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Grand Designs Australia Episode 4 Web Chat Transcript


Homeowners Patrick and Julie revealed all their building secrets after the show in a live web chat online. Here is the transcript.


Sara: Can not believe all along it was just a burst water pipe!

Jennifer: Well done guys great effort great show. Lewis

Michael141393: Hi Patrick and Julie, well done on your fantastic home! Interesting how Sydney Water did not keep up with maintenance of street pipes. Surely you would go after them. Regards Michael

Patrick & Julie: We are certainly going to follow them up!

Rhiannon12: Yeah, what a shame about the burst water main.

Trish23: Beautiful house. Great design.

Rhiannon12: Do you regret not putting in more windows? It felt as if there weren't enough windows, and it might be too dark and gloomy?

Patrick & Julie: No it's very light actually. We didn't want a lot of windows and no softness. It enables up to put up beautiful art.

Carol56: Hi Jules, just tell me the date you move in and Matthew and I will be your first guests. You and Patrick were fantastic, especially you super woman.

Patrick & Julie: Thank you! We are so glad we moved in on time.

Rhiannon12: Oh, understandable!

Nicky10: Really inspiring! Julie you did an awesome PM job! Re the burst main, that is unbelievable! In the end, thank goodness the issue is finally resolved.

Spencer: Hi - I really liked the way you went about building your house - my question is do you think that the builders would do a pre-fab second story?

Patrick & Julie: I have no idea but they are very adventurous so ring and ask!

Michael141393: Dear Patrick, Julie might turn her hand to the building game "Project Management" but with a twist of IT technology. My observation is Julie did a professional job, and would make some pm's look very ordinary.

Patrick & Julie: Thank you Michael!

Rhiannon12: I really liked that fireplace also, it added such a nice touch to that living area.

Eva9: Congratulations on a beautiful home!

Jamie24: Were there any cracks or defects in the gyprock walls from transport and installation?

Patrick & Julie: No we had no cracks at all!

Peggy5: How did the engineers not pickup that it was not a burst water main and was the council called out at any stage to see why water was running 24/7?

Patrick & Julie: The council were excellent as there are a lot of spring in the area. No one had any way of knowing where the water was coming from. We only knew it was a burst water main when there was a depression in the road.

Jennifer: Will have to come and see it for real. How happy are you with the fireplace? Lewis

Patrick & Julie: Love it! It was a great decision. We left it as timber - wood burning - so it has a great feel.

Gilly: Hi Julie & Patrick - just wanted to say 'great job' :)

Patrick & Julie: Thank you!

Van2: Hi Guys, great job, house looks fantastic. My question was in regards to the zinc cladding, how expensive was the material per m2?

Patrick & Julie: It was $120,000 more than timber for the whole house. I would say that given the look and low maintenance it was worth it.

Rhiannon12: Yeah, amazing job. I really liked it for a modern house.

Alan32: Who did the interior colours and what are they particularly the lower ceiling?

Patrick & Julie: Julie and the architect did the colours. They are Dulux. Dark Ceilings: Malay Grey. Joinery and some walls: Domino. Walls, Doors, Ceilings and some joinery: Lexicon Half.

Carolyn46: Hi Patrick and Julie. Only caught the end of the program but am very interested in prefab. Why did you choose Prebuilt?

Patrick & Julie: Because when we were looking they had the most extensive experience. They were great!

Eva9: We have designed a house with Prebuilt too and I’m wondering if there is any advice you would give us about the process? So excited now that I have seen how wonderfully yours turned out!

Patrick & Julie: Congratulations! Our advice would be to follow their project plan. You will be delighted with the result.

Jdz: Congratulations on the build, what's it like outside, looks like you have a few neighbours close by?

Patrick & Julie: It is striking and different. We feel the landscape has softened it and we feel it will soften more over time. The neighbours are close but weirdly we feel that people aren't looking at us. We still have a sense of privacy.

Alan32: The marble looks great, has it marked yet? What did you treat it with?

Patrick & Julie: It has not marked yet, thankfully. We don't treat it with anything but just wipe up spills straight away.

Maya2: What did the hydrologic engineer have to say for himself when you found out it was a broken water main?

Patrick & Julie: He was shocked and very apologetic!

GlennandEmma: Amazing house, love your taste, style :) What height are your ceilings that are grey?

Patrick & Julie: Thank you! 2.6-2.7 metres

Carolyn46: Great home...great inspiration to get our home done!!!

Patrick & Julie: Thank you! We got our inspiration from the beach and surrounding area. We wanted a sense of calm which I think we achieved. Most people comment on how relaxed they feel when they walk inside the house.

Peggy5: After all the dramas you both have had, you have a beautiful home to be proud of.

Patrick & Julie: Thank you. Appreciate that

Jennifer: Jenny loves the light where was that from? Lewis

Patrick & Julie: Euroluce.

Jacinta11: I liked how within the kitchen the windows were not at head height, it really helps you to focus on the features of the cabinetry within the kitchen.

Patrick & Julie: Thank you! We do too.

GlennandEmma: Thank you for sharing your home with Australia, we love it.

Michael141393: Dear Patrick and Julie, did you both have a say in the landscape/pool design?

Patrick & Julie: Yes. We both had a say in everything. We decided on the colours with the help of the pool company and landscape designer. It was our idea to extend the pool and include the shallow area with the chairs though! Everyone fights over those chairs when the come over.

Eva9: Did you have to pay for the crane for three days, or was it all part of a single job? That's the part of the build that makes me the most nervous.

Patrick & Julie: The cost was for two days of crane lift. We had to pay for the additional one.

Jacinta11: After seeing the show and you mentioning putting in a window across from the study cove have you decided to go ahead with that idea?

Patrick & Julie: Not yet, it would give us more light but it looks over the neighbours.

Jacinta11: Could you get compensation from the hydrologist because he didn’t find it was a burst water main after he had to discover the source of the water? Little confused about that one!

Patrick & Julie: I honestly don't think it was his fault as he looked at ways to get water off our site. There was a lot of other parties involved. It's really just one of those things.

richard: Great show, I love both of your attitudes, how were you both so COOL? I would be a wreck, well done.

Patrick & Julie: I think it was the level of planning that went into it and our great site manager. We had great communication between the major parties involved.

Craig44: Great show guys, loved it. The house design is perfect on space, flow and use of location. Would you change anything after 12 months? Jules you’re a star with a perfect co-host.

Patrick & Julie: Not yet! I think we'd have to live in it a bit longer first. We just love the feel of it!

Eva9: Thanks for the advice and best of luck to you.

Ran: I was wondering how the structural engineers did not need a geotechnical investigation before the design of the slab and hence established an issue with the ground water early in the building?

Patrick & Julie: We did do a survey, it's just where they drilled the holes had been very dry for weeks leading up to it. We think a lot of the water was absorbed in the blocks above us. It had been so dry for so long. If only they had drilled those holes in different spots!

James74: Congratulations guys, your home is gorgeous! I have watched the British Grand Designs for a long time now and my favourite house WAS the white house which shared a similar fireplace to the one you installed... Love it

Patrick & Julie: We couldn't be happier with it. We had a few issues with getting it approved but it was worth it!

Darren19: Are you happy with the investment you made? I mean you could have bought a fantastic house for that price, without any of the fuss.

Patrick & Julie: Absolutely! It is exactly what we wanted and will be our home for years to come.

Dimitri3: Hi Julie and Patrick, loved the episode. Just wondering if you had any problems with the trucks navigating the narrow streets of Clovelly? Any near misses?

Patrick & Julie: Not that we saw! I know there was but we didn't see them thank goodness.

Alan32: Did the 2.6 million include land or just build?

Patrick & Julie: It was the entire build including landscaping.

Dimitri3: Hi guys, were the low windows an intentional feature or were you surprised at how low they were?

Patrick & Julie: There was a lot of debate on this. Those windows run through three areas and if they had been higher then it would have been hard to reach the cupboards and shelves in the kitchen.

Alan32: Treat your outdoor chairs or they will go hard and brittle, I own a seaside restaurant and had those chairs, they lasted two years outside and then fell apart.

Salvatore2: LOVED this episode... were you both looking for a place for a while before you spontaneously jumped out to buy this one?

Patrick & Julie: No we had only looked at six properties! Then we did nothing with it for three years :)

James74: People who are relentless in the efforts get what they deserve so I'm glad to hear you are so happy with the outcome, and did it the whole way with a smile! Enjoy

Patrick & Julie: Thank you! It makes the project easy when you're smiling and surrounded by good people.

Alan32: What were the hassles with fireplace approval?

Patrick & Julie: The plasterboard didn't meet Australian fireproof standards so we had to build a fireproof wall behind the void.

Salvatore2: Would love to know what your favourite part of the house was pat and jules!

Patrick & Julie: Patrick's is the cellar and we both love the whole thing. It works really well from outside to inside. It feels right all the way through.

Salvatore2: Loved the branches arranged on your table guys. Julie, were you the designer or did you have help?

Patrick & Julie: The branches came from a local florist, Eden in Clovelly. They helped my arrange them. It is a fairly cost effective way of doing things. I am a qualified interior designer so I had a hand in a lot of things. I picked all the furniture and redesigned the kitchen. We gave up trying to get people away from the kitchen so we thought let's make it big and functional. Everyone congregates around the kitchen! It's 7m long!

Alan32: How efficient is the fireplace, it looks fantastic.

Patrick & Julie: When you have it on, it warms not just the living area but the upper areas such as the study. It is more efficient than we would have thought. We also have reverse cycle air conditioning and heat panels.

Bob11: hi guys, great place!! What did the neighbours think of the road blockages?

Patrick & Julie: They were AMAZING! We are delighted to be able to live in the neighbourhood. They have been fantastic.

Michael141393: Patrick and Julie, The way your site worked and you project managing reminded me of a quote which fits your build to a tee "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success !

Patrick & Julie: Wow, thank you! The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up.

Bob11: Would you both recommend prefab to anyone building their home - would you do it again?

Patrick & Julie: Yes we would do it again. We would recommend it as long as you are happy with the limitations of the form factor.

Bob11: Can you both see yourselves living in Clovelly forever or would you ever consider relocating to Singapore?

Patrick & Julie: I think forever is a long time but we intend to live in this home for as long as it makes sense.

Bob11: Thanks for the tips guys! I'm considering building my own home, what's your best tip?

Patrick & Julie: Clarity of the outcomes. Spending time up front with the design. Not changing your design too much during the process.

Bob11: You seem like such a lovely couple, well done on such a fantastic house! Was there anything you'd change?

Patrick & Julie: Not have a burst water main! We'd like to build an outdoor pizza oven! That is Patrick's next project, we are just working out where to put it. Patrick is going to build it himself. If he wasn't in IT he would be a builder.

Bob11: Where did you buy that lovely chandelier?

Patrick & Julie: Euroluce in Surry Hills. Check out the supplier list on the website. The light over our dining room was the most expensive, it was nearly $7,000 but the chandelier was a couple of grand. We wanted a statement piece and we got one.

Rockstar: Such a streamlined polished design, were you inspired by any particular architectural style?

Patrick & Julie: Not really. We tried to choose colours that were from the local area and then it was a matter of the feel we wanted to create.

Carmen12: We are renovating/ rebuilding and your water pipe episode put things in perspective for us! Was that the issue that stressed you the most?

Patrick & Julie: I didn't really feel too stressed because we had great people around us and because we changed the foundations of the house we were not too worried about the water. The most stressful part was the delay in the lift.

Rockstar: How'd you celebrate your big night guys? Fantastic!

Patrick & Julie: Thank you. We had a party with friends and family and nibbles! Thank you for all your questions. We're both so glad you enjoyed the show and liked the house.

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Homeowners Patrick and Julie and host Peter Maddison.

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