How To Compromise with Your Partner

The very first thing you need to do if your going be buying property with your other half is to recognize that there will be differences even if it seems like you agree on everything.

When I first met Scott and Sarah it seemed like they were in total agreement with every single facet of their property search. However there were some subtle differences and it took quite a while to uncover them. 

So the enemy of any successful property search is the hidden agenda. so really, to avoid doing this, the suggestion is that you separate from each other, and write your briefs out in isolation and then you can come together and compare them so you can see where the points that you agree on and where the points are that you differ on.

Now the things that you both agree on, they become to essential features for your property search and that’s a really good starting point.

but the things that you don’t agree on obviously need to be negotiated between the two of you because they’re the ones that you need to spend the most time on together 'cause that’s where you’ve got to negotiate who is actually gonna get this particular point and who is gonna get to the other point. 'cause if you don’t resolve those prior to the search, um, chances are that one of two things will happen. You don't buy, or the search will take a very very long time.

Now this is all very well in theory, however, the next step is to get out there and physically inspect property because that’s really where the differences become clearer. Now its no good letting one half of the couple do all the inspections. both halves of the couple need to be involved in this because that’s the only way that you’re gonna get to a point of full agreement

The quicker that you recognize the differences between the two, it means the quicker that you'll actually buy your property and be settled and comfortable in your new home.

the great thing with Sarah and Scott ids that once we were able to identify the areas where they differed they could actually go away and discuss them and really work out what was important to them both as a couple. and the great news is that when they bought a property, it was something that they both really wanted.

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