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    Interior Design Assistant 

    Hey there Shaynna, I just found Selling Houses Australia (after getting Foxtel!), and absolutely love the program. I am currently Head Interior Designer at Bollig Design Group in Perth and would love to be your assistant on the show. How would I inquire about future opportunities? Cheers Juanita

    Room divider/storage 

    I have an old bar area at the entrance of my house between the loungeroom and dining room (someone else's STUPID idea it is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY, I want to take this out and have a linen cupboard built with the opening of sliding doors on the dining room side and a wall on the loungeroom side and make what the side of the cupboard would be, a feature wall, this is what you wouls see when you enter the front door. Do you think I should have open shelving on the sides then the cupboard so you can see through the rooms to a degree or should I forget the shelving and just have the cupboard. I dont want it to look like a cupboard stuck in the middle, please help Thank you

    Wall Hanging used in the Selling House 

    Dear Shaynna My husband and I love Selling house Australia and I love how kind you are to the people on the show - I just wondered if you could tell me the artiist or where I could buy the lovely bright art work featured in the Monterey NSW make over earlier this year - lovely and bright on the white walls love the lounge room art work. Hope you can help. Regards Linda

    Abstract and water colour art works 

    Hi Shaynna I am an abstract artist starting a new career and would love you and your program Selling houses Australia to consider my work for the houses you represent? I paint individual works to order and can produce work quickly as I am motivated and enthusiastic! Please contact me to view more of my work regards Therese

    How to fill a big blank wall 

    Hi Shaynna, My Husband and I are about to finish building a new home & we have a HUGE blank wall I don't know what to do with! It's in the Living room, and it's 5.5m wide with 31c ceilings. I'd love a big, eye-catching piece of art but just don't know how big it needs to be so that it doesn't look out of place? Any suggestions for filling the wall would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ebony :)

    Outdoor unused water feature - ideas for improving the look and making it functional 

    Hi there. We rent an apartment on the water and the original plan was to have a water feature/pond on each balcony. However due to some apparent design problems they were never finished. Now they are just an eyesore (and we have one on each balcony!). They are almost a metre in width and a couple of metres long (and about 100cm deep). We are not permitted to put any earth or loose gravel etc in there (in our lease) so were wondering what we could do to it that could be removed eventually and that would be low cost? It would be too expensive to fill with pot plants or wooden slats (our only ideas so far). I was even thinking waterproofing the base and using it as some sort of outdoor cushion/bean bag sitting area for summer? Any help would be great! They really ruin the look of an otherwise lovely place. Thanks.

    Resurfacing laminate kitchen bench 

    Hi Shaynna, On a recent episode that aired on Selling Houses Australia you resurfaced a laminate kitchen bench on a home in Pacific Pines (the house that had the swimming pool in the front yard) !!! Can you please advise what that material is called as we are looking at 'freshening up' our rental property in Watsonia Vic for selling and wish to apply that to the existing kitchen bench (which is a lovely 80's apricot pink shade). Also, what did you use to respray the bath and tiles in their bathroom? We are keen to use those products as they lifted the look of the rooms. Thanks so hubby and I are HOOKED on the show and LOVE what you guys come up with.....absolutely magnificent makeovers !! You're so very, very talented !!! With kindest regards, Scott & Maria Nicey Wantirna South Vic

    Resurfacing kitchen benches 

    Hi shayna , on a lot of selling houses you respray kitchen benches, I want to update my kitchen but can't afford a total refit. I was wondering how long does this last and do you know of any company in newcastle that does this? Thank you


    we have a u shape kitchen which is very date and would love to modernize it, it is open plan center of the house dining/living room one side and family room/office the other

    MY home  

    Hi, i need some expert advice, i started building my house and they have done mistakes i have no idea how to fix it, I'm stuck. I was meant to have 2 steps down in one of the rooms, and they made it to be ones step down the whole effect i wanted has changed, and i don't know how to fix this. please advise me thank you bay

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