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Rose Jacobs

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Rose believes there's no such thing as a bad destination, it's all about how you see it and who you're with!

Rose believes there's no such thing as a bad destination, it's all about how you see it and who you're with!

About Rose Jacobs

Rose is a passionate TV presenter and journalist. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad destination or a bad yarn, it’s all about how you see it and who you see it with!

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My husband and I are spending 2 weeks in America in March/April. I have the international and domestic flights paid for as well as the 3 nights in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I still have 10 nights to...

April holiday to New York  

Hi there. Travelling to NY on Easter Friday and leaving 13 days later. I really want to see the city and make a trip to Washington too. I then have not booked the JfK fare back to LA because we want a...

sleeping tablets  

Hi Rose Great idea about the sleeping tablets, never thought to use them! Do they need to be declared before boarding and when you arrive at your destination? Also, when travelling within the US, is...

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