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Design Classics
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Design Classics

Shannon Fricke looks at some very stylish and unique furniture designs of the 20th century.

Inspirational Home - Harry Seidler

Australia's most famous contemporary architect, 77-year-old Austrian-born Harry Seidler is well-known for his unique and sometimes controversial building designs.

Laundry Makeover

No one likes doing the laundry but Shannon Fricke has some ideas on making the task slightly more enjoyable.

Inspirational Home - Strawbale House

Building your own home can be just a dream, but we meet a family who built their dream home on nothing more than bales of hay.

Southern Highlands Home

We look at a home in the NSW Southern Highlands designed by Harry Seidler, and how we can all put a little 'Seidler' into our homes.

Teenage Bedroom Makeover

Shannon Fricke looks at how to decorate a teen bedroom.

Julie Paterson

Gain an insight into Julie Paterson's home as seen on HOME.

First Home Makeover Tips

We help first-time home buyers turn their house into their dream home with a budget makeover.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild is one of the most influential and creative forces in the world of interior design.

Ladders As Storage Solutions

Ladders are not the first items that pop to mind when thinking of storage solutions.

Nursery Design

A lack of space really becomes evident with the expectant arrival of a new baby. Shannon Fricke looks at how to make the most of a nursery space.