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Andrew Maynard Architect
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Andrew Maynard Architect

If you can take your furniture with you when you move why can’t you take your actual house?

FloorClic - The Laminate Flooring That Clicks With Everyone

Find out more about the latest innovation in laminate flooring.

Single to Double Story Home Renovation

Carmine Masino fro NSW knows first hand the challenges and obstacles of converting a home into a dream house. Here she shares her story.

Renovating A Country Home

Ellen and Dean Barker want to renovate their rural family home on a budget. Cracking Antiques shows you and them how.

2011 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen designers, made., bring Europe’s trends for 2011, back to the heart of the home.

Makeover a Narrow Lounge Room

Help for homeowners faced with the problem of decorating long, narrow rooms.

Revive An Outdated Kitchen

If you don’t have a big budget to spend here are some handy ways to update a kitchen.

Design With Panelled Walls

Rather than get rid of panels, make them work in a new room.

Maximise Space in a Small Bedroom

If you are sleeping in a small bedroom, then follow these clever tips to maximize space in a small bedroom.

Create A Sound Proof Room

Soundproofing a room can be done to both new and existing homes.

Finding Recycled Doors

The guys from Tommy's Fix It For Free help you save money.