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Types of Architectural Wow Factors

BRYCE'S BLOG Episode 4 - Follow this expert advice about architectural WOW factors from host Bryce Holdaway.

Throughout this search Garry was very clear from the start – the property has to have the WOW Factor architecturally. But when I showed him one that absolutely did it for him, his response still sticks in my mind – “It’s like I’m with The Mistress and not my Wife!!”

This summed up the dilemma for Garry… do you get seduced by the self serving excitement of the WOW or stay faithful to the bigger picture of what’s most important to the family, all things considered. And there in lies the challenge as they were being pulled in different directions by their three main priorities; their daughter Emma’s needs as a teenager still attending school; a very specific geographic location for both of their work commutes: and the property needing to be architecturally WOW in an area not known for having this.

But the fact remained – Garry wanted his WOW. Despite realising in the end that it was the third wheel that ultimately needed to be dropped, he was really disappointed that his much desired WOW requirement, as a reward for years and years of carefully investing and saving, might not be realised and ultimately left him not moving forward.

Now WOW factor means different things to different people. When I think of the phrase “WOW factor” I’m basically thinking of something that will surprise me or give me pleasure! When applied to real estate, it is attempting to describe the intangibles that people will often pay a premium for. The big challenge for me with Garry was that it was very difficult for him to define what that was and therefore made it tough for me to find it in my search.

To help put something tangible to the often intangible, when it comes to real estate WOW factors, it’s important to know there are three kinds to be familiar with:


1. The Genuine WOW


2. The Negative WOW


3. The Pretend WOW


Lets have a look at each in turn and offer some possible features of each:



• Good Suburb Reputation
• Good Street Reputation
• Wide Leafy Streets
• Good Street Presence
• Great Views
• Period Details
• Good flowing floor plan
• Good Architectural Quality
• Good build quality and workmanship
• Close proximity to amenities
• Orientation, Light and Space
• Ratio of Tenants to Owner Occupiers
• Some Kitchens and Bathrooms
• Entertainment Areas




• Main Road
• Industrial Area
• Close to airports or under flight paths
• Telegraph poles, powerlines and substations
• Small Room Size
• No Car Parking
• Bus Shelters
• Close to Pubs and Clubs
• Bathroom or Kitchen Position
• Overlooking Neighbours
• Poor Light and ventilation
• Lack of Security
• Some Body Corporate Fees and Rules


• Makeovers that hide problems
• Poor Quality New Builds
• Views that can be built out
• Renovated Wet areas in wrong spots
• Expensive common areas and amenities
• Rental Guarantees


Given the effect of WOW factors on price its good practice to be familiar with them to ensure that you make a good buying decisions. Good look with your search!


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