Simon Hollington

Antiques Expert

    Bronze "The Thinker" Statue 

    Hi I have a Bronze Statue of the 'The Thinker' on a marble base with the seal of Garanti Paris J.B Deposee on the back. Can you provide an approximate estimate of the value please

    maddock ivoryware plate 

    Hi Simon, I am wondering what you can tell me about this plate. It was my grandmothers, I have no idea how old (or young) it is, or where she got it from. I have tried to find information about the maker with very limited success. Thankyou Sharon

    shilton painting 

    Hello there, hope you are well. Im wondering if you know this artist, its signed on the bottom and its shilton i think? its a beautiful painting and am wondering if it might buy me a house one day! ha ha anyway thank you for your help

    ID of possible Pears Print 

    Hi Simon, I hope you can help me to find out more about the print I recently purchased. Do you think it is a Pears print? I can't see anything on it to suggest it is, and I can't find it on the Pears web site. Any advice would be great. Thanks Jo-Ann

    vases and butter dish 

    I have my grandmothers pair of carnival glass vases they are green (dark) with flower designs and I have an original butter dish which was handed out to people during the opening of the Sydney harbour bridge it has the date on the dish. Could you please tell me how I can get these items valued?

    larry vincent garrison 

    My mum has this picture at home and would like to know what it may be worth she bought it many years ago

    la cruche cassee statue "unbroken" jug 

    HI,there simon i have a ststue of la cruche cassee statue "unbroken" jug and has been in my family for as long as i can rember and i am left with it i would like to know what it is worth if u know.Or someone who buys this stuff.thanks

    samuel howitt picture value 

    Hi Simon , i was wondering if you can tell me what this picture would be worth? it is a Samuel Howitt ( shooting of the woodcock published in 1798. regards colleen

    Degas Statue 

    Hi Simon,i read your answer to last question on this Degas A7255 Bronze Figure,you said that one was sold in America for over $400,000.or is that a misprint on your reply,should it be $400.00...also can you say as to how many of these statues were made?whats the chances of it being a fake?..thank you

    Bronze - The vine 

    I’ve been wanting to start a bronze Art Nouveau collection and came across this signed lovely peace. I have a several porcelain peace but this would be my first bronze The same un signed bronze went for some £70 on eBay with others still up for auction. But I’m looking for a bargain and a good investment but know very little about bronze and more to the point how to make sure it’s a good one! It seems to make sense to look for signed, dates and numbered works but this only has foundry mark and signature At £150 what’s would your advice be? Foundry:J.B Déposée Bronze Garanti Paris Signature H. Frishmuth

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