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Maitland, NSW House - Suppliers List

Maitland, NSW House - Suppliers List

Use the suppliers trusted by Selling Houses Australia.

Bayswater, VIC House - Before + After

Take a closer look at the amazing Bayswater, VIC house makeover completed by Shaynna, Charlie and Andrew.

Bayswater, VIC House - Suppliers List

Use the suppliers trusted by Selling Houses Australia.

Tips For Keeping Your Renovations On-Track

By Andrew Winter On 22 Mar

Don't fall into the trap of running out of time, money or interest!

Selling Houses Australia: The Best Ever Kitchen Renos

We take a dive into the Selling Houses Australia archives to bring you the best kitchen 'inspo' for your home renovations.

Easy Changes to Transform Your Home

If you want to refresh your home or garden, sometimes the small changes can make a huge difference.

Renovating 101: Overcoming The Challenges

By Cherie BarberOn 19 Nov

Research and planning are key to a successful renovation, writes Cherie Barber.

Inside Michelle Williams's New Brooklyn Home!

Michelle Williams's new Brooklyn home presents a great renovation opportunity. Take a look inside the century-old mansion before it turns into a modern masterpiece.

5 Tips to Consider when Renovating

By Shaynna BlazeOn 13 Jul

Whether you're working with a modest budget or investing significantly, Shaynna shares 5 fundamental tips to consider when renovating.

Surfing the World Wide Property Market

By Cherie BarberOn 1 Jul

The Internet is certainly not the Holy Grail of buying and renovating property, but it's a great starting point, says renovation expert Cherie Barber.

Top 7 Tips for Sustainable Building or Renovating

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 18 Jun

Building a sustainable home doesn’t have to have expensive bells and whistles. With a few key design principals a sustainable home can be built at little to no additional costs.