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Heston Blumenthal claims popping candy is the key to your love life

Heston Blumenthal claims popping candy is the key to your love life

Heston Blumenthal suggests pop rocks or popping candy could unlock some romance in your life.

Foods you never knew could boost your sex life

By Lee Holmes On 27 Jan

Chocolate, chilli, oysters - you've probably heard of these aphrodisiacs time and again. Instead, Lee Holmes recommends these lesser known libido-boosters to chew on.

Relationship Expert Reveals the Truth About 4 Common Sex Myths

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 12 Jul

Relationship expert and sexologist, Dr Nikki Goldstein to demystify four myths surrounding sex that may be holding you back.

5 Tips to Shag When You Have No Time

By Kristen TooveyOn 8 Jul

When do you find the time to have sex with your partner? It’s often low on the list of priorities. Here are a few ways to get back on the job.

Which Star Sign is Most Likely to Cheat?

According to a new study, some star signs are more likely to cheat than others.

Kim Kardashian's Valentines Day Gift Guide

Kim Kardashian has kindly offered to help you with your Valentines Day shopping.

New Dating App Tells You How 'Hot' You Are According to Science

A new dating app, Blinq, uses science and artificial intelligence to guess your age and tell you how 'hot' you are.

A Woman's Viral Facebook Post Reveals the Hard Truths About 'Parent Sex'

By Rebecca MitchellOn 7 Jan

An Australian mother has shared the hard truths about having sex as a parent.

Science Confirms the Best Time of Day for Some Lovin'

A hormone expert has revealed the best time of day to get busy with your partner.

Dr. Mike's 'Hot Doctor' Instagram Goes Viral

A second-year medical resident in the USA (and his husky sidekick Roxy) is breaking the internet with his Instagram account!

Sydney & Melbourne Top List in Ashley Madison Hack

As the fallout from the hack of cheating website Ashley Madison continues, Sydney and Melbourne are revealed to have the highest number of accounts.