Advice & Tips for Renting a House

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The brand-new technology set to be a game-changer for renters
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The brand-new technology set to be a game-changer for renters

This change will bring a lot more control and ease for tenants.

What you should know before building a granny flat

1 minute read

Once primarily a solution to multi-generational living, the humble granny flat is now much more, seen as a potential investment opportunity.

How to make a rental property feel like home

2 minute read

How can you make your rental feel like your own while still abiding by the strict rules some properties impose? Neale Whitaker shares his tips to help you leave a (non-permanent) personal mark on your home, inside and out.

Ask Andrew Winter your burning questions

1 minute read

Andrew Winter is about to ask you for your votes ahead of his Gold Logie run. So it's only fair you should get to ask something of him too!

Renters facing 'dire' situation as affordability hits record low

1 minute read

Average rents continue to rise across the country and have reached critical levels in Sydney.

How this Woman Renovated her Kitchen for $130

2 minute read

If you want to make over your home but are strapped for cash, take some advice from this handywoman!

Beyonce and Jay Z's New $45 Million Home

1 minute read

We take a peek inside the Hollywood power couple's brand new digs.

Inside Australia's Most Amazing Luxury Holiday Homes

4 minute read

Want to know where Hollywood's A-List celebrities and super-rich expats stay when they're down under? We take you inside some of Australia's most coveted and luxurious high-roller holiday homes.

The Benefits of Dual Occupancy

1 minute read

Buying a property suitable for dual occupancy can be a great way to get started as a home owner. Andrew gives us the lowdown on the benefits of dual occupancy!

Top 5 Mistakes When Renting To Family Members

3 minute read

Learn 5 common traps they can fall into when keeping rental properties in the family.

Things To Consider When Buying An Investment Property

1 minute read

The criteria for choosing an investment property are quite different from those for choosing a home. Andrew Winter shares his tips...