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Downsizing for Retirement: What You Need to Know
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Downsizing for Retirement: What You Need to Know

There are lots of things to consider what retiring and downsizing is definitely one of them. Property expert Andrew Winter explains the essential things to consider before downsizing you home and your lifestyle.

Add Value to Your Home Through Your Garden

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 12 Aug

After purchasing a property, Emma Bangay and her husband made external renovations a priority. And they have watched the investment grow as a result.

What Does Australia’s Ideal House Look Like?

The ideal home is a concept that varies for different people, but if you had to design the most statistically sought-after home in Australia what would it look like?

Why Housing is an Integral Part of our Aussie Economy

By Andrew Winter On 2 May

House prices are booming, prices are slumping, are we living in a housing market bubble, record prices being paid, auction clearance rates rocketing, buyers loose out, sellers desperate! If you've ever researched the property market, these are, no doubt, terms you are familiar with.

Yass, NSW Part 1 - Take a Tour

Take a closer look at the Yass, NSW home before its makeover by the Selling Houses team.

Tips for Buying Before You Sell

By Andrew Winter On 18 Apr

There is a huge risk in buying before you sell. Here are a few things you need to consider if you're in this situation.

Should You Reverse Your Mortgage?

By Andrew Winter On 12 Apr

There is a way to use the value in your property - without moving!

Finding the Real Value of Your Home

By Andrew Winter On 5 Apr

Andrew breaks down the real value of your home.

North Haven, SA House - Before + After

Take a closer look at the amazing North Haven, SA house makeover completed by Shaynna, Charlie and Andrew.

North Haven, SA - Suppliers List

Use the suppliers trusted by the Selling Houses Australia team.