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    Artwork and Pots 

    Hi Shaynna I always like your choice of artwork and pots that you use for decorating the houses. COuld you please tell me where you source these from as I've had trouble getting artwork that is large and affordable.Thanks

    Double-glazed windows 

    Hi Shaynna, I live in a unit which has really thin walls and floors. Noise travels from the unit downstairs when the tenants talk loudly, not to mention they shutting their internal doors. Would you recommend double-glazed windows to shut their voices or it would not matter given their voices would travel up from our floorboard anyway. Please help me. Regards, Ange

    Julies house in Newcastle series three 

    What ois the name and brand of the blue paint you used to brighten up this house in the living areas Thanks Joanne

    Selling Houses Episode - San Remo House 

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the table and stool like chairs used in the eating area of the San Remo House. Love your work.

    I want modern but Ive got wood 

    I am 14 years old and love the show selling houses. I am also an admirer of your work you have done in the show, which inspired me to do-up my bedroom as practice for when I do houses up when i'm older. I have a small budget ($500) which means I cant buy all new furniture. I want a modern/contemporary look but all i have is wood. What do I do? (Note. I didn't know you can only upload one photo. I do have more if needed)

    Helping my darling children realise their properties potential 

    Hi, I have two wonderful adult children - Robbie,age 28, father of two boys (3mths and 4yrs), getting married in Jan 2011. Bought a two bedroom home in Mt Crosby, Qld, large property, rapidly outgrowing home :( Help please, even if to decorate boys room. Son into native vegetation only. Karen,age 26, undergoing IVF for the 2nd time, her and her fiance bought an old Queenslander, renovating themselves, (partner is a builder and knows his stuff), but money and time always an issue. If the conceive this time around, need help:) Thanks for your time. I love your show, and Shaynna - you have inspired me no end in little touches and detail I have put into my family home. My husband and I have been married 31 years, and I celebrate my 50th next April. He is in hospital as we speak, and I pray the doctor gives us answers soon, and lets him come home.

    Colour schemes 

    Hi Shaynna, I thought this website gave paint colour choices selected on your program. Particularly liked the beige/mushroomy colour used in the Glen Iris house. Couldn't find it on Taubman's colour chart. Sometimes small patches don't look the same. Any info about colour or if it can be found on this website would be handy. Thanks. Bruce


    Hi Shaynna, Love the show. What sort of paint would you recommed for doors and around windows, gloss, or semi gloss. I had gloss at my old house, but with 2 kids, two dogs and a cat banging into doors etc I want somehting that will last and not chip easily. Thank you. Simone


    Hi Shayna, We have just bought our 1st home, but it is very quirky. We have lovely ocean views from front but the kitchen is smallish and as the house is uniquely shaped, the kitchen sits in the middle and as you can see is very open (walls etc). We were wondering whether to open out the kitchen bringing an island forward or something as it is bigger than photos show, or move the entire kitchen to front of house where you see table and there are views but might be hard to do with plumbing etc but am willing to do anything, also the are big windows all at front where kitchen might go so not sure how we'd block them in and also should we remove windows at all? Also what would I fill kitchen void with? We intend living here til our retirement so want to be long lasting design. As you are probably the most talented designer I've seen we'd appreciate any ideas at all, thanks so much!

    resurfacing kitchen benchtops 

    i couldnt upload a picture, but i was wondering how i could resurface my kitchen benchtops myself? What materials do i use and what method would i follow, i think it would change my very dated kitchen completely, as i have already repainted the cupboards and put new handles on the cupboards... please help me with my dated kitchen!

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