Advice & Tips for Selling a House

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Andrew Winter shares the top real estate mistakes - and how to avoid them
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Andrew Winter shares the top real estate mistakes - and how to avoid them

Our resident property expert shares his words of wisdom.

Buying a house at auction and how to win - an expert reveals her secret tips...

2 minute read

After years of successful bidding and buying houses, expert Amanda Gould, has some fail-safe tips for bidding at a home auction

Five affordable housing markets where prices are set to soar

4 minute read

Experts have identified these suburbs as being the next growth areas around the country.

How to dress your home for sale to appeal to families

4 minute read

If you're living alone or in a couple, but your main selling demographic is to families, here's how to appeal to those you want to most.

How to de-clutter when you're downsizing

2 minute read

Moving house is an opportune time to cull a bunch of items you no longer want or need.

How to prepare your home for sale when you have animals

2 minute read

In Australia, we clearly have a love for dogs, but as lovely as they are, you don't want to buy a house that stinks like any kind of animal.

Reno Recap: Gold Coast Houseboat, Qld

1 minute read

In a Selling Houses Australia first, the team were tasked with a whole new kind of project - a houseboat.

An expert reveals why you should never sell your own home

2 minute read

Andrew Winter reveals why you should trust the experts to sell your property.

Reno Recap: Balmain, NSW

1 minute read

This property had it all. Unfinished jobs, a tricky heritage listing, and a multi-million-dollar view.

Reno Recap: Lewiston, SA

1 minute read

Single mum of three, Donyal needs to sell her palatial home and struggling business to make ends meet.

The fastest growing real estate trends for selling your home

3 minute read

Make sure your property stands out to a potential buyer.