.

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Skewered by Celeste Barber is not like any cooking show you’ve seen before.

In each episode, Celeste invites a celeb into the kitchen, to skewer the myth that dinnertime has to be difficult. But that’s not all that is skewered - the celeb is in for a roasting too.

Whatever their accomplishments, Celeste will serve up a piping hot bowl of Get Over Yourself.
Realness is always on the menu in Celeste’s kitchen. Also on the menu? A tasty HelloFresh meal – our guest casually prepares it, with plenty of unwanted commentary from Celeste.

It’s a true variety format with all the ingredients for success – extraordinary talent, great food and great comedy. It’s going to be deliciously awkward.

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