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Grand Designs Australia Episode 6 Web Chat Transcript


Lisa and Steve jumped online after the show to answer all your questions about their amazing Hampton's House.


shopping trolley: Just want to say well done. We drive past you on Maudsland Rd every day and have watched your build with interest. (PS - we did put a bright kitchen in - with four different blues)

Rhiannon12: I also think you did an amazing job as Project Manager Lisa, total respect.

MarkyMark: Hi guys, loved the show. What's your favourite feature in the house Lisa?

Lisa & Steve: The lounge room because it feels lovely.

Sara: What type of Monier tiles did you use for the roof?

Lisa & Steve: Baked Terracotta

Rhiannon12: Probably the most beautiful house I have seen for a long time, in Australia.

Sara: What was the exterior panelling made out of?

Lisa & Steve: Linea Board by James Hardy!

Sara: What were the exterior colours you used?

Lisa & Steve: Dulux Hog's Bristle half strength

Rhiannon12: Your house, is absolutely stunning. It has really inspired me, as I have always loved the American style homes.

Lisa & Steve: Thank you very much! Me too.

Lynette41: Congrats Lisa... you did a terrific job ... I had a smile on my face during the entire programme.

Sandy14: Wow! Enormous challenge!! I have seen your house, you are just down the road from where I live. I must say I was in awe!!! Amazing!! What was the biggest challenge? Would you ever move?

Lisa & Steve: Sourcing the materials was the biggest challenge and we wouldn't move at the moment!

MarkyMark: Lisa, have you ever been to the Hamptons? Why do you think it captured your heart?

Lisa & Steve: No I haven't been. I love it because their houses look so gracious. I was inspired by magazines mainly.

Loraine3: Well done!! Your house is fabulous!! Can I ask where the lighting shop was that was on the show? I am currently tearing my hair out with lighting! (We are building a French Provincial style home on the Gold Coast & facing similar problems with supply.

Lisa & Steve: The lighting shop was called Milton Lighting at Milton in Brisbane. Good luck with your home.

richard: Well done Lisa, I take it your husband is a great bloke! We really liked him - very cool! Beautiful house, well done!

shopping trolley: Have you thought about putting together a website of sources in Australia for those who are interested in a Hampton's style house?

Lisa & Steve: Not really but you can get all the suppliers on the LifeStyle Channel website. I haven't had the time but it sounds like a good idea!

Kay: Lisa and Steve, Your home is beautiful, you did an amazing job Lisa, Congratulations! Can you advise me the lighting store you purchased your lights from and also the wood used in your staircase. Thanks. Kay

Lisa & Steve: It's a hard wood and I'm not sure because the stair manager chose it. I'll find out for you. Email and I'll send it to you.

Lynette41: I am sure you will all enjoy your home as so much thought, effort and love has gone into it.

Cheryl: Just wanted to ask who was the kitchen maker and who supplied the benchtops?

Lisa & Steve: The kitchen maker was Crest Joinery and the marble came from Regency Stone. We were really happy with both!

Nathan35: Would you do anything different?

Lisa & Steve: No, we love it just the way it is :)

Jedi: Loved the show!

isabellabritton: Lisa your home is so beautiful, the love and time you put into it shows :)

Lisa & Steve: Aw thank you very much

Leisel: Hi guys! Love the show and your vision Lisa. You did an amazing job as PM, despite all the obstacles. Would you ever take on a project again?

Lisa & Steve: Maybe after Christmas :) I did enjoy the role, it was just difficult because of the type of house and everything I wanted came from America!

Cheryl67: Extremely well done Lisa and Steve. A magnificent home and well done for staying true to your dream.

Katie: Well done on a lovely house. We are currently painting our acreage house in Pimpama, and have all exposed beams that we will be painting white. What colour did you use for most of your internal walls??

Lisa & Steve: A lot of Dulux White Duck with some Dulux beige. I think I might repaint the beige because I'm not that into it. I got talked into it.

Duncan5: Congratulations Lisa and Steve you have both excelled with your project. Well done, from stretchy.

davedave: Hey guys - this house rocks. Do you wish the house was a little smaller so you didn't have to clean such a large space? My wife wants to know how on earth you keep on top of it!

Lisa & Steve: Ha ha ha! I have help but it is still hard. We don't wish it was smaller. If you are going to build you may as well get what you want.

Nathan35: Were there any green initiatives within the build?

Lisa & Steve: Yes the installation is all green. It's called Earth Wool. It's an American product.

MarkyMark: Any plans to get some horses to match your house??? :)

Lisa & Steve: My kids would love horses but they're too young. Maybe in the future.

Loraine3: Thank you... thanks for the name...I'll make a trip to Milton. I can identify with your feelings of frustration & admire what you've achieved, especially with a young family! Congratulations!

Lisa & Steve: Thank you! And good luck with your house.

Andrew: You both have done very well. I am an American architect here in Sydney who specialises in the Hamptons style of architect. I did a house here in Palm Beach and was in the September issue of Architectural Digest, 2008.

Nic68: Just wanted to say - well done Lisa, for creating something different and for sticking to your guns. The house looks great and your dedication is inspirational.

Lisa & Steve: Aw, that is really nice. Thank you so much. I couldn't give up so sheer grit got me through. Giving up is not in my nature. I wish it was sometimes :)

Jill40: Lisa I applaud your commitment to your vision, I am dealing with the same thing many opinions on my vision, you have inspired me.... thanks

Lynette41: Good night from me and thank you Lisa! You really are an amazing woman!

Fiona81: Great job well done to sticking to your guns. Could you please tell me the colour of the colorbond roof you used and also was the front door custom, I'm having problems finding a front door just like yours. Thanks

Lisa & Steve: The front door was custom. It was cedar wood painted black. The builders and my husband hated me for that. We had it made at The Woodworkers in South Port. Not sure of the roof, let me come back to you on that one. It was grey-something.

Deborah52: Great work guys . Have you had the house valued by a real estate yet?

Lisa & Steve: No way! I am not going near a real estate agent, they would probably tell me I overcapitalised which I already know!

Nicholas32: Hi there, we're your neighbours!!! We bought number 11 and will start building early next year.

Lisa & Steve: Hi there! We'll see you soon.

Sara: Where did you source the polystyrene mouldings?

Lisa & Steve: Pro-Lite Architectural Foam.

Nicole: I love the wooden floors in your house, what timber did you choose?

Lisa & Steve: GreyIron Bark and it was A Grade. It's a really hard timber.

Andrew: If you two ever get the urge to do another Hamptons style house, feel free to check out my web site, Love to see more house like that here in OZ.

Sara: What size is the kitchen island?

Lisa & Steve: It is 2.5 metres by 1.8 metres.

MarkyMark: I may have missed it on the show but why are the fences and doors made of plastic? It seems like a strange choice?

Lisa & Steve: They are not actually plastic. They are plastic on the outside but re-enforced with steel. I chose them because you never need to paint them and they will be around for years! They are very strong.

Roger10: Well done Steve and Lisa. I am a retired builder and built around 100 homes so I know all of the ups and downs. I hope you will be happy there!

Nic68: I'm with you Lisa on coloured kitchen cabinets - we just moved into a new house and are about to paint the cabinets a grey blue (as they often do in the UK). If you get bored with the white you ended up with you could always paint yours green as you wanted originally :)

Lisa & Steve: I could yes. At the moment it seems a bit daunting. Go for that colour though, it will look great!!!

Sara: Referring to the Monier Roof Tiles, is "Baked Terracotta" a style or colour?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Sara, the colour was grey, it is a type of tile. There is only one baked terracotta tile at Monier.

Sally71: Your house is beautiful and an absolute credit to you. Lisa my husband and I think that you should go into consulting to help others who want to build a Hamptons style house.

Lisa & Steve: Ha ha ha, thank you! Maybe after Christmas when things have calmed down and I have had a break.

Helen: Love your home - very inspired - thanks for sharing it with us all

Lisa & Steve: Thanks Helen, that is lovely.

Lee46: Congratulations Lisa! Tremendous result and you always seemed to be smiling while you were onsite. Are you having a beer for Christmas with the contractors?

Lisa & Steve: We should do!

Sandy14: Who made your exterior balustrades? What are the materials?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Sandy, Palm Beach Stairs made them. They also made the interior stairs.

Mary74: Hi Lisa and Dave. Love Love Love It. Good on you Lisa for being strong. I love the houses in Louisiana. Do you think it is possible to create a smaller design for about a million? I think you should have gone green.

Lisa & Steve: Yes you could do!

Kimberley8: Your home is just divine! I could ask a thousand questions! Who was your architect and what colour have you painted the interior in the kitchen? Well done, it is a masterpiece, you should be very proud of your blood, sweat & tears.

Nicholas32: Who was your cabinetmaker?

Lisa & Steve: Pressed Joinery.

474528: Hi, Congrats on the house! Can you tell me where your land is located as I am from Melbourne? It looks stunning!

Lisa & Steve: We're twenty minutes from South Port going west. Five minutes from Movie World.

Susan110: Hi we have just moved into our own "Hamptons" style home in Sydney. We must have been building at the same time! I couldn't believe how identical our experiences were especially re the lighting. You've done a great job!! And I totally understand when you say you wanted something different & you were sick of the modern look. So were we!!!! Enjoy your lovely home!!

Lisa & Steve: Thanks Susan and you enjoy yours!

Andrew: A very nice job

Peter: Would you do it again?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Peter, now I have had a bit of a break I might do it. I must be crazy saying that though! Sourcing the materials was hard but it was all worth it in the end. It took a year to build it but I was researching a year before that.

Georgia11: What heating and cooling do you use?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Georgia, We have got a French fireplace. It is a double-sided wood fireplace. We also have reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning throughout. The windows are all double glazed so it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Leisel: How have the neighbours responded? Do many come and knock on the door to have a look around?

Lisa & Steve: We don't have many neighbours yet. There are only four groups that live in here, it is very new.

Leisel: How are the kids enjoying the house?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Leisel, they love it! They love playing hide and seek. They chose the colours for their rooms and they love them.

Sara: We liked the use of polystyrene mouldings. Could you tell us where to source them from?

Lisa & Steve: They were Pro-Lite Architectural Mouldings.

Jim15: Loved the lights over the kitchen island. Can you tell me where you got the lights and how were they?

Lisa & Steve: Milton Lighting and they were fantastic. Ask for Rhonda!
Leisel: Love the house guys. Did Steve ever lose faith in you Lisa?! :-)

Lisa & Steve: No. He was good throughout. I'm lucky. It has strengthened the relationship. It is hard on you as a couple, but if you can go through that, you can go through anything.

dnatemperly: Will you be decorating with Christmas lights? Would love to see the Hampton style Christmas spirit.

Lisa & Steve: Steve is onto it! That is his job and he has to do it soon.

Nicholas32: Hello again, I just tried to look for your cabinet maker on the net and could not find them, where are they?

Lisa & Steve: Southport. Crest Joinery. Check out the supplier list on the Grand Designs Australia website.

Ganen: Hi Lisa, did you install any cooling system for your cellar?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Ganen, no we didn't need to because it had a double skin brick wall and part of it was against the earth.

Leisel: What has been the best part of the whole experience Lisa?

Lisa & Steve: When I saw the stairs go in. That looked so beautiful. I love the stairs so much.

Simon50: Well done guys we loved the show. Did you use any environmental friendly materials in the house or think about energy efficiency in the design?

Lisa & Steve: Hi Simon, we used green installation Earth Wool.

Lee46: Was Steve ever on The Brisbane I saw it on his shirt when you were all at Movieworld.

Lisa & Steve: He dived on that site! Good work for picking that up :)

Leisel: Amazing house guys! Would you encourage others to take on the task of building their dream home?

Lisa & Steve: You always have to have a dream. My advice would be to get help from professionals because you can't do it all on your own. Unless you've got no children and no life then you need help! Do lots of research as well.

Leisel: Did you ever consider putting the kids' rooms on a different level? Think about when they are teenagers!

Lisa & Steve: They're still my kids at the moment. They have got downstairs. I am not one to build a children's wing. I like my kids with me.

Nicholas32: Why did you not give a big thankyou to Scottie on the show?

Lisa & Steve: He did a wonderful job, he is a very good builder. We did thank him many times but maybe it was not shown.

MarkyMark: Pete mentioned the plastic fences might not hold up in the hot climate, are they holding up?

Lisa & Steve: They're fine. They're made in China which isn't as good as the American or German product. We have German windows in the house. They have a lot of titanium in them which keeps them from going yellow.

Leisel: How did you find having the cameras on you during the whole build?

Lisa & Steve: The cameras didn't really worry me as I was more concerned with the build. Peter is easy-going and just likes to have a chat.

Leisel: I think I heard there are over 70 windows in your house! Which is your favourite?

Lisa & Steve: Yes that is right, we have over 70 windows in the house. My favourite is the one in the gallery in the stair void. It is the one Peter didn't like. But it has a great view. It is the one with the arch and on either side it has small windows. It has cushions on it, too.

Leisel: Congrats guys! Will you take a family trip to the Hamptons to look at all the architecture? And do you use the gym much?

Lisa & Steve: I would like to go in March. I don't know whether we'll go to the Hamptons but I'd like to get some furniture. Yes we do use the gym. It is a really good room.

Lee46: Did you agree with the comment Peter said that the windows detracted from the view and once again congratulations on a truly stunning project

Lisa & Steve: Definitely not! I put a lot of work into the windows and they make the house. I am really happy with the way the windows turned out.

MarkyMark: My wife and I are building a place just out of Sydney and I took great inspiration from your build. We'd love to be on Grand Designs Australia, did you get a lot out of the process?

Lisa & Steve: It was tiring because you had to build and be on camera but everyone was fantastic. Good luck MarkyMark.

Louise: Well done Lisa & Steve. Do you think you will ever leave this house?

Lisa & Steve: That is a hard question to ask Louise because I'm in love with it right now. The love has come back, I didn't even want to move in for a while.

Leisel: Fantastic job Lisa & Steve. Can I have your bed? Looks amazing!

Lisa & Steve: Ha ha ha, no! We love it. All your responses have been amazing. They have really made me realise how much I love the house. We haven't had the chance to appreciate it properly yet. After Christmas we might have a big party and invite all our friends. Thanks again guys!

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Posted by Mary1208Report
Love your home guys! Can you please tell me what brick you used?
Posted by KerjohnReport
Wow what a wonderful house. My family and I could not find our dream house to build. We went to Disneyworld in Florida recently and loved the look along the Broadwalk and decided then and there that is what we wanted for our new house. I did not realize how difficult it was going to be here in Australia and just about given up on the idea. Lisa you truly inspiring, you have made me realize that I can deal with the builders and make our dream come true. Thank you.
Posted by HelenReport
Hi Lisa and Steve,
I love your beautiful home. I watched the show when it first aired and have now just tape it again when it showed two weeks ago. I love the rustic sign in your kitchen "kiss the cook". Can I ask Lisa where you purchased it from?
Posted by MichaelReport
Great job guys, house looks great , hope your enjoy it for years to come,

ps, Great to see you like the butchers block
Posted by sjplp84454Report
Absolutely love your house! Can't believe the difficulties you had sourcing things and with the stuck in the mud builders. If I build here in Aus then I want a similar style to my house - you should consult, having had the experience that you have.
Good on you for sticking by your vision. Proud of you and covet your house :-)