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Monterey, NSW – Half Finished Dream House

Anna Nikolis is up to her eyeballs in debt, and her only way out is to sell her beloved home. She originally bought the place with her mother, and they had big plans to renovate and turn it into the perfect house for Anna, her husband, their children and of course Mum. But things didn’t turn out as planned. Anna’s marriage broke up, Mum died and Anna was left struggling to raise 3 children on her own. She forged ahead with the renovations, borrowing more and more money against the house to complete the work. Now she’s out of cash, has debts to the tune of $900,000 and the work is nowhere near finished. There are huge bathrooms with no toilets, wires hanging out of the walls and a yard that looks like a building site full of junk.

The team have their work cut out for them, as there are just so many little things that need to be done to finish what Anna started.

Summary of Works – Outside:

The street appeal of Anna’s house was definitely lacking.  The house is on a busy road, so it needed to look perfect to overcome a bad position. The fence was half finished, so Charlie painted the existing columns and then filled the gaps with Eko decking slats from Bunnings. This is a clever wood composite, that doesn’t rot and stands up to pollution. With safety in mind, Charlie installed an electric gate and paved the area beyond for a driveway. The rest of the front garden was turfed, and the existing planting was replaced with Rhapiolepis indica ‘Oriental Pearl’. To finish the front, new lighting was added and a lick of paint to modernise the look of the façade.

The backyard was a mess, a huge dirt pit filled with leftover building materials and rubbish. The large lawn was returfed and the perimeter was planted with Syzygium ‘Resilience’ Lillipilli trees to soften the fence line. Charlie also fixed the balustrade on the upstairs balcony and then built a large deck using Ekodecking in Silver Ash. The whole look was finished it with potted plants and a large outdoor setting from Bunnings.

Summary of Works – Inside:

With so many little jobs outstanding, it was hard to know where to start. The whole house was repainted, the walls in Taubmans Altair and the trims in Chalk Wash the study was painted in Taubmans ‘Ostrich Feather’.

Downstairs the floors were extremely damaged so they were replaced with Floor Clic Flooring, which not only looked more attractive but helped with the ‘flow-through’ of the space.

Upstairs the two large bathrooms had been tiled with Italian marble but were lacking vanities, toilets and fittings! Shaynna installed modern white vanities and chrome fittings to finish them off.

Shaynna didn’t see the need for a sixth bedroom so she turned it into a second lounge or study retreat, it was de-cluttered and the interior doors were painted white.

The attic room was plastered, painted and carpeted to create a ‘teenagers retreat’ room at the top of the house. Anna had already installed an electric ladder and air conditioning, so it made sense for it to be a workable room that buyers kids would fall in love with and an interesting extra that set it apart from other homes on the market.

Shaynna finished the interiors with roller and Duette blinds from Luxaflex and furnished it throughout with hire furniture from Valiant hire and cushions from Kas.


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Posted by Theodora16Report
Just saw a repeat of this episode today and so google to see what her house sold for. Such a silly greedy woman especially when the agent loaned her the money she could have gotten 100,000 more if she had accepted that offer
Posted by Bob149Report
In the end she got 1.23 - roughly 6 months later...
Posted by SheelaghReport
How can I stop our 3.5yr old staffie/kelpie ***ping inside the house when it's raining outside? We leave the light on all night.
Posted by Ben456Report
So glad I found somewhere to comment on this episode and to read other comments.
I too was enraged by the attitude and behaviour of this woman. So greedy.

She said she'd be thrilled with 1.2, the agent said she'd get between 1.1 and 1.2 and then she goes and knocks back 1.33??? She obviously doesn't have the first clue about how real estate works. The heat will have gone right out of her campaign by now, shell be lucky to get 1.2.
I wonder who's maintaining the yard and paying for the ongoing hire of all that staging furniture?
And the ***r old agent! Someone please tell me he would have had a legally binding document of some kind drawn up before he made his generous but crazy offer.

The state of the back yard pre make over is testament to this woman's attitude and enthusiasm for getting the house sold. It's not hard to bin some piles of rubbish.
Anyone can do that. Pathetic.
Posted by ProReport
A quick Google on this woman and it is clear she is opportunistic. She took a former employer unsuccessfully to court for psychological injuries because she was sacked for tardiness and laziness. Shame the agent and show did not do this simple check. And when her kids return to school next week they will cop the ridicule she created. Great mum!
Posted by Vera29Report
I was abit surprise about her attitude! I feel sorry for the agent that help her ! She should sell and stop hoping for more ! Coz Andrew is right property always have its own limit in terms of market value ! It's a busy road and to be honest 1.3 m is a a really good offer ! Hope she would soon realise that she need to let go and sell the house! ??
Posted by MasiwiniReport
Greedy Anna what a shame for realestate agent.a couple of months and the place will be a dumping ground
Posted by Linda1033Report
Appalled... Everyone goes through hard times and I felt for you initially. Many women don't have a luxurious house to live in either.... Lazy- I would never had such a filthy kitchen and yard. And not to sell? You USED Selling Houses for cheap labor. Sell and move on. I bet karma will ensure the 1.33 mill offer doesn't come your way again.
Posted by Eliza125Report
I felt compelled to find a place I could comment too.
I can't believe Anna didn't accept that offer. I'm sorry, but it was greed, because she was saying it might've been her last chance to get more money (for nothing). Secondly, I'm disappointed that the real estate company that lent her the money didn't draw up a contract that would protect them against Anna refusing to sell or that the loan was conditional upon her having to accept offers over $1.1m. Maybe they did. Maybe that's why they don't have the contract anymore. I hope they recouped their money immediately. This episode enraged me. Greed. Not desperation. It all seemed like a big con
Posted by Rosemary212Report
Glad you pointed out the 1% RS115 did not know that. I was annoyed at Anna for not selling and also accepting the money from a real estate agent although I can't say I know what she must be going through. I would like to know how the agent is fairing as I also notice the property appears to be in the hands of a different agent or am I wrong? Nonetheless the makeover was pretty good!