Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia Episode 5 Web Chat Transcript


Episode 5 was one of our most emotional journeys yet. Homeowner Trevor chatted live online with viewers after the show and the response was overwhelming ...


Kathy2: Hi Trevor, your house is amazing.

Kathy: Hi Trevor! We hope you are feeling OK. Fantastic effort mate!

Sheena3: I'm absolutely inspired by their story tonight. I need to know there will be a happy ending ie: they'll all get to live happily ever after in their dream home. Would love to know how close that may be and a tip for lifestyle we'd love to see a follow up!

Jedi: Hello Trevor, loved the episode.

ANDREA46: The entire family sat and watched the episode this evening and we all thought the same thing, if we could hop on a plane tomorrow we would give you all the help you need.

Alison66: How is the house coming along?

Trevor: All moving along, still looking good!

Ashley24: Second that

Emily43: I just wanted to let Trevor and his wife know that our hearts go out to them and we wish them well into the future. Thanks

Alison66: Are there many mosquitoes? I wondered how you could have no windows or walls with flies and mosquitoes!

Trevor: Best defence against a mosquito is wind!

Jojo2: Hi Trevor, I hope you have recovered from your heart attack, I was devastated for you! I hope you completed your home.

Death Sanchez: How far along has the build come since the recording of the episode?

Trevor: We are still cursing along. We are doing the downstairs cupboards now.

Liz: Just wanted to say that I loved watching the show tonight, Trevor and Francoise, your determination, hard work and earthiness was a breath of fresh air for television viewing. Please take care of yourselves. As someone building on a rocky acreage I found inspiration in what you have done and hope that we get to see the finished product! Thank you so much for sharing!

perky29: You guys are inspirational. Well done

Trevor: Thank you!

Jojo2: Truly a good Aussie bloke!

Ashley24: Hi Francoise, just wondering how far you guys are from Darwin, Flying up tomorrow night and would love to help put a nail in!

Trevor: 100km. Thank you for your offer.

Amanda108: Hi Trevor, I just wanted to tell you that I am truly touched by what you have done and what you have been through. I don't normally get onto these chat sites, but you really are an inspiration ... even down here in Melbourne.

Trevor: Too right, thanks!

Amelia14: Amazing!! Truly inspiring and I would also love to see a follow up.

Ashley24: Flying up to Darwin tomorrow evening, How far are you guys from Darwin would love to buy u a beer a give you a hand.

Trina: Hi Trevor, What a massive achievement! Is the house completed yet, and if so, can we see photos of what it looks like today? Trina, WA

Trevor: Building a house never gets completed; you just have to keep going, don't you? No pics as yet but stay tuned.

Bev10: Hi Trevor -- just finished watching your show and you are right -- you do live in Heaven!

ANDREA46: My heart went out to you and your family, such determination and immense inspiration.

Larissa6: I am beyond belief at your dedication and "go getting" attitude. It is fantastic to think that there are still people out there who are willing to give it a shot. And I hope that you are able to finish it the way you want it to be. I was truly moved by your story, really I was. An absolute inspiration

Trevor: Thank you very much. That is lovely of you to say.

Kate99: Hi Trevor, What a great family HOME you are building. We wish you good health and all the best for finishing the house. PS You have a wonderful wife.

Jocelyn6: Have you got any further with the building permit?

Trevor: No! That has gone iceberg cold.

Elodie2: Hi mate, love your story. I am a single mum who has also built her own house in the bush of Vic with my own hands and recycled stuff ... if you ever need any help with your build I would be happy to come and help. Contact me thru my website Cheers mate ... love to your family

Rob20: I’m inspired to finish my tiny 67 sq metre apartment, lol.

Des5: Hey Trevor and Françoise, kitchen? Bathroom?

Trevor: I am waiting for a plumber and an electrician for them.

Trina: Hi Trevor, what a truly massive achievement! Would love to see pictures of what the house is looking like now. I didn't want the episode to end.

Bronwyn: Trevor, you are truly amazing. I hope your health has improved?

Trevor: Oh yes it sure has. I am on the mend!

danran: hi guys your effort in creating your dream home is truly inspiring. Trevor I hope you are feel OK. Excuse the obvious but you’re the "true Aussie battler" who has a dream and goes for it. Thanks for the inspiration

Jen19: Hey Trevor, you are a bloody legend. Is there a way your supporters could send you a few bucks to help out with your permit?

Georgina18: We love your home but more importantly your attitude. Full of admiration for your dedication and motivation. I missed the first part, where is your home exactly?

Trevor: 100km south of Darwin at a place called Lake Bennett.

Angela: Do you need help? Anything you need?

Trevor: We're all good thanks. I like to keep at it, steady does it!

Glenn25: Hi Trevor and Francoise, there is not a lot on TV these days that moves me to getting online to write a response. Tonight’s episode was very inspiring. A man wanting to build a home for his family. I believe you are heaven sent.

Julie: Hi Trevor and Francoise, your story is amazing. Love your attitude to life and its challenges. Hope everything goes well for you and your family in the future.

Alison66: When is your estimated finish date? Hopefully there will be a second episode to show the completed house.

Trevor: Two days before I die! A house like this, you just keep going at.

Brian37: Just watched the program, and wanted to say you guys are an inspiration. Hope your health improves and you get to move in.

Joelle2: I loved the tree in the middle and found the whole concept of no windows so fascinating.

Jocelyn6: We'd like to give you the $10K you need for the building permit.

Larissa6: Hi Trevor, does it get cold at all in winter? Will you have problems with that upstairs?

Trevor: Yeah, we get really cold weather, sometimes it can get as cold as 11 degrees but only for one hour of one day of the year. We're tough up here though. It balances out with the hot weather.

Chelsea6: You are amazing! A true inspiration. Your story was like no other, I loved it and wish you the best of luck.

Death Sanchez: During a period of heavy rain how will you protect your possessions without any walls?

Trevor: We are using a blind system that folds down from the roof and a shower screen type thing so once the rain hits it, it will fall straight down. It's a bit like a sail. In the dry season they fold up.

Abby10: Hi Trevor, What an amazing story you have. I just finished watching it and you are an amazing person to be able to overcome everything that has been thrown your way. Best of luck to and your family and take it easy mate :)

Jojo2: Amanda108, I agree, I just signed up to send my congrats and well wishes.

Morell: What type of power will you be using?

Trevor: We will have to start with mains but eventually we will go with solar and wind. We can't get rebates unless we connect to the grid.

Larissa6: That's amazing that someone has offered the 10K to you above. Such heartfelt people usually reap heartfelt things... deservingly :0)

Sharn3: So inspired by your house, family, and way of life. Best Grand Designs episode ever!

Trevor: Crikey! Thank you.

Jojo2: JOCELYNE6 Thank GOD for people like you xx

Debtee: Hi Trevor and Francois, We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed seeing your wonderful house. You are both an inspiration. We wish you much joy and happiness for the future!

Jojo2: Has the permit stopped you?

Trevor: No. It won't stop me. Either they pull it down or they don't. The only difference between a politician and a criminal is time in jail.

Alison66: Does your daughter still sleep in a cot?

Trevor: She has moved into a stretcher.

Elizabeth: We hope that only good things happen to you from here on and that your family can soon have the home they deserve. Home design sure is a different beast up there but I totally understand where you are coming from with the layout.

Coco26: Hi! Just want to say how much you have encouraged me. This afternoon I was a crying mess on the phone to my husband saying I couldn't do this a moment longer. We have been living in a shed for five years and sharing a room with two kids. I thought no one on earth could relate to this then watched tonight's show. How did you survive mentally?

Trevor: Go for it! Don't stop. Do what you can to get on with the build. This house has proven that I am mental but that's okay.

Roz5: Trevor, you and your wife are truly an inspirational couple, my entire family have just watched the program and are so impressed by your family and your amazing home....we cannot wait to see it finished....we wish you all the best with your health and your beautiful dream home.

Amelia301: Good Luck Trevor and family, you are all truly and inspiring and I wish I had an ounce of your determination and vision. You brought a tear to my eye and my family wishes you all the best in completing your stunning house and please look after yourself health wise.

moshie: What a great story best grand design I have seen I hope all goes well.

Sarah76: Just wanted to say - an amazing build. Truly a real 'home'. May your family for generations to come enjoy years of happiness, laughter and love in this wonderful space.

Jen19: We love you Trev!

Morell: Do you have a website or blog so we can keep tabs on the build.

Trevor: I haven't got a computer but you can check back in with The LifeStyle Channel for progress reports.

Tom28: What an inspiration you are, I know everything will turn out. You must blown away by this response.

richard: Wow you two have had a struggle, my heart goes out to you and family, how are you all going?

Trevor: We are still moving but it has been tough.

lopper: Hey Trevor, Pete from Pete;s tree care if you need a hand with some mahogany slabs be glad to help.

LifeStyle: Thank you for the generous donation offers. Please contact if you wish to help.

Chris66: Best episode of Grand Designs Australia so far. We wish you all the best Trev. Awesome house and yes we definitely want to see the finished product. Keep going, we are with you in spirit!

Paul79: hi Trevor and Françoise. I found your house amazing!! I do have one question tho and it is how do you keep the mozzies out?

Trevor: The best power is wind. They can't fly again the wind. Dad used to say "If you got to keep in the bush and the mozzies are out, find a hill!"

Chelsea6: How far do your kids have to travel to go to school?

Trevor: 30km one way. So it's 120km a day for us.

Glenn25: Please LifeStyle, keep us updated on Trev’s case with his permit. There is a lot of people that want to and could help a true Aussie.

Larissa6: If anything, take some offers that are on here... it is remarkable that people can step forward and offer resources or anything. Take them up and get that house finished!!!

AK: I have never gone online before but I was truly inspired. You are the eternal optimist and I think we can all learn lessons from your attitude and tenacity. Best of luck going forward and take care of your health...

Trevor: Thank you very much, will do!

Slaja: Mate, great effort, make sure you keep yourself healthy, one heart attack is more than enough... Can we come and visit?

Abby10: Are you trying to be self sufficient

Trevor: We will be, I will still have to work though.

Connie6: My husband, a carpenter, had a heart attack at 40 a few months ago - same circumstances thought he had the flu. All good now and best of luck. And take the offer of the 10K. And I agree you do put your heart and soul into building your own house. We did it eight years ago only to have it burn to the ground Christmas morning. Having a builder build a new house for us has never felt the same as the one built with our own hands. Good luck to you and your family. Connie from Sydney.

Marlene: Hi Trevor, we really enjoyed your episode, one of the most touching ones to date. Your spirit and determination and most humble approach to such a grand design are admirable. All the best

Andrew: Trevor & Francoise you are amazing people - I have nothing but admiration for the sheer effort and determination you have both shown. Great effort Hope your health improves Trevor - you deserve to finish and enjoy the result.

Paul79: All the best!!! grrrr at the bureaucrats.

Tony0707: Go you true blue Aussies! You make us proud.

Billy4: Good on you JOCELYNE6 !! Trevor I was wondering if you follow NRL?

Trevor: St George in the NRL and I follow Collingwood in the AFL

malaki: Hi Trevor and Francoise, after watching the episode tonight you have given me a different and positive outlook on what one can achieve by having such a positive and mental attitude. You are both amazing people and I wish your family all the best in the future. I can’t wait to see you project finished.

Peter: Trevor, you really are an absolute inspiration. The single mindedness and commitment to making your dream and your family's dream a reality made an impression on me. i have no doubt you will reach your goals... best wishes to your family and your health. God Bless

Larissa6: That’s a really cool idea about the sail thing for when it rains. Did you get plumbing put into the slab? Otherwise where will it go?

Trevor: Plumbing is done into the slab.

MargaretH: Trevor I know a way you can make money... Become a motivational speaker and conduct seminars as weekend retreats. You would make a killing. You are truly inspirational!

Liz: Trevor, what type of rock is it that is on your land? And how are you going to use it? I have a rocky property too and am searching for ideas.

Trevor: The stone is quartzite, a mixture of sandstone and quartz and I will be using it in the pool and balustrade.

Georgina18: Just want to see you and your family living the dream in your amazing home.

Gareth4: Do you stop and reflect on the beauty you’ve captured?

Trevor: All the time! When I sit up there, it is so calming. The house fits into the place like a hand into a glove. That's how all houses should feel.

Evan8: Mate, have to say best of luck and this was the best show so far also you are a legend.

Trevor: Thank you. Too right!

Brett: Great Job! Trevor don't worry about your heart I think it’s made of gold!

Trevor: I don't know about that. I would have cashed it in!

Col6: Trevor, as a QLD chippy I can see that you have taken on a massive task to build this dream. All the best getting it finished. I hope the bureaucrats stay out of it for you all.

Victoria28: Hi guys. I've just realised my husband is completely lazy & useless! Seriously, we have loved the show since it was just about the poms but really loved your episode the best of all. Great to see good Ozzie people building in the bush! Good luck.

Trevor: Thank you very much.

Angie13: Great to be reminded that happiness isn't something you buy in a shop.

Trevor: Too right! Happiness starts at home.

Casper David: Trevor, as someone who has overseen building a house, I am in awe of your personal effort.

MIA6: How do you keep termites out?

Trevor: Separate the wood from the ground.

peter: just wanted to say.... go for it... something original for a change... a real house.... also... look up for people who are travelling and love to help for the experience... just need to provide a place to stay and food.

Millsy13: Trevor, wondering how your health is after your heart attack? You and your family are truly inspiring and very determined but health is your wealth so please look after yourself for your family's sake. Best episode of Grand Designs ever, watched with our two boys aged 7 and 9 and they now want to build their own grand designs. Well done.

Trevor: Good luck. Thank you. Trev's back. Twice as bad and twice as mad!

Peter61334: That is the first time the Grand Design show has given me goose bumps as big as termite mounds.....The use of the word "soul" was so fitting in the final session. Please keep us up to date on progress with this wonderful creation. Your family is beautiful.

Trevor: Thank you very much, will do!

Angi2: we lived in the territory for 13years, many of them in humpty doo/bees creek, watching the show tonight made us remember all the good things about the top end, but also the issues around the pollies trying to "southernise" it...keep plugging is the best place in the world :)

William: Best of luck with the rest of the build Trevor. You and your family deserve all the happiness in the world. Best of luck with the permit! I hope the lifestyle channel keeps us up to date with your progress!

Death Sanchez: I am only a 16 year old boy and I found this story incredibly inspirational and heart warming. I watched the episode with my mum whilst revising for a test and ended up watching the whole episode instead. Great episode, I hope you guys can finish your home very soon. You must get a great sense of self satisfaction to know that nearly the entire structure, you created.

Trevor: Yes I do. It still baffles me how I managed it!

Marlene: How is your reptile business going?

Trevor: It will be alright, I just have to get back into it.

David: Good going guys, hey Trev can you see the lake from your bedroom or are you going to have to lop some bush? Don't worry about mozzies at least you don't have crocs.

Trevor: We do have crocs and they live on site! We want to leave the trees because we can actually still see the lake.

Georgina18: We are about to start our PROJECT (small scale compared to yours). What is the biggest lesson you have learnt?

Trevor: Stay with it, don't give up. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. Pack your dreams in your bag and keep them there.

Natalie: Hi Trev from BAS staff - Mark, Lucinda and Nat! Great to watch you all tonight and see your fantastic creation! Great work mate! :-)

Trevor: Thank you!

Larissa6: Also I love watching Grand Designs because you can really see us Aussies and how we are the battlers. So different to the rest of the world isn't it? Not that others aren't battlers, but we just have this character about us. You are truly an icon to that.

Chris And Julie: you are probably going to be overrun with visitors in the coming months/years and we hope to be among them to see your amazing home. We wish we could take time off work and come and help. You really are the embodiment of the Aussie spirit and don't let those rotten pollies beat you. I think you have a nation behind you now. Awesome people

Bev10: Are you looking for a plumber?

Kev3: Hi Trevor, I don’t think I've ever become so involved in a Grand Design show - I can't say how much I admire what you have done and are doing. What’s the latest with the idiotic requirement for you to get building approval? If there anyone else online whose prepared to join me in a petition to get the NT to see sense please let me know.

Trevor: Thank you. I will keep at it, don't worry!

Andy14: Trev and Françoise, that was so unbelievably inspirational congrats and what an awesome episode of grand designs, best ever!!!!

Karl: How do you get electricity to the house for lighting and refrigeration?

Trevor: It will be main power to start then we will turn to solar and wind.

Col6: The jarrah joists look sensational. The tree is brilliant and the staircase is something out of a movie set.. Great job mate. From one chippy to another that’s one big job.

Kim: Hi Trevor, just wanted to say you are the poster boy for the original Aussie Battler and I really hope your dreams all come true!

Tony0707: I hate how everything is being censored and controlled these days in the city and I think we all wish we could live a simpler non-consumer life more like your family deep down.

Swarm: Truly inspiring story .If I were in a position to pack the trailer up with tools and head on up there I would.

Marlene: Hi Trevor will you be treating the bark tree in the middle of the house? How will you stop it from rotting?

Trevor: It's solid timber and it's well seasoned. We're using a mixture of bees wax, linseed oil and wood shield to treat it. The tree is 800 years old and it has another 800 years in it.

chris: my wife and i just watched the episode from Sydney (we never blog or go on chats but...) we were really taken by you Trevor and your family’s commitment. it was such a refreshing change to have really real people on this show with a cool and beautiful home. We wish you all the best of luck and feel sure that you will enjoy this home with your family. Absolutely fantastic!

Chelsea6: I love your attitude. You and your wife have an amazing connection; you can see it and your kids are beautiful! Good luck to you both

Larissa6: If there is anything that you have to have in a house to make you feel like it is home, what would it be?

Trevor: Kids!

SCPW: Very cute family! Your kids are very fortunate to have an amazing lifestyle. You're amazing parents x

Swarm: You look at the glass half full rather than half empty , Very cool to live your dreams.

Billy4: Well congrats on both your teams this year. It’s Billy Slater from the Melbourne Storm. My wife and I were truly inspired by your story tonight, I’d love to send you a signed Australian jersey to hang in your house. Were can we send it to? Keep up the hard yacka mate.

Trevor: Hell, that's unreal! Thank you. I will give it to my son. Please email for our address. Thank you so much.

Lisa: Hi Trevor and Francois - thanks for letting us in to your story. I couldn’t stop giggling when you said about the squid being chased by the mackerel. So inspiring. Made me remember what matters. Good luck to you.

Nathan34: It's amazing what can be achieved when you're fueled up on iced coffee!! And no, it never is too early for one. Awesome job!!!

Amanda108: I see it doesn’t matter where you live, how hard you work and how honest your heart is, all of your blood, sweat and tears become a number in a paper stack in someone’s office, and that someone is out sipping a latte on their extended lunch break....

Elizabeth: What happens in high winds, how do you stop your things from blowing away?

Trevor: Same thing with the sails. They are designed for the wind and the rain. My furniture is so heavy it takes ten people to lift it!

Reddog: A very inspiring story, both of you are amazing and we wish you all the best and look forward to a return visit via Grand Designs.

Sharn3: This is the kind of stuff that built Australia as a great country. Not paper pushers producing nothing but ridiculous red tape. So heartened to see all the people chatting tonight who feel the same way. How can we harness this people power and put our once wonderful country back on the right track?...

n4bs84: Trevor at what stage are you up to? I would love to come and help for a week over the Chrissie holidays for free it would be something I would love to do. I'm a carpenter from Queensland and specialise in renovations so have quit a bit of experience in the building industry.

Trevor: I appreciate your help but I'd like to finish it myself because I have put so much into it. I want the kids to know that their dad did it. Thank you so much for all your lovely offers though.

Andrew: Trevor, how hard was it to keep the passion while building with all the dramas going on around you, your focus is incredible.

Roz5: Trevor, what about spiders and 'creepy crawlies'?

Trevor: I love the bush and all its gifts!

Kev3: You do that mate - I'll be doing all I can (not much maybe) to help. Keep the faith mate and you'll pull through and have the best house you can.

Sharn3: Hi Trevor. Wondering what you are doing to the concrete floor downstairs - leaving it as is, covering it, polishing it, etc?

Trevor: We are planning to cover it with concrete - mixture of crushed glass and ochre which will give it a termite mound colour.

Peter61334: are as much a support to Trevor as the steel and welds are to the Giant Tree...Trevor you have a real gem there mate! Precious as you will ever find!

Denise: You are an amazing family. Keep the dream happening, you can do it.

Larissa6: Awww come on mate that's cheating... what materialistic thing would you have to have in the house... what can't you live without?

Simon46: Trevor and Francois, you deserve to see your dream finished. As an architect I wish more people realised that we should be building homes, not houses. Good luck.

brickbradford: wow, mate, my first time watching grand designs and I have been blown away. We have just bought 100 acres at Kangaroo Valley on the river with amazing views, and totally virgin bush and you have totally inspired us. Your vision, passion and commitment are truly remarkable qualities. What a role model to your children.

Trevor: Thank you very much. I hope they can look up to me one day.

Marlene: Well done to Lifestyle Grand Designs, you have chosen a fantastic, inspirational beautiful and most importantly, real story of perseverance and courage.

Larissa6: Have to tell the kids then, that they have to paper weight their homework if they walk away from it ;0)

Brian36: Trevor / Francoise - As a Territorian I see and live the tenacity of your dreams. I as a mere male was in tears at this story, the tenacity and real life experience was beautiful. I could and understand the heat and all of this. I have watched this program from London to York, and now Australia. You have embodied those in the top end who are beyond the simple side of that placidity - that lifestyle that is available to suburban lifestyle that seems to set the pace of cityscape. Beautiful story. I loved it. How as a Territorian can I help?... I'm Serious...

Trevor: Crikey! Your kind words have helped already. Just enjoy life. Maybe run a few politicians over :)

Evan8: The elephant balls choking comment was gold, ha ha ha ha. Good luck to you and the family.

Kim: Yes, please Grand Designs, PLEASE do a follow up! We want a happy ending! We want to see Trevor and his family installed and living it up! PLEASE!

Marlene: What other items have you built with the wood left over from the great bark tree?

Trevor: I haven’t started building with them yet, we need to find the right spot.

Donna88: Hi Trevor, have just finished watching the show and just love the design. I’m not too sure of the no walls and the kids being downstairs.

Chris114: Hi, Absolutely fantastic program. Hope your home is every thing you dreamed. My wife worries about the kids on the ground floor. No problems with crocs we hope?

Karl: I'm a 13 year old boy wondering about your children with computers and the internet. How do you keep your electronics protected without walls, windows or doors?

Trevor: The burglars have to get past Jack first! Our house makes the Adams Family House look like a holiday house!

Karl: Trevor, can't you accept the help offered here from these people to help you complete the house. You still would have built it yourself, just with some inspirational help!

Melanie62: Hi you are amazing ;-) great work with the house & love that tree :-)

Swarm: Any Barra in that lake? Ever thought about a canoe and a lure very relaxing. .

Donna88: Will we get to see the house when you finally get it finished? The comments at the end about your wife deserving the large bedroom had tears rolling down my cheek.

Andy14: Well done lifestyle- now my favourite TV station.

Adam40: Françoise where is your back ground, can’t quite pick accent??

Roz5: By far the best Grand Designs ever...and I have watched all of the British ones as well !!

Karl: How do you deal with snakes and keeping them out of the house?

Trevor: I love snakes, they visit and travel on. The reason why the house has no walls or doors. The animals have tracks. If you put something in the way, they get stuck. If you have no walls, they keep going. Part of living in the bush is living with your neighbours. A frog and a three metre python live permanently in the tree!

Mel13: Yes follow up story please.

Andy14: Lifestyle+Grand Designs Australia + Trev and Françoise = Awesome!

Andy14: Hi Trev, Are the local authorities requesting anything and what?

Trevor: They have been a bit quiet of late. I am waiting to hear.

Liedeke: I hope someone kicks your council up the butt. If you need us to help lobby against changing rules just let us all know .

Amanda108: I’m pretty sure the morale of the story was that Trevor and his family aren’t interested in materialistic items!

Angela: How’s the bank treating you now you have such a amazing asset????

Trevor: That is a grey area! We are broke, we are living from wage to wage. I haven't heard from the banks that they want more money though.

Leah22: My favourite Grand Design yet. I hope you and your family are enjoying the house.

Kim: Hey Karl, he has to be careful who finds out where the house is, there are mongrels far more dangerous than any crocodile to be wary of when you build a house with no doors lol.

Simon48: Trev, your house is amazing, I hope you take the time and realize how incredible you and your family are.

Susan: We watched the first 'Grand Designs Australia' where the original house had burnt down in the black Saturday fires. If yours burnt down, and we pray it doesn't, do you think that you would build it again?

Trevor: Yes! When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Sharn3: Lifestyle Channel - when you do a follow up, less close-ups of ants please... more shots of surrounding bushland and lake :)

Amanda108: 3M PYTHON!!!! (*shivers)

Gary34: Get your neighbour to start a fire near the council!

Morell: Do you have a veggie garden?

Trevor: We had one but the wallaby ate it with his mates!

Jenny51: Trevor you have amazing vision. Your home is full of spirit & soul. Best wishes with your health. Loved the beautiful connection you & your lovely wife have. Take care & hope to see a follow up story.

Leah22: I second a follow up story. Would love to see the finished house. I'm sure the house will evolve as your family live in it.

Donna88: We need to get rid of local council/government they are all useless and love sitting on their ass's to make our lives hell, Trev if you have anymore trouble let Australia know and I'm sure you will get alot of people up there to sort them out for you.

Larissa6: Wow.... it may be normal to you with all the creepy crawlies but there are so many that would be in complete awe at how laid back you are about it all. Its amazing.

Marlene: Hi Trevor, the bushfires are a threat, what are you doing to overt them?

Trevor: Fire breaks! When you have a property of land you put an edge around the fence. When the grass starts to dry you burn it and it creates a fire break. We have a fire program in the NT.

Angela: l hope that the authorities have watched the program and see the vision you have had and leave you be.

Kim: Hey Trevor, we have some snakes in our front yard, do we need to have them removed or will they move on?

Trevor: What sort of snake? If it's dangerous get a catcher in, otherwise if you stay away from it, it will stay away from you.

Kev3: Good onya Billy S - Trev you've not only got me to go online for the first time ever you're getting footie stars from 'hell'!

Trevor: Thank you!

sally: Trevor and Francois....You two should be the next Australians of the Year. You embody everything

Trevor: I wouldn't go that far but thank you.

Adam40: don’t have another hearty trying to answer all the questions!!

Andy14: I think from my viewpoint, rules are in place for a reason, but, as construction started prior to any regulations being in place, the building act 1993 Australia says they cant decide to change rules, you could easily take this to a VCAT or similar tribunal and win.

Marlene: You must see the most stunning sunsets and sunrises, your tree house would make an incredible retreat on a restricted basis, any plans on allowing tourists to camp?

Trevor: Not a chance in hell! Even the birds have got to book ?

Kim: *Wonders if Trevor would consider taking up where our beloved Steve Irwin left off*

Donna88: agree with you Sally, and would be well deserved.

Larissa6: Maybe you need to wallaby proof that veggie patch then. Would be great when the going gets tough to have some vegies you can just pick at.

Elizabeth: I'm really interested in how the air moves around the ground floor. Does it get cooler as it gets to the 'loungeroom' because of the way your have directed airflow?

Trevor: The house and the way it is shaped means air comes through the door and goes out the back. It's at least 10 degrees cooler in the middle. The wind is cooler from the lake as well. It's a natural air-conditioner.

Liedeke: How is your health? We hope you take care of your self. I also hope Grand Designs does a follow-up in a couple to see how you go.

lopper: Good onya digger, stand your ground and don’t let anyone push you around.

Gary34: Congratulations Trevor. I think some of our magazines should be doing REAL stories on REAL people like you and your family instead of the plastic nobodies and paying you for the privilege.

Kim: Just love your sense of humour Trevor.. it is so refreshing!

Sharn3: Hi Trevor. What do you use as your water supply?

Trevor: We have a bore, it's 33 metres down and it producers 1 litre a second.

Greg59: Trev....have to wait till Saturday to see the program but reading all the comments here has brought a tear to my eye. You are a real inspiration to all....congratulations and look forward to knocking back many more ice coffees together!

Col6: How many cubic metres of concrete went into the slab?

Trevor: 54 cubic metres, three under the tree. There was also nine in the driveway.

Donna88: Cheers to your family Trevor, what a place to bring up kids.

Trevor24: Trev, you have done amazingly and we would like to give you $100.00 everybody else talking with you now should also help out with the finances to get you and your family into your new home. What a fantastic home!

Trevor: Thank you very much. That is such a blessing. I won't say no. Thank you! If you get in touch with The Lifestyle Channel that is probably best. Thank you again.

Esteban: Dream, believe, build and succeed. This is so true. You have come up with such a unique piece of architecture I love it. It doesn't matter how long it takes to complete, it’s worth it.

Casper David: Start again... my wife & I would like to contribute something to your project, what piece to say 500 bucks could we help you with. It's not charity but a gift out of respect for your integrity and hard work. All the best to you and your family.

Trevor: Thank you very much. My next child is yours. Thank you!

Adam40: Ice coffee,,,,,,,,,,,,, phhhhhhh home brew!

Gary34: I never drink ice coffee, but I'll be having one tomorrow for you Trev!!

Brett: Blood sweat and tears. What a great story, not just the house but your life and your family. Well done!

n4bs84: I have emailed Grand Designs Autsralia and hope they pass my email onto you. I know you want to finish the house yourself but I would ensure the quality of workmanship and eye for detail I have is very high. I work on renovations over 2M dollars and it isn't for the faint hearted. If you are struggling for money it doesn't help to knock back someone willing to help. I know I am very much the same and have always done things on my own even though people have tried to help. I have worked 6 days a week for the past 4 years and am trying to start a family with my wife. Well if you change your mind my offer is forever there!

Trevor: Thank you, I appreciate that. If you start a story, you have to finish it.

Trevor: Jocelyn6, thank you so much for your amazing offer. That is incredible. I am so touched. Thank you.

Melanie62: Well done Trevor, inspiration to many ;-)

Bev10: Trev you surely are an inspiration -- fancy sitting calmly and having a cuppa to get your head right -- nice change :-)

Kim: You do know termites will come through concrete I hope? They got into my NT concrete slab house and found the only wood in the place.. my kitchen cabinets when I was in the NT.

Trevor: Yes I know but none of my wood is sitting on the ground and I have a chemical agent under the concrete. Even the tree trunk is sitting on a seat.

LifeStyle: Again, your generosity has been phenomenal; please email if you would like to help.

Kim: Can I just ask lifestyle a question? Will this chat session stay open so I can read all that went on before I came in after the chat has ended?

LifeStyle: Hi Kim, the web chat will be available to read on over the next couple of days :)

Amanda108: If you started the house before permits were needed...and you werent required to follow any legislation..its a bit rough, that they can come in half way, and then make demands on you to then follow every building that the fight you took/will take?

Trevor: No. A developer took us to court to remove your easement on the lake. The court battle went on for 7 years which we won. It was agreed that we could build the house with the same requirements as my neighbours - no permits - but now they have reneged on that. They put Lake Bennett on a tier 1 which means walls, doors and windows and I don't want that.

Marlene: Trevor, will you build another room if you have any more children?

Trevor: No more children, no more rooms :) We are building extensions on the east and west. The bottom floor is a carport, the middle is a green house and the top a star deck. The eastern side will have an upstairs spa.

Kim: Any lawyers out there willing to fight city hall? lol

Melanie62: Have you thought of becoming a designer/ builder in NT? Seems like you’re a natural ;-) you could get paid lots!

Trevor: I might have to get educated then and I hate that idea :)

Melanie62: Can't blame you either. That house is one of a kind. Developers poo. Lol

brickbradford: Your children already look up to you!!!!! And now a million others!!!!!

Trevor: That is great, thank you. I love being king of the kids.

Morell: Who says a home needs walls, doors and windows? A home just needs love.

Glenn25: Well done Billy S, we'll donate $1000 as well after the year we've had. Go Storm

Trevor: Thank you very much. It will be well appreciated!

Esteban: I loved that birds eye view they did of your home and its surrounding, not intrusive to the landscape at all.

Jojo2: Will you do a follow up with grand design once done?

Trevor: Yes! Hopefully we will. Not until it's finished.

Kim: rofl oh Trevor you are so refreshing u just have to become a celebrity so we can see more of you!!!

Trevor: I'll think about it. Maybe the man from the bush?

Melanie62: Good luck on completion :-) and hopefully it happens quickly :-)

Marlene: Trevor, you and your family are the quintessential Aussies - you make us PROUD!

Trevor: I love being Aussie. To Australia wide thank you very much. I don't know how I got here but here I am. All I have to say is if you are planning something, get on with it. Particularly those young people out there. Turn to the light, not the dark. When the bastards come, kick them in the nuts!

Kylie: Hi Trevor, I have been a constant viewer of grand designs over the years and now Grand Designs Australia. I am also an architecture student, and can I say, watching you build your house with your own hands with your own sweat, you are truly an inspiration! I would prefer to watch a program about you and how you achieve your dream than something else just because it has a huge budget. You encapsulate what design should be about - environmental conditions, design appropriate to your needs and most importantly, something that reflects your soul and who you are! Congratulations on your achievements thus far and I hope you are proud of yourselves, you truly have impressed me and I hope to take this with me throughout my journey! I have a very hardworking father and I look up to and respect him, so I am sure your family appreciates the lengths you are going for for them!

Kim: How about Snake Dundee lol

Amanda108: Well fingers crossed it doesn’t take another 7 years, and you can move in before the kids are old enough to move out!

Morell: You could always do a reality show for income?

Angela: The NT Tree house man, LOL!!!!!!

lopper: True Aussie digger.

Gary34: You've definitely got a thing for nuts Trev.

moshie: Thank you for a great show.

Brian36: Hi Trev. Nuts it is. Kick hard those bastards.

For image galleries, video diaries and more from Grand Designs Australia CLICK HERE

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Posted by TReport gives an update
Posted by Report
Hello Trevor and Francoise

We have seen the episode only now on More4. We live in Switzerland and have been soooo impressed by your determination and positive thinking! Good luck to you all! Where can we find more information on the current state of the built?

Take care! Nathalie
Posted by Report
Greetings to Trevor and Francois from a Brit living in Norway! Have just watched Grand Designs Australia today and am so impressed by your courage and tenacity to complete your fantastic home. You are an inspiration to everyone, and I pray that problems in connection with health and the construction, in every respect, are now a thing of the past. I wish you and your family every happiness and success.
Eileen Helen Uppheim
Posted by Report
Trevor and Francoise I have just seen the show today in the UK you both are an inspiration to man kind Trevor I hope you are fit and well, I do hope you are both living the dream and settled in your magnificent home.

Posted by Report
Hi guys, i just watched your episode and had find a way of contacting you to say how touched i was by your story. Your attitudes, determination and obvious love for each other and the kids is an insperation and i after seeing you stay calm, focused and happy while overcoming the hurdles you faced with the build i hope i can make a few changes in my own life. Thanx and good luck in all you do xx
Posted by Report
what a truly inspirational family you are. just great to watch. stick with it. its the challenges in life that makes the end result that much more rewarding.....all the best to you and your family.
Posted by JenReport
Omg Trevor you are SO incredible - inspirational, industrious, caring, humble ,respectful etc There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful you come across ! Your and Francois are an absolute fine fine couple and brilliant examples for those lovely children !!! I hope you are better and please please don't push it TOO hard because your lovely family need you fit and strong !!! Really really hope it all turn out successful for you guys !!!!! warmest regards and all the very very best !!!! Jen
Posted by Report
Hi Trevor and family,Greetings from New Zealand. We have just watched the Grand Design Show, we hope it has all worked out for you, great house and we admire your 'guts' to stick to your dream, regards Clem and Jeanette Te Aroha NZ.
Posted by TinaReport
wow now I know where all the true Aussies have gone,Bush, Trevor I love the way you have such respect for nature and its surrounds and it will reward you ten fold in the futrue.Not sure I could live with all the creepy crawlies but I so respect you and all you have done, it is the first time I have cried while watching Grand Designs,I know you will finish and you can sit there and be so proud of yourself. Good luck with all the gov deps,they can be harsh and make an example of people, after all they dont have much to do, do they,lol
Posted by PamelaReport
Trevor & Francoise,
you should try to build a few cabins !
You could both have you'r very own