Meghan Markle’s facialist shares her wedding skin secrets

Meghan Markle has impossibly beautiful, glowing skin. It's something she attributes to her favourite facialist, London-based Nichola Joss. 

Beauty guru and celebrity facialist Nichola Joss is in high demand. Among her A-list clients is soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle, but she’s also worked her beauty magic on Scarlett Johanssen, Gisele Bundchen, Hilary Swank, and Margot Robbie. 

Nichola is revered for her approach to facial massage—an uncomplicated practice she believes is vital to every skincare regimen, and one that can soften fine lines, and brighten tired skin. 

Long-time client Meghan has attributed her glowing complexion and “sculpted” cheek bones and jawline to Nichola. “There’s a reason she’s in high demand around award season when every actress wants to look A-plus,” Meghan said.

With the royal wedding around the corner, we quizzed Nichola on the secret to great skin, her ultimate guide to a glowing complexion, and how Mehgan will be preparing for the big day: the best morning and night routines, how to snap back from a late night, and how to prime your skin for special occasions. 

Take a little time in the morning

"It’s really important to cleanse in the morning to awaken the skin. I like to suggest an oil—something that’s refreshing but that will also encourage you to massage. You want to cleanse away the night and open up the face; to start getting the blood circulating so that you’re draining the lymph nodes on your face and neck, and cleaning away any puffiness at the same time." 

"Refresh the pH balance of your skin with either a toner, facial mist or exfoliating solution. After this, I advise people to put their actives on—their serums, antioxidants, acids, or peptides—those sorts of things. Then maybe have 10 minutes—do your hair get dressed, have a little time in between. Then you put on your moisturiser and your SPF, and then you’re ready for makeup."

Double cleanse at night

It’s really important to double cleanse when you get home from having your day. For the first cleanse, I would suggest using an oil, which will remove topical dirt, pollution, grime, and makeup. For the second cleanse, I'd suggest a cleansing milk, or a lotion type-cleanser to drive deeper into the skin to actually clean the skin layers." 

"After this, I recommend using a facial toner, mist, or exfoliating water. We often don’t remove our cleanser thoroughly enough, and we leave cleansing particles in our skin, and that causes topical congestion and disruption, and that can cause breakouts and pimples."

Why massage is so game-changing

"It is really simple to immediately refresh your skin if you're tired. Makeup is one thing, but massage is a simple way to refresh and awaken the skin—even if you have 60 seconds, it's about using your hands with a good facial oil, or even your morning cleanser. You should sweep from the centre of the face, and work outwards and upwards, in fast, flowing movements to get the blood flowing around the face." 

Lumity facial oil

"Massaging will bring out your natural contours. So make sure you massage your skin every night with a really good facial oil, concentrating on the jawline, and the lymphatic system at the sides of the neck and under the ears too."


Beauty from the inside out

"I do like to keep it quite simple—that’s the key to getting good skin. But to create good skin you have to look inside your body. What is as important as your daily routine is everything that you put in your body. I always recommend my clients have a clean diet, as clean as possible and as plant-based as possible."

"If you do eat meat and processed foods,  you should seek out a good anti-aging supplement and really effective probiotic, which will keep the gut clean. If the gut is clean it looks after your main functioning organs, and your largest functioning organ is your skin. I recommend Lumity's supplements because they have everything in it—you have three that you take in the morning to support your system, and three that you take in the evening, which will help you sleep as well as regenerate your skin."

Her favourite go-to products

"I’m a huge fan of Decleor. They are a natural, plant-based product range, but it’s also very sensual and the experience of the smell and the texture and the feel of the products enhances the whole experience of applying them."

"I also love The Ordinary, we use a lot of their products in our salons. They have a really great range of serums and retinoids, and I’m also a big fan of their sister brand, Niod. I’m also really interested in stem cell products, that stimulate the skin's natural processes. There is a brand that I’ve come across very recently called Augustinus Bader, who is working in this space. I’ve been using their cream for about three months and I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin. They’ve got really clever technology that they use to work with the skin and work with your body system."


Preparing for the big day

"In the four weeks leading up to the event, I would deal with any corrective issues—any acne problems, any dullness or dryness. I would go and have a professional facial if you can. If you can't, I would look at doing a gentle peeling solution to really just get rid of everything that's on the topical layers." 

"For the following three weeks, you need to really feed and nourish the skin. Get your diet kicked into shape dramatically, eat clean and eat plant-based, stay away from sugars and alcohol and any pollution like smoke or cigarettes. You have to be quite strict, as you want to clean your system from the inside out. Choose masks that are all about radiance, hydration, and glow. And do your daily routine!"

Learn more about Meghan and follow the royal romance on Lifestyle. Watch When Harry Met Meghan on May 17, 8.30pm. 

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