See The House Designed By Eight-Year-Olds

Would you let your kids design your home?

A home in Alphington, Victoria received a magical makeover straight from the minds of eight-year-old twin boys.

What was once an old weatherboard home in the suburbs became a dream play land, thanks to drawings of a couple of kids.

The architecture firm responsible for the stunning makeover, Austin Maynard Architects, explains they designed "a village" after the family requested a home where "community, art and nature come together". 

So, they came up with the "Tower House". 

The home, made of a series of small structures, which Austin Maynard describes as "anti-monolith".

Image credit: Peter Bennetts

The existing, renovated weatherboard home contains two bedrooms, a bathroom and living spaces. A studio, the master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area exist in a separate part of the home. 

The front yard is a communal veggie patch which the family has opened for their neighbours.

Image credit: Tess Kelly

Each of the parents has their own space - with the mother, known only as 'S', receiving a small library and dad, 'P', the proud owner of secret nook in the roof.

Take a look through the Victorian wonderland:

Images were supplied by Austin Maynard Architects. Follow them on Twitter @AndrewMaynard.

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