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Phil Spencer: Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the show. Phil is online now to answer your questions. Please be patient as he will try to get to as many as possible. Ask away!

moveit: Thanks for your wonderful shows very interesting including location location location with Kirsty in UK..

Tassiepotter: Hi Phil, hope you are well, just wondering why you keep missing Tassie off?

Rosemary: Your shows are our fave!

Ninka2: Hi Phil!

delilahblue: Love the show Phil! It would be great if you put Tass on the map! 2nd year running now!!

Tassiepotter: If you fancy doing a search in Tassie one day I can recommend a challenge for you!

delilahblue: Hi Phil LOVE THE SHOW BUT...can you PLEASE Tasmania on your Map!!!

Phil Spencer: Thanks for getting in touch....I would LOVE to head out to Tasmania! I've read lots about it, but never visited. When filming the program I only get to go where my house hunters from the UK ask me for help... sadly we haven't had anyone approach us for help in Tasmania. But I live in hope!!

Timbro: Hi Phil. My girlfriend and I are first time buyers and are planning on buying a place on the northern beaches in Sydney (Collaroy). The seller is asking for 750k, which is 50k over our budget. We have done our research and think the value is around 670k. Do you think it's unreasonable to offer 670k or will this make the seller hate us? It's a 3 bed single story timber house on a tiny block with a small lawn running around it. Cheers! Tim + Ellie

Phil Spencer: Hi Tim and Ellie. Remember an asking price is only just that - it is not a valuation! It probably started life as a valuation and then had some of the vendors and agents dreams added onto the top of it. If you've done your research and feel you know how much you'd be prepared to pay - then that's what you should offer. It's a process of negotiation! Good luck

pommie23: Hey Phil

freeballs: Anyone ask to move to Wollongong? It’s beautiful here on the South Coast.

relrel: Hello Phil! i have always loved your approach to property hunting, and your determination to satisfy the needs and wants of your clients. I am a 22 year old Melbourne girl with dreams of finding an internship in fashion publication in London. I plan to head to the northern hemisphere mid-year, and am currently trying to do as much pre-voyage research as I can. I would adore any tips and tricks you might have for finding rental properties or share houses in London. I spend most of my time in Fitzroy, and would love to find an area with an equivalent vibe in London... Shoreditch has come to my attention, but I really do not know too much about it! If you are able to give me any insiders advice, I know it would greatly help me in my continent-shifting quest! Thank you so much! ps - very excited to see the new season tonight!

Phil Spencer: Shoreditch is very cool. Similar vibe to I think that's a great start.

Dean: Hey Phil....I’m a Brit living downunder....

Foggy: Arrr schucks. We're two years too late!

Leonie47: Hi Phil, love the shows both here and in the UK. Next time bring Kirsty with you...I think we can cope.....

Tassiepotter: Well we are poms possibly needing help in the future! Tassie is beautiful but so is the rest of Oz! It is a great place to live, I feel lucky every single day.

Sarah: Hey Phil, couldn't watch tonights show due to heavy rain here on the 'Sunny Coast'! Will have to watch the repeat.... Any plans of coming back to the Sunshine Coast? We could do with a helping hand promoting Queensland which is still beautiful :-)

Dean: Hey ur work mate.

Anne157373: Hi Phil - really love your show. I enjoy your sense of humour and the interaction with the people you are helping.

Tigerprincess12: Hi Phil. I loved the show. Always do. I just wanted to say keep up the good work you and Kirsty are doing.

heinz15: Hi Phil, I've become friends with julie and tom since they've come to Australia - great places you've shown them, their new place is wonderful!!

Leila7: Gday Phil… Loved the show tonight , you must try and Kirstie to come to Aus ..

kobeh: Phil, do you get annoyed when people magically come up with more money? lol

Phil Spencer: Haha. Yes I do!! I can only work with the budget I'm yes it is slightly frustrating if lots more money suddenly materialises afterwards. I could have found a whole bunch of different options for them with the higher budget. That said - I was delighted they got somewhere eventually

Leonie47: Hi Phil, love watching your need to bring Kirsty with you next time!!!!

Phil Spencer: I'd love to. I'll tell her you asked - but me thinks it's much too far from Blighty for her to pop over and lend a hand!

Tess8: Hi Phil ..If you ever need staff to investigate properties in Sydney.. .contact me. All my friends love your shows...

Brightestspark: Hi Phil a great example tonight of what can be achieved with hard negotiations.

andrewvet: Hey Phil love your shows - both here and the ones based in UK. I do like what you program is trying to do -help people. I was was concerned with the professions you metioned here in Oz and their salaries etc. I am a vet here and would like to find the jobs and pay rates you metioned here in oz!!!!

Matt: How do you deal with people who are continually indecisive?

Phil Spencer: I don't let it get to me. It can be painful at times, but it's such a huge decision and people understandably want to feel entirely confident with what they're doing and the money they're spending. Most big decisions involve an element of doubt and choosing a house is one of the biggest decisions we ever make.

Ninka2: Hi Phil! We love your show and think it's fantastic you are doing a show here! I know your wife is Australian, where do you and your family like to base yourselves when you are here?

Phil Spencer: We base ourselves in Melbourne which we love. Wife's parents are in Warnambool and we also always try to have some time in Byron Bay - my most favourite place on the planet!

Lucinda91: Hi Phil, I'm a 19 year old uni student and I'm already worried about being able to afford a house! How much is a good amount to save to buy my first house in the next 5-10 years? Is it better to buy with less now or more later?

Phil Spencer: Tricky question. I would usually advise buying as soon as you can - first home is never going to be a forever home. But at least it means you're paying down on your own mortgage , rather than renting and paying down on someone elses! Ideally you should go for something that is flexible so you can stay in it for as long as possible and also something that you could add value to whilst living there. Good luck!

Matthew: I admire your patience! Almost fell off my chair when they preferred Frankston to Mt Martha!

patoc: Hello Phil, your show tonight reminded me we owned the house that Hassa Mann grew up in - 1 River Ave, Merbein. Watching your show tonight - we now live in Frankston South but on the Hill- great spot and now so close to the city.

tigerfan1961: That is harsh- I like Andrew and his show a lot as well.

Marion15: Phil, the Brits just seem to be a bit difficult to please, do you know why?

Phil Spencer: To be perfectly honest - most of us are difficult to please when choosing our homes! However the Brits I've helped on the show are trying to choose a home in a country they don't know very well and within a market they have zero experience of... which makes it all that much tougher for them! Which is why I'm there to try and assist!!! Didn't manage it tonight though did I! Cheers

Harry10: Hi Phil, enjoy the show but always notice the families you are helping always complain about what's on offer.

stephen: Hi Phil, great show

Harry10: Hi Phil, love the show but find that the people on the show always complain with what is on offer. Seen what’s on offer in the UK courtesy of the other shows and there should be nothing to complain about!!!!!!

Tigerprincess12: Phil, what's Kirsty really like to work with?? LOL

Phil Spencer: She's terrific fun to be around. Completely barking mad - but great company. Never a dull moment, or a quiet one for that matter!!
Belinda: Hi Phil love the show also with Kirsty, I missed the start of the show, but did you try Devon Meadows, lots of space no close neighbours etc.

Tess8: It must challeging at times when people want every box ticked and then get their kids to help make decisions.

moveit: Byron Bay a beautiful place went there many years ago....

Carla33: I live just north of Byron Bay, yes it’s beautiful, we do love to have a lot of rain tho:(

Peggy: Hi Phil, we are great fans of yours and of course Kirsty! I have lived here for 40 years now, originally from Gloucestershire and we are retiring back to UK next year. We're looking at Lincolnshire as we cannot afford Gloucs/Worcs - any other Counties you can suggest that would be reasonably priced for such a move? Enjoy your time in Oz ..... Peggy

Phil Spencer: As you say - Gloucs now very expensive. Lincs would certainly be good option. Would you consider Herefordshire? Beautiful countryside, great architecture. How about Dorset? Cheaper than Devon but just as lovely...

Michael96: No question... just want to let you know what a great job you are doing to promote our wonderful country...thanks mate!

Phil Spencer: Thanks Michael, glad you like it.

Bella7: Hello Phil, love the new show, any advice for a UK family returning to the UK (Cambridge) after 8 years in Melbourne??

Phil Spencer: Cambridge has become increasingly popular in the last five years - it's a terrific place to live now. Not only is it a lovely city there loads of employment, very good transport links, countryside. The surrounding villages offer better value for money than the city itself.

judya51: Hi Phil love you and Kirsty, are you sure your not married!!!!!!

Phil Spencer: Ha ha! I am married - but just not to her!!! Cheers

Guy18: Hi Phil

Timbro: Legend, thanks Phil.

Viktoria4: Phil, do you think people have unreasonable expectations. I live in the UAE and have also lived Asia and Europe. I can't believe that the family on tonights show were unhappy with the size of house and environment they were offered for the price. There is always a compromise nothing is perfect!

HughB: Hi Phil, we are an English couple looking for 1st home bayside in Melbourne, where would you recommend that is as close to beach and city as possible? We are a growing family looking to make a start in the 700->900k area.

Phil Spencer: So many great choices here! My personal favourite is Brighton. Ellwood also lovely. How about Sandringham a bit further round the Bay? Better value for money, but still has lovely beach, good schools etc. Lucky you!!

Rob54: Hi mate, We are looking at properties along the Sunshine Coast, gotta be better than Dartford! We are in Toowoomba at the moment.

Jessica: Phil do you think you will ever move to Australia permanently? I've been trying to convince my husband to consider moving to the UK for a year or two... now I'm having no such luck after tonight's episode!!

Carla33: Hey Phil, can’t wait to see you up north, will we be seeing you soon? Hope so.

Phil Spencer: Hi Carla, you sure will! Stay tuned.

purplemal: Do you have a favourite area of Sydney, Phil? Feel free to make a few enemies :)

Phil Spencer: Sydney is the most beautiful city on the planet - I really couldn't chose just one spot!!! So many wonderful places to live. Bronte? Or maybe somewhere in the Northern beaches?

heinz15: Hi Phil - they were great places you showed Julie and Tom - their new place is wonderful!!

Carla33: Will Kirsty be joining you out here at all in any future shows? And please keep the OZ series going, we love you out here.

HughB: Hi Phil, how's it going? We've just been watching your Melbourne show. We moved over from London 2 years ago and are looking for property bayside, as close to the beach as possible, big as possible - where would you suggest? We currently live in Albert Park and love it, but are worried that we won't be able to afford enough of a property in the area... which areas would you recommend? (budget under a million $700k -> $900k

Phil Spencer: Lovely Albert Park! I lived there for a while once. I also got married in Albert Park. Many happy times spent in the cafes in Victoria Avenue. When I got off the plane in November I went straight to Albert Park for breakfast. Love it. I would also consider looking in Brighton, Elwood or Sandringham. Good luck!

Wendy: Hi Phil love the show it is exasperating though when at the end the couple can suddenly raise an extra $100,000 and then we don't get to see what house they actually buy! We're looking at an investment property what suburbs would u recommend as good investment?

judya51: I love Andrew Winter also…

chisy: Am going to the UK in August and wonder if you are still doing the UK show with Kirsty.

Phil Spencer: Hi Chisy, sure am!

philkef: Auctions are big down here mate - we are listed on the market at 695k in Brookwater, Brissy, very few inspections on opens so thinking about going down the auctiion route - your thoughts on this 'game'?

Phil Spencer: Over in Aus you handle the auction system better than anywhere else. It's the one true definition of open market value and it's wonderfully transparent - everyone can see what's going on and when the hammer goes down the deal is secured. I like it. Sometimes I wish some of the auctioneeers I've seen in action would come over to UK and give lessons!

Lucinda91: Thanks for the advice Phil!

burns: Congratulations... your shows here and back in Britain are great would love to see Kristy come over just worry about the flies and the mozzies they would love her beautiful English complexion,can you see you and your family settling here one day.

tigerfan1961: What did you do before you became a mega TV star? Were you involved in real estate??

Phil Spencer: Thanks for the compliment! Yes - I trained as a surveyor and set up a property searching (buyers advocate) business back in 1996. The TV side of what I do came along very much by accident - but I thoroughly enjoy it. The opportunity to travel as well as work in Australia during UK winters has been a huge privilege.

Maxine: Heck yes, Andrew Winters show is great.

simon: Hi Phil, have you any tips for a first home purchase in Sydney, we only have a budget of $500,000 unfort, 2 bedroomed and need to be within 30 minutes of North Sydney. Thanks a lot for any help.

Phil Spencer: I made a show in this series helping two mates with a similar set of requirements as you do - try to catch it. I think it's one of the last episodes to be transmitted on your wonderful Lifestyle channel!

Matthew: What do you think of auction system vs private sale? Auctions fairly unusual in UK vs OZ?

Phil Spencer: I think the auction system in Auz is great... yes you're correct - they aren't nearly so common in UK. They are also far better handled in Auz. We could certainly learn some lessons from you guys!

Leila7: How long do you and your family spend in Australia each year . I agree with you about Byron Bay as I live and hr in land from there.

Phil Spencer: Never quite long enough it feels like! We had two months last year. Still discussing plans for this year.

Leila7: Are you in Australia now?

Phil Spencer: No I'm in the UK and about to head off. Thanks everyone for your questions. Sorry I couldn't get to them all, there were so many. Hopefully I answered enough to give you an idea about the property market. Check the LifeStyle Channel website for more details about the show. Enjoy!

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Posted by Jane884Report
Hi our youngest daughter has just gained residency with her partner - they have been renting for 5 years in Sydney and we would like to help them buy a place - we would consider downsizing here so that we have a bigger place to stay with them when we are out there - our other daughter is also being sponsored so we will be visiting at least once a year from now on - we really don't know how to find out about buying property in Sydney - we are just back in the uk after spending a month there and we did look at Freshwater areas rather than Zetland where they live now - HELP !
Posted by Report
Hi Phil, I,m a yorkshire girl currentlty living and working (5yrs) in south east queensland for a developer and realestae agent Henzells at Pelican Waters. Please could you feature this amazing destination in your show,you wont be dissapointed!.
Why not give them the option to look at land and build as this is a dream for most britts.
Kind regards Jackie
Posted by Report
Hi Jackie, Interested to know what you think about real estate in Australia. As an Aussie living in UK, I have never experienced such dishonesty and rudeness. I can see tricks they play. Hope going well for you there.
Kind regards Annie
Posted by PattyReport
Scottsdale Tasmania could do with some new faces and inspiration Phil. Our town has had it hard lately. Everyone is determined to keep their chins up though.
p.s Where is Tassie on your map?
Posted by Report
Hi phil

Early 2013 my house in frankston south as a possible interest to the family searching for a house, I think it was the brutal truth, where I did my lame cringe worthy acting!!
Just wondering if you know when that may be aired in uk or au?

Its been a while now , and all my mates are starting to think I imagined it all!!

Any ideas? ??


Moved here From uk 8 years ago, love Australia so much!!
Posted by Report
Hi Phil. Are you going to do a follow up Relocation Relocation Phil Down Under program to show again if the families have settled in well in Oz? we live just around the corner from Lisa and Jason Dancer and their children and can vouch that they have really embraced Hallett Cove, South Australia and their life here!!