Advice & Tips for Selling a House

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How to make over a house with a featureless frontage
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How to make over a house with a featureless frontage

Gardening guru Charlie Albone shares his top tips to sell a house with a boring facade - as seen in Selling Houses Australia.

Miami QLD House - Take a Tour

1 minute read

Take a closer look at the team's makeover of the Gold Coast home from Selling Houses Australia.

Petersham House, NSW: Before and After

2 minute read

Take a look at the amazing makeover of the Petersham house from our 100th episode.

Petersham House, NSW: Take a Tour

2 minute read

Take a closer look at the makeover of the Petersham, NSW home performed by the Selling Houses team.

Be a part of history: Selling Houses Australia celebrates its 100th episode!

2 minute read

We're excited to let you know that Selling Houses Australia will soon be celebrating a huge milestone to kick off the start of Series 10 - its 100th episode!

The biggest Selling Houses Australia sales ever

4 minute read

Ahead of season 10 of Selling Houses Australia, we look back at some of the best home sales in the show's history.

Property Brothers' Drew Scott is Engaged

2 minute read

One half of the Property Brothers, Drew Scott, is engaged to his long term girlfriend.

Andrew Winter Says Aussie House Hunters Need to Stop Being 'Size-ist'

3 minute read

Andrew Winter shares his property insights on a new podcast, including why he thinks Australia is 'size-ist'.

'Love It Or List It' is Coming to Australia

2 minute read

Another exciting new show is coming to Lifestyle! Get ready for Love It Or List It Australia in 2017.

Downsizing for Retirement: What You Need to Know

5 minute read

There are lots of things to consider what retiring and downsizing is definitely one of them. Property expert Andrew Winter explains the essential things to consider before downsizing you home and your lifestyle.

Add Value to Your Home Through Your Garden

4 minute read

After purchasing a property, Emma Bangay and her husband made external renovations a priority. And they have watched the investment grow as a result.