Shaynna Blaze

Interior Design Expert

Tips for Building Flat-Pack Furniture

Shaynna Blaze helps you assemble that tricky flat pack furniture.

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Creating Stylish and Functional Small Kitchens

Shaynna Blaze reveals the best tips for kitchen when space is limited.

How to Lay a Laminate Floor

Shaynna teaches you how to lay a laminate floor in your home.

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Kid's Room

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Kid's Room

How To Choose the Best Cushions to Decorate Your Home

We all know Shaynna is a master when it comes to sprucing up a living space. One of her strongest suits is knowing how to utilise complimenting patterns, colours and textures - and how to get the most out of a statement piece.

The Importance of Styling a Home for Sale

Styling a home isn't just about fetching a high price tag, Shaynna Blaze says it's essential for properties that are empty, messy or dirty.

Window Fashion Options

Nothing beats big beautiful open windows that let in natural light, but left uncovered, they can make your house hot in summer and let out the warmth in winter.

Inexpensive Renovation Solutions

Shaynna Blaze shows us just how achievable inexpensive renovation solutions really are!

Introducing Cool and Warm Neutrals Into Your Home

Shaynna Blaze helps you choose the right colour for your home.

How to Avoid Gimmicks in Your Home

Putting a bit of your own personality into a property isn't always a bad thing. What doesn't work is when you think you have a good idea and use it everywhere.

How to Choose the Right Flooring Option

Shaynna Blaze talks you through choosing the right floor type for your home.

Shaynna Blaze can answer all your questions on interior decorating and design ideas.

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