Top Interior Trends for 2016

Whether you like to keep up with what’s hot or are just on the search for some inspiration, here are the top interior trends for 2016 as predicted by the experts.

Time for an interior refresh? Well, if you’re a fan of eclectic colour clashes, tribal designs, homewares with a story and sustainable designs, then you’re in luck; these are all hot trends set to liven up our living spaces for 2016. 

We talked to three industry experts about what finishes, fabrics, fittings and flounces we’ll be seeing grace the pages of glossy magazines and social media. 

Metallic and black – what a match!

Our experts all agree: metal mania will continue it’s run of popularity in 2016 – but this year, matt black is being thrown into the mix.

“Copper has also been on the rise for a while but now, its new best friend is black which it the perfect backdrop for this sumptuous metal,” Says Cris Bucknall, owner of sustainable home wares and furnishings store Eco Chic .   “Those strong darks will help anchor shimmery metals like gold and copper. Also thrown into this mix are peach, or smoky ice blue.”

“We will see some very interesting new looks with this treatment,” says Amalfi Homewares buyer Candy Lo.

This year, expect to see it in unexpected places, with oxidized metal finishes finding their way into everything from fittings, to fabric and accessories.

Image: Zanui

Matte is back

“This year, we’ll see timbers very flat or treated with a sandblasted texture to expose the grain,” says Cris. “Even marble table tops are now done in a matte finish.  On a practical side, this kind of texture is much easier to maintain as it doesn’t show fingerprints or watermarks!”

Image: Zanui

Beachy chic

“I believe the nautical look will remain as one of the top trends but it will have a more natural, beachy feel this year,” says Zanui home wares buyer, Stina Eriksson.

“Use textured materials like jute, linen, weathered wood, sea grass baskets and mix a natural colour palette with the classic blue hues to give it a more relaxed take on the nautical look,” she says. 

“Using different patterns and textures within the same colour family, instead of opting for the traditional stripes, is a great way to make this look a bit more fresh and interesting.”

To achieve this look, Stina recommends denim textiles, shibori prints and finishing with Turkish towels, oversized sea shells, embellished decorative crosses, décor necklaces with shells and feathers, and beaded/shell chandeliers.

“You can easily mix the nautical elements with the natural and tribal trend by adding leather details for a more bohemian feel.”

Image: Zanui

Eclectic, personal style

“The move towards eclectic design has not let up and now every single client we have says that what they want is a house that looks like it has come together over years of collecting gorgeous pieces, not purchased in one weekend with everything matching,” says Cris.

“Its not glitzy but it is a refined style that mixes classic with modern and ethnic pieces and focuses on gorgeous textures and finishes like leather stone, bronze, wool, leather and real art in the mix.” 

Part of this is an overarching trend to about creating an aesthetic that combines new pieces with those you dearly love. 

“Buy what you love and it will never got out of style,” advises Cris. “Make sure to keep a few old things around, they give your place soul. There nothing worse than a space that feel like it is one hundred percent new with no history.”

Image: Zanui

Natural finishes and tribal textures

“I think this year will be all about going back to basics and using a lot of natural materials with raw textures and finishes,” says Stina.

“Handmade products, up-cycling and neutral colour palettes are all big trends this year. Natural stone, timber, leather, concrete and rattan are some of the materials that work perfectly with this look.”

To add personality to this look, start hunting for home wares that nod to the tribal South African inspired style. “This includes textured cushions and throws with tassels or pom poms, wall hangings, Moroccan leather poufs and shaggy Azilal rugs.

“Decor pieces and vases in earthy tones, as well as prints and patterns with a tribal vibe, are other must-haves to complete this look.”

Image: Zanui

Folk and Oriental Patterns

It’s easy to add a touch of global inspiration to your next interior design project with one of this year’s biggest trends; interior schemes are full of exotic influences from South America and the orient.

“I think there will be a lot more authentic, Oriental-inspired patterns in softer shades in 2016, rather than the geometric and abstract patterns that we’re used to seeing,” says Stina.

“Folk patterns and traditional Nordic prints work well across a range of home wares categories; from tableware and wall art to bedding and soft furnishings.”

Image: Zanui

Lovingly hand made to last a lifetime

“In a digital world we are seeing a growing connection with items that are handmade, with people really valuing craftsmanship.  This will only grow and people will really start to see the value in collectible pieces rather than throwaway trends,” says Cris.

One way to maximize this trend is the use of bespoke statement pieces such as woven wall hangings, which are earmarked as a major trend this year.

These are on-trend because they are handcrafted (this being a trend in itself) but also a piece of artwork,” advises Candy.

“Woven in wool these wall hangings have amazing texture with fringing, trims and multi-colour."

Bring the outdoors in

“As an extension of the natural trend, we will keep bringing the outdoors in this year,” says Stina. “A growing trend is to use indoor plants to add a bit of greenery to your home.”

“Succulents and cactuses have grown very popular in the last couple of years, but we will see more of the larger, leafy plants like fiddle leaf figs, monstera and rubber plants in 2016. As a result we will also see more pots, baskets, hanging planters and plant stands in the shops this year!”

Image: Zanui

Don’t say goodbye to minimal just yet…

The modern show home look is on the way out, but if a clash of colours instn’t your style, then you can still achieve a chic take on the minimalist look – and that doesn’t have to mean stripping all the personality back. 

“Whites, blacks and all shades of grey work as the colour base for this look and you can easily add splashes of moody dark colours like navy, or match it with a lighter pastel palette of powdery pink or pale blue,” says Stina.

“This look is a take on the Scandi trend but instead of focusing on a mix of wood and whites we are looking for a more sophisticated take on the Nordic style.

“Clean lines, black powder-coated metal furniture and decorative pieces like candle stick holders and marble and concrete accessories are key items.

Image: Zanui

All creatures’ great and small 

“They are appearing on anything and everything. From prints to animal-shaped vessels, our love for our animal friends doesn’t seem to be going anywhere,” says Candy. 

Goodbye made-to-order art, hello gallery walls

Gone are the days where you picked art because it matched your colour scheme.

“Falling out of favour are the ‘decorator paintings’, where colours that match your cushions are plashed onto a canvas,” says Cris.  “Art does not have to match you décor!  It just needs to be something you love and real.”

Instead, expect to see more of the gallery wall trend that includes an eclectic mix of photographs, prints, paintings in different frames and 3D objects like plates or textiles.

“We’ll also be seeing a lot more word art – such as quotes,” says Candy. “Whether this features on wall art, cushions, mugs or boxes they still appear everywhere.”

Eco furniture

Good news for DIY-ers, upcyclers and renovators – reimaging pre-loved furniture and home wares is here to stay, and complimenting this trend is the move toward sustainably-sourced furniture.

“Five years ago when we started, we tried to get information from suppliers about what things were made of they were simply confused.  Now, everyone is aware of eco friendly criteria and most manufacturers are moving that way or at least able to highlight their responsible products,” says Cris.  

“It is like the vernacular has finally entered the mainstream. The variety has increased ten fold, not everything looks like a hippies carved in their yurt. 

“There has also been a rerun to quality and people willing to pay a bit more for a good item that they will keep for years.”

Image: Zanui

What is one of your favourite interior trends? Let us know by commenting below.

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