The gifts your family and friends actually want this Christmas

Forget wasting your hard-earned cash on presents that are more fizzle than festive, this season.

It’s no secret that finding the right gift for your nearest and dearest can be harder than fitting into your skinny jeans after Christmas lunch, but a new gifting portal by PayPal is set to change that. 

According to new findings by Decibel Research, 59 per cent of Australians aren’t confident in their gift-giving abilities. Considering most of us will spend up to $600 this year on pressies for our friends, family and colleagues – it’s crazy to think only 35 per cent of us truly believe we’ve actually found the right gifts.

To make matters worse, 6 per cent of us have given up entirely, believing we are simply terrible gift givers (why hello, yes, this is me). Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of this wrapping-paper tunnel.

What we want

According to PayPal’s shopping expert, Liz Lefort, more than a third of Australians love a thoughtful gift while 10 per cent are keen to receive presents that are more sentimental or unique. But, finding a present that truly means something isn’t exactly a walk in the park…

“While more than half of Aussie’s are thankful just to receive a gift, we’re mindful that the pressure of purchasing the perfect gift can often be a stressful experience,” Liz says. Thankfully, PayPal’s study has identified an entire range of presents, meaning it’s easier than ever to find the right gift no matter who you’re buying for. Best of all, the research has also revealed gift cards are the number one most wanted gift across the board this year. Phew!

The young crowd

Although it's tempting to give everyone a gift voucher, why not think outside the box with a present that shows you’ve made an effort to find something they really care about?

Based on Decibel’s research, Gen Y and millennials are looking for gifts that relate directly to their hobbies – such as holiday and travel related items, clothing and jewellery. Gen X on the other hand are after something thoughtful, but are also up for tech items, gadgets and clothing.

For all the loved-up couples looking to spoil their significant others – wives and girlfriends are all about experiences, jewellery and travel related presents, while husbands and boyfriends are the least likely to want something thoughtful (of course), and are happy with clothing, booze or technology-related products.

The wise ones

The research also reveals that mums are just happy to receive a present (any present) but are also keen for jewellery, clothing or travel related items.

Dads on the other hand want something they can relate back to their extra-curricular interests such as tech products, gadgets, clothing and alcohol.

Baby Boomers followed a similar pattern to Gen X, but preferred jewellery or watches to those newfangled pieces of technology.

Shopping for a cute grandma or grandpa in your life? Those over the age of 65 are keen on everything from books to clothing - too easy.

What now?

OK, so you’ve narrowed the field, but what if you still have no idea what to specifically buy your friends and family?

“We want Aussies to have peace of mind that they are giving gifts their loved ones really want,” Liv says. 

Enter PayPal’s Shop off the Beaten Path online gift portal, which connects you to major brands and then allows you to select the personality traits of those you’re shopping for, resulting in the best present ever.

Farewell gifts that mean nothing, hello pressies that will save Christmas!

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