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Grand Designs Australia Episode 7 Chat Transcript


Homeowners Peter and Mary Riedel talked about their amazing Fish Creek Church House after the episode in a live web chat. If you missed it, here is the transcript


Melissa94: Wow guys, such a great episode. I love your persistance and attitude. What do you think the build has taught you?

Peter & Mary: Hi Melissa, being open-minded and flexible becasue I’ve got a wife who likes change and therefore you have to move to change. Be adaptable

Roger10: Hi Peter and Mary. Can you please tell me what the floor is made of?

Peter & Mary: Hi Roger, the floor a concrete slab with unfilled acid-etched traveteene.

Vanessa64: I just wanted to say that your home is absolutely amazing! You totally had the best attitude throughout the whole design and build process. Totally amazing - it makes me want to build my own amazing home! I hope you are as happy as you look. Finding a builder like that is one in a million too.

Sam40: Hi Pete and Mary. LOVE the house, especially the windows and high ceilings. Mary - did you do all the interior decorating yourself? And do still own a shop in Melbourne? For Peter, the Aga is magnificent! How much did it set you back? Thanks for your replies

Peter & Mary: Yes I do still own a shop in Melbourne and did all decorating myself. The aga was $5000 in Dubbo. We disassembled it and brought back to Melbourne. The total cost was $12,000.

Caryl2: Do the windows rattle or are they lovely and quiet which is what you wanted?

Peter & Mary: We're on a very windy site so there is a bit of a rattle but nothing that annoys us.

Bruce26: Such a great episode, what was your biggest challenge? It looked like a tall order reconsructing a church!!!

Peter & Mary: Hi Bruce, Building to a schedule.

Melissa94: Wow wee! What a view. I'm very jealous. But it didn't look like you have much of an outdoor entertaining area or backyard. Is that because it's too cold? Will you put some furniture on the verandah?

Peter & Mary: Hi, we do have a lot of space on the verandah and a lot of areas outside. Wind is a predominant factor.

Caryl2: Hello Peter and Mary, I just watched the show and I love your house. How did the batch of wine turn out???

Peter & Mary: Hi Caryl, the wine was 12 and 1/2 bottles and was perfect wine - keeping a few for the next couple of years.

Maurice4: Just wanted to say you are both such an inspiration. Wonderful couple who created an even more wonderful house. Well done!!!

Caryl2: Did you have the light fitting built by the blacksmith? The one in the centre of the house is very different to the one you showed the blacksmith (or is that the one that is near the door)?

Peter & Mary: The ones in the hallway were by the blacksmith. The one in centre of the house was from Venice. Mary imported it from Venice, and the metal frame was a one-off.

Melissa94: Hi Peter and Mary. My husband and I both really love the place. We'd love to know where you got your dining table from? Also how easy is the stove to use?

Peter & Mary: Dining table is one of Mary's imported products. The Aga is not commissioned yet but we have both been to cooking courses and most impressed with how it will cook. Not functioning as yet, but should be commissioned next week.

David: What is the tile finish behind the stainless shelves in the kitchen? Btw awesome house, love you both!

Peter & Mary: The wall with crockery is a shop fitting finish - a slotted wall. The tiles behind the aga are a metallic finish on a black tile. Available from an upmarket tiling shop.

Maurice4: What attracted you to that area in Victoria? Besides the gorgeous scenery, does the area have any other significance to you?

Peter & Mary: The main factor is the beach, the walking and the whole lifestyle for our family - it works well.

saints: Just wanted to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful house. What you have created is absolutely beautiful.

Roger10: Hi Peter and Mary. Very nice but why so big?

Peter & Mary: We have six children and 11 grandkids and we need space to accomodate them. Also we like to have friends over.

Gavin50: I have watched your house being built from close by... it was great to see the interior... look forward to sampling your wine

Melissa94: Amazing house! There is a silver mirror in one of your spare bedrooms on the dresser. Where did you get it from?

Peter & Mary: Imported from Italy.

Caryl2: Do you both live in the house full time or do you commute to Melbourne?

Peter & Mary: Basically I (Peter) live here at the moment and then Mary will join me early next year

Bruce26: Hi guys, love the house you seem like such a loving couple after so many years together. So happy fo>Amazing taste, amazing look and feel, amazing couple! Will you both come build a home for me? Any tips for an aspiring home builder?

Peter & Mary: Haha. No! We're a little too busy. It was enough of a stress doing our own. Be patient, have a good vision, and understand the difficulties that might occur.

Caryl2: Mary what is the name of your shop?

Peter & Mary: Riedel Imports.

Sam40: Mary, you did a wonderful job with the decorating, may we ask where the shop is?

Peter & Mary: 600 Burwood Rd Hawthorn East!

Peter: Hi Peter and Mary, we were impressed with your house and also what a lovely couple you are.

Melissa94: Thanks for answering my questions. Hope you enjoy your home. You seem like a lovely hardworking couple. Peter - take care of yourself!

Maurice4: Are you both a religious couple or did you just like the idea of rebuilding a church?

Peter & Mary: No we have always had the concept of doing a church shape. We are Catholics but only go to church once a year. But we just love the concept of a big living space.

David: How do you manage to heat the house in winter? Was that underfloor heating in the slab?

Peter & Mary: Underfloor heating yes - using recycled oil in the furnace - heats water which is pumped up to the house.

Caryl2: Pete and Mary – thank you so much for sharing your vision and dream with us. May you spend many a happy day enjoying your hard work and fabulous views. thanks very much. Take care and bye for now :)

David: Thanks for your time - an inspirational show! Well done!

Melissa94: Great to hear the wine turned out. I'd love to have a little vineyard. Is it very hard work and difficult?

Peter & Mary: I have never made wine before! It wasn’t perfect but you have to follow a book or instructions. I also have a mate who makes wine in SA - so he wrote notes for me, too. We'll be having another harvest next year in March/April and it will be Savignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Kerry35: Hi Peter and Mary. Very moved by your story. Congratulations on your wonderful home. You are an inspirational couple. Best wishes in your new home.

Marea4: Hi Peter and Mary. My husband and I watched your episode with great interest as two years ago I converted an eighty-year-old weatherboard church into a home, albeit on a much simpler scale and smaller budget. You must be immensely satisfied with your efforts. I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment out of your special and distinctive home.

Peter & Mary: Thank you so much. We love it.

Gdarocks: Hey Peter and Mary, fantastic job on the house.. I really liked how your pots and pans are left exposed in the kitchen.. Is this just for practicality's sake or is it more a design feature?

Peter & Mary: Practicality - you can see what you have. The idea of exposed space came from a Sicilian cooking course experience.

Shelley: Congratulations on creating such an amazing home to enjoy with your family. Do you anticipate the underfloor heating will be sufficient given the height of your ceilings?

Peter & Mary: Definitely. Heat rises - so if you walk on a warm floor you'll feel warm.

Gdarocks: What's the weather like? Does it rain often?

Peter & Mary: We're at high rainfall area - over one metre per year. Also lots of wind which is why the house is double-glazed and well-insultaed.

saints: Where did you get the light fitting in the main living area downstairs?

Gdarocks: Just wanted to say you should both be so proud of what you've achieved. Any plans to build another project or is this crowning glory?

Peter & Mary: Thank you. I think this is definitely our crowning glory. There is so much space that we can have our own privacy and individuality. We love it.

Roz5: Enjoyed the program.....what a beautiful home! I must say my favourite spot was the reading couch in front of the window... I can just picture myself there reclining with a good book!

Peter & Mary: Absolutely - that’s one of our daughters favourite spots! A perfect place to read and relax.

Gdarocks: How did you find having the cameras around? Was it daunting?

Peter & Mary: It didn’t bother us. We've been around a long time!

Ripples: LOVED the place. Have you always been so unflappable? :)

Peter & Mary: Thanks. We are fairly level headed. When you have six children - you can survive anything!

Gdarocks: What were you most happy with?

Peter & Mary: We love the whole ambience and feel of the place. We love where we are, we love waking up in the mornings and seeing the sunrsie and that it changes every day.

JimMarg: Peter & Mary- just wanted to say that your home looks wonderful and it is a testament to your great relationship.Well done! Jim & Marg

William29: Thank you for answering our questions. Go and enjoy a red! Any plans to grow veggies etc or is the weather too harsh? What about some animals?

Gavin50: Hope you enjoy Fish Creek

Gwenyth2: Such a wonderful idea, keep the good work up.

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Hi guys, lovely home
What paint did you use? We have cathederal ceilings and are trying to get the right shade.The wallpaper is stunning too.