Advice & Tips for Renting a House

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Boost Your Rental Return Fast

Boost Your Rental Return Fast

There are certain features in a property that tenants are happy to pay more for, but do you know what they are?

Understand The Rental Market

2 minute read

Understanding the rental market, from the terminology to vacancy rates.

New Lease On Old Buildings

2 minute read

What do we do with our beautiful old buildings? The best solution has to be with retaining a buildings heritage, and then successfully fusing a contemporary aesthetic. Here are some examples which show you why.

Renter Design Options

2 minute read

How to make a leased property feel like yours.

Renting with Pets: 4 Quick Tips

2 minute read

Finding a rental property which ticks all the boxes is hard enough without adding Fido to the equation. Here’s how to make sure your pooch doesn’t cost you your pad.

Quick Ways To Apply For Rental Properties

2 minute read

How not to get bogged down in the rental process and score the home you need quickly!

First rental? 5 tips to get free furniture

2 minute read

Don’t want to deck your pad out with designer gear just yet? Here’s how to get a sophisticated look on a small budget.

Increase Your Rental Return

2 minute read

Get more bang from your buck, Relocation Relocation Australia experts Bryce and Veronica, share their ways to increase capital of your rental investment propert

Top 12 Home Swap Destinations

4 minute read

Ever tempted to up sticks? Love Home Swap lists their top 12 destinations for 2012.

5 Ways To Reno a Rental Without Upsetting Your Landlord

3 minute read

You can pick your home, but you can’t always pick your landlord. So what are your options as a renter if you want to revive your space? Here are 5 ways you can update your home, without upsetting anyone!