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Designers Guild is one of the most influential and creative forces in the world of interior design.

Ladders As Storage Solutions

Ladders are not the first items that pop to mind when thinking of storage solutions.

Nursery Design

A lack of space really becomes evident with the expectant arrival of a new baby. Shannon Fricke looks at how to make the most of a nursery space.

Australian Interior Design Ideas

Australian design is brilliant. We are not a country steeped in ancient traditions and that means we are free to mix and match styles of architecture and interiors to suit ourselves. In other words, Australian design isn't about following rules. It's about making up new ones and forging an individual style.

Hotel Inspiration

Spoil yourself with a weekend away in a boutique hotel - all in the name of research!

Colourful Home

We visit the Barnum family home, a bright, colourful converted church in inner Sydney.

Tiny Apartment

Shannon Fricke visited a tiny apartment and picked up some great ideas on how to make the most of a small space.

Personal Sanctuary

When it comes to homes, sanctuary can be anything you want it to be.

Nani Marquina

Spanish rug designer Nani Marquina crafts her fantastic rugs from recycled bicycle inner tubes, which are truly sustainable masterpieces.

Rainforest House

We visit a house that sits serenely in a rainforest, surrounded by trees and peaceful beauty.

Simon Drysdale Profile

Shannon visits Melbourne architect Simon Drysdale, who has drawn on the architecture of the neighbourhood to create a community-friendly home.