Selling Houses Australia

An expert reveals why you should never sell your own home

Andrew Winter reveals why you should trust the experts to sell your property.

Selling your home can be tricky, laborious and nerve-wracking at the best of times - so why wouldn't you trust the experts?

Sure, real estate fees can seem exorbitant, but putting your home in the hands of a good real estate agent can enable you to get the best price for your property with as little output from you as possible.

They're also not personally invested in your decor or renovation choices, which creates a nice distance between the seller and the buyer.

Here's why I think you should engage an agent and avoid attempting sale yourself:

The database

I've seen it before on Selling Houses Australia - to keep costs down, people try to sell their own property. This may save you money as you're not listing with an agent, but will it really save you money in the long run?

Each time an agent sells a property similar to yours, they are creating a database of buyers who are actively interested in what you want to sell. Engaged buyers at their fingertips being led to your home could possibly result in a quicker sale.

Their salesmanship

A good agent has the ability to sell with a proven track record. The average homeowner probably hasn’t sold much real estate and therefore doesn’t have the experience to get someone over the line when they're uncertain. 

It’s different to selling anything else because you have to work with what you’ve got. For example, if you’re a car salesman and your customer wants a red car, you have the opportunity to order one in. Real estate is all about compromise and a good estate agent will be selling potential buyers into a home and acknowledging any compromises they'd have to make.

Product knowledge  

Agents have experience with the local market and know what makes a buyer tick. If you have money to renovate or want to do some updating before you sell, these guys can advise you on what to focus on for maximum value, as well as what you should leave to avoid over-capitalising.

Online experts

Online agencies could be a way to go if you're serious about saving costs, but this does mean a lot more work from you, the vendor. If you're prepared for this and motivated, many alternatives online have reduced fees (1.5 to 3 per cent total) so you can save on selling. 

While I’ve never been comfortable advising people to look into these services in the past, they're now so evolved that I would be today. I think you'll have the most success with this new breed of agents if you have a conventional home in a reasonable market that’s worth the median price for the area.

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Posted by Cara116Report
Pffffft. A close relative of mine wanted to sell her house a few years ago. She got the requisite three valuations from local agents (who shall remain unnamed). She had a figure in mind that she needed for the transition to another property. They ALL told her she would not get anywhere near it, and all suggested she advertise with them at far lower prices (one was nearly 50K lower!). So she put up a big sign, advertised in the paper - and sold at her exact asking price within two weeks. She then did the same thing about ten years later, getting her asking price within two weeks - and substantially more than any agent wanted to do! Agents don't know everything!