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How to create impact with a feature wall

Paint is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to transform a home. Here, Shaynna Blaze shows us how to create impact with a feature wall.

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Make your home upscale without breaking the bank

Shaynna Blaze tells us how to get the luxe look without the hefty price tag.

The rise of the silent space: Creating a peaceful room in your home

Shaynna Blaze explains why creating a quiet haven in your home has its benefits.

Shaynna Blaze reveals the inspiration behind her new range

Selling Houses Australia's Shaynna Blaze talks us through the childhood emotions that influence her interior work.

Shaynna Blaze: Why interior 'trends' don't matter right now

This winter you should focus on filling your home with timeless and sustainable pieces, Shaynna explains.

How to strengthen your home's Scandi style

Highlight timber elements and let the light in.

How to plan a budget bathroom makeover

They might be the smallest room in a house, but renovating a bathroom can really blow the budget.

How to repurpose rooms you don't use

Shaynna Blaze reveals the secret to making the space in your home work for your current stage of life.

How to make a statement with soft furnishings

Shaynna Blaze explains how bed linen, rugs and cushions can create instant impact.

Flooring tips to make small rooms look bigger

Shaynna Blaze reveals the best colours and combinations of flooring to create a spacious room.

How to style your property for a quick sale

Shaynna Blaze explains how to put your personal style to one side and sell the dream to potential buyers.

Shaynna Blaze can answer all your questions on interior decorating and design ideas.

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