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Grand Designs Australia Episode 3 Web Chat Transcript


See what Jan and Ed have to say about their colour choice, neighbours and restoring a great Queenslander.


markus: I love what was done with the house. It looks great!

Anna: Yes! They did a fabulous job with the place.

Steven: It’s nice to see a show that was not made years ago.

Emma66: House looks fantastic, and being from Melbourne, am very jealous of climate and style of house! How are you getting along with your neighbour?

Jan & Ed: Thank you very much! We don't have an association with our neighbours at this point.

nardi: It was so nice to see a Queenslander restored, they are so beautiful and Jan and Ed should be really proud.

Helen91: Hi Eddie! Congrats to you and Jan! Sooo wonderful to see you both again!

Jan & Ed: Hi Helen! Thank you for the comment.

Shaun: There was however a big jump from no interior progress to completed!

talia11: It did look beautiful

Andrea34: Hi Jan, the house is fantastic!!!!!!! The stone looked great!!!

Matt130978: I am keen to know the paint colour on the weatherboards.

Jan & Ed: Char Grey from Taubmans!

Helen91: Ed's a great builder!

Andrea34: Hi Jan, It's Andrea from Superior Marble and Granite. The house looks spectacular!!xxxxx

Jan & Ed: God bless, you did a fabulous job.

Kathy2: Did you enjoy the grand designs experience?

Jan & Ed: Yes, the staff and team were fabulous and we count them as our friends.

Therese142727: Hi Jan...great to see the job you both did on the house...and that you've kept you sense of humour.

EdCook: Hi, great show and very impressive house, especially for $530k

Shaun: Would you ever consider renovating again?

Jan & Ed: Carefully! We are very passionate about old homes and architecture so yes we would.

Nardi: What did you end up doing with the other part of the development?

Jan & Ed: We are currently constructing a home at the rear and it should be ready earlier mid Jan to rent!

Steven: Did you put any cooling in the house?

Jan & Ed: Yes we did, we put a split system in the lounge and attic. We don't believe we will have to switch it on because of the ergonomics of the old Queenslander.

Philip10: I really enjoyed the show, your love for each other was special. You were honest and open which made this episode special. Would you do it again?

Jan & Ed: Yes we would in the right location.

Melina: Hi Jan and Ed, love your home it's my dream home! Where did you source information to maintain originality of the home?

Jan & Ed: The Gold Coast City Council Heritage area was a great help. We also went to the library and the internet. You need location appropriate information.

Steve41: Hi Ed. Have you installed any form of gas appliances into your house? If so what type and why?

Jan & Ed: The gas is gas cooking only and gas bottles.

Bronwyn: Absolutely stunning renovation. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.

Jan & Ed: Thank you!

Anna: Hi Ed & Jan! Are you able/happy to share the details of the demolition company you sourced the timber, etc. from?

Jan & Ed: Thank you! Teachester Timbers were great!

ozbono: Hi, it was for me a delight to see the way you cared for each other throughout the build.

Anna: You did a fabulous job! My husband and I are renovating an old Qld'er in Brisbane at the moment, so I understand the pain you experienced! :)

Markus: How's living in the house going? Do you plan to stay or go into the new house that is being built at the back?

Jan & Ed: We loooooove the old house. The new house will be a rental or a sale.

Tina274: Hi Jan & Ed, I know it's been said by so many on here, 'a truly beautiful restoration and a joy to watch your home transform. Our family loved this episode'

Wayne41: The only better job you could have done was to pick the house up and plonk it down in the outback well done

EdCook: Hi Jan & Ed, did the heritage architect have a look at the finished house? If so, what were her thoughts? Cheers, Ed

Jan & Ed: No she didn't. She is a very clever lady but we figured most of it out for ourselves.

Stacey21: We live in Surfers Paradise and thoroughly enjoyed the programme - you both did a wonderful job and are a lovely couple. Congratulations xxx

Deb23: Hi Jan and Ed love the Heritage house, we live in a miner's cottage so know the work, not that we've put the time and effort that you have.

Susan77: Congratulations. We have watched the house progress on a weekly basis as we have driven past and it looks fabulous. We used the woodworkers for our 1946 Queenslander in Chirn Park did they help with dating the design for the windows etc.

Michoi: Hi Jan and Ed, if you could give one piece of advice on your experience, what would it be?

Jan & Ed: Be very careful! Do your homework. Research and weigh up your options. We were passionate about the old but it costs a lot more money than new.

Sara: Did the boat survive the cyclone?

Jan & Ed: Yes it did! It survived sailing from Hong Kong to Southport and is sitting there waiting for us to use it!

Kevin18: What is being done with the downstairs - has it been completed?

Jan & Ed: Not as yet but we're about four weeks away from completion. It should be timber floor and plaster board. It will be slightly more modern. It will be a rumpus room and boys cave for watching rugby as well as a laundry and garage.

Anna: Do you have a favourite part of the house guys?

Jan & Ed: Ahhh, we love it all! The attic is great but every room will be sensational.

Steven: With the house nearly coming off the truck, how close was it and how worried were you?
Jan & Ed: Pretty worried! We knew the guys doing it were skilled but when I saw it sway I was worried! We took the punt though and it worked.

Darren19: Hi Ed, like the house, but why give the neighbour such a spray? You live next to her, wouldn't it be better to work with her?

Sara: Was the paving outside stamped concrete or paving? Looked great

Jan & Ed: Thank you! You can thank Creteprint Concrete for that. We wanted something practical and it is just that. We are delighted with the result.

nardi: Would you consider selling it?

Jan & Ed: Depends on how many zeroes are in the price!

Andrea34: Hi Jan, Andrea again, can I please come around and take some snaps for the portfolio?? xx

Jan & Ed: Absolutely!

Steve41: Did you have free standing bottles or did you decide on the Elgas downunder system to hide the bottles in the ground.

Jan & Ed: 2 free standing bottles - 9 kgs each.

Susan77: We thought the spray towards the neighbour was warranted. She clearly didn't read the letters from council and then complains once it started. Good work

Andrea34: Thank you so much, I am so proud, you should be too, it's gorgeous!!

Jo31: Could you please tell me what the name of the paint colour of your internal walls?

Jan & Ed: It is called white duck which is Dulux and the white trim is whisper white by Dulux.

Luke34: I think the neighbour got of lightly especially with what was happening on site. Also live in Southport and think you have done an amazing job.

Stacey21: Ed spoke to the neighbour with the utmost respect, even though she didn't deserve it - what a silly woman.

Kim: No questions, just absolutely enjoyed the reno of your stunning home, well done!!

Anna: Were the timber floors naturally dark, or did you stain them? I can't remember the 'before shot'! They came up beautifully!

Jan & Ed: We stained them because they were originally pine. Timber Flooring Solutions helped us a lot. The colour is 200ml black in a walnut stain.

Kelly: Hi Jan and Ed, loved seeing you do a lot of the work! My partner and I have done 4 renovations over the past four years starting at about 20 grand moving to 80 grand. Our last reno was modern, our current is a pole home How important was it for you to keep some of your features authentic like the timber?

Jan & Ed: Very important! We wanted to keep as much of the original fabric as possible. We didn't want to blow the budget entirely though so we had to keep some of it 2010.

Bruce133171: You said there was a lot of your own sweat and tears involved in the reno, but 550K seems so cheap for what you achieved, particularly using timber rather than mdf etc. How did you manage it?

Jan & Ed: We did as much as we could from building to colour design. Our company is Sherlock Holmes building company.

Jen1825: Great house well deserved. As for the neighbour who cares they obviously need to build a bridge and get over it.

Sara: Can you tell me the name of the marble/ granite used in the kitchen please??

Jan & Ed: Calacatta Oro. Superior Marble and Granite installed it. The suppliers are Firestone.

Steven: Did you do termite treatment on the house?

Jan & Ed: Yes we did. All the posts going up to the upper floor were steel dressed. All the bases were termite treated.

Susan77: It was such a great episode, I am going to tape it on lifestyle +2.

Kelly: Also loved the hidden kitchen aspects.....modern but awesome!

Kelly: Another question- how many bathrooms do you have in the "old house," though I would love to renovate in a traditional style, I don't think I could cope with having one bathroom.

Jan & Ed: 3 bathrooms and a powder room. Good luck!

Susan77: Any advise to wife of soon to be owner builder in terms of "surviving" but also enjoying the building process?

Jan & Ed: Give us a ring, we will help you through it!

Kelly: Did you have other building contracts on the card at the time you were doing your renovation?
Jan & Ed: Yes we had six houses on the go! They are currently undertaking another two. We are semi-retired though so we assist the builder who is running our old company now.

Andrea35: Does the verandah floor get much rain on it? I presume it is hardwood? Thanks for an inspiring renovation.

Jan & Ed: It is red iron bark, it does get a lot of rain but it withstands it. It should last 10-15 years if we're lucky.

Susan77: Thanks we have an old Queenslander and I think I will need a support group to get through it.

Glen17: Well done, I really enjoyed the show. Thanks for sharing your experience. We're about to embark on a1926 Qlder in Brisbane. Would love to know if you are at all interested in project managing... If you've got any energy left.... Only joking... Rest up and enjoy. Well done - truly inspirational.

Jan & Ed: We'd love to help because we're passionate about this!

Deb23: You've probably already been asked this but do you plan to live in the house or are you going back to the boat?

Jan & Ed: We love both but we are living in the house and will squeeze in as much sailing as possible.

Steven: Thank you Jan and Ed for your time tonight. Great house and show. You did a great job on the house, and I hope you don't sell it and enjoy it for many years. You are living in history, not many of us can say that.

Jan & Ed: That is right! Thank you

Julie: You have done a fantastic job. Renovating myself in rural Qld. I am finding it difficult to select colours, so would love to know the external colours?

Jan & Ed: Char Grey by Taubmans, Woodland Grey by Dulux and Whisper White by Dulux.

Kelly: you both. And I absolutely loved the fact that you retained the timbering from the original verandah.......visually I think it would make such a huge difference with the tongue and groove as opposed to spacing.....a true extension of "living space" but murder in terms of weather.

Alan32: What would you say the total cost for the house would have been without your sweat input?

Jan & Ed: It is hard to quantify that because we started in November and finished a couple of months ago. It is hard to quantify your time.

Anna: Susan77, yes you will! Jan and Ed, thank you so much for answering my questions. If our place turns out half as well as yours we'll be over the moon! :)

Lin3: What was it like doing the renovations with a film crew there?

Jan & Ed: Actually the film crew was fantastic. We count them as friends now. They were no intrusion whatsoever.

Lucy73: You guys have great energy and enthusiasm and obviously love what you do - it really shows in the spectacular results.

Alan32: I'm about to build, should I get a fixed contract or use a contractor with good word of mouth that charges around $5000 a week for three workers.

Jan & Ed: Get a fixed contract most definitely!

Steven: Have you had the house valued?

Jan & Ed: No we haven't but are quite experienced in the market place and believe it will have great value because of the uniqueness and proximity to the boardwalk.

Anna: Teachester Timbers .. Where are they?

Jan & Ed: Sunshine Coast, check out the suppliers list on the Grand Designs Australia website.

Alan32: Thanks for answering my questions I wish you both good health and wonderful times in your beautiful home you both seem very happy that finally you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Jamie20: Would you do anything different if you could do it all again? looks great!!!

Jan & Ed: Yeah I wouldn't bother with an architect. There are a lot of brilliant architects out there but sometimes you can end up with a great result for a lot less time and effort.

nicoles: Approx how many days/weeks did you lose in the build in total due to the Queensland weather?

Jan & Ed: We lost a whole month in Feb due to weather and another in December due to the neighbour.

Middlemum: How did you get on with heritage advisors? Did you have final say on paint colours etc?

Jan & Ed: Yes we did, this house is going to be on the local heritage register. It's not a heritage listing which is much stricter.

Andrea35: We didn't exactly have a dry Autumn/Winter here on the Coast well done in working around the weather!

Lin3: As I said before, we missed the first part of the show, how run down was it? And were you living in it before you renovated?

Jan & Ed: No. We lived on our boat. We moved in when we started the reno. It was extremely run down. Look at the before pics on the website. When we bought it we had no intention of renovating, we thought it was demolition. When we started walking across the doorstep into the main house and we saw the old hallway treads we couldn't pull it down. I said to Ed, “Imagine how many women have walked across these floorboards.”

Ken22: I think your colour choices were great - what colour was the dark green trim on the upstairs verandah posts?

Jan & Ed: Woodland Grey by Dulux.

Alan32: Has the marble in the kitchen marked, if not what did you treat it with?

Jan & Ed: It hasn't marked. I have a neighbour with the same marble and she has had hers for six years and it's perfect. Get it treated by an expert and take care of it properly and you'll be fine. It's worth it because it's beautiful.

Ken22: Where is the BBQ? Did it ever make it upstairs :-)

Jan & Ed: It will make it upstairs. We just haven't bought it yet, we are going to get an electrical one. We can't wait to have nibbles and drinks on the verandah.

Johnnyman: Hi Jan and Ed, BIG FAN! What was Peter Maddison like? He seems so knowledgeable and genuinely lovely.

Jan & Ed: He was so lovely! He was a very charming fellow. Look out Kevin McCloud.

Tanya46: We also have a rambling qlder on Tamborine mountain and you have inspired us to raise a section(eek!!)Were you happy with action house movers and if you ever come to Tamborine..please say hello to me at Windswept and Interesting on Gallery walk and I shall shut shop and get you round for a coffee!!!!xxBrilliant job.When we renovated it blew right out of budget too but wow what a lovely house it is much atmosphere! xx

Jan & Ed: We often go to Tamborine and I will take you up on that. Action House Movers were good but they did let us down on the welding and we had to fix it at our expense.

Ken22: Well I loved the show and your spirits are inspiring. Good on you both. You can be very proud to have saved a treasure and kept some of that wonderful qld character.

Jan & Ed: That's wonderful, thank you. That is where our heart is.

Johnnyman: Really loved the house.. What's your next big project?

Jan & Ed: Give us a minute to enjoy this one :) My next project might be to bring beautiful, old housing from Melbourne up to QLD.

Alan32: What the best advice you would give someone that is starting out on a building project, DA finally approved.

Jan & Ed: Do your sums very carefully, we were fortunate enough to not worry too much about the budget but it can kill you if you don't do your sums.

perky29: Hi Ed and Jan, Great job! Have you completed the second house? If so, are you keeping it or selling it?

Jan & Ed: We would sell it for the right price!

Andrea35: We are at Cedar creek. Used a removalist to lift an old cottage on our property - a few problems and then we found out the company we THOUGHT we hired had subcontracted the job out. Be careful folks. Do your homework.

Faye4: Hi you two are amazing! Great job on the house. Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I just joined. What house lifter did you use? They look like they did a good job?

Jan & Ed: Action House Raisers

Johnnyman: Thanks for answering my questions guys! One more… if you could do it all again, would you do anything differently?

Jan & Ed: No. We are happy with the end result. It was a hell of a lot of hard work but we ended up with a unique and beautiful project.

Susan77: Can you renovate some more traditional homes in Southport PLEASE!!!

Jan & Ed: Absolutely! We are passionate about. We have been in the building industry for 35 years and we love doing this.

Alan32: What are you doing with the 2nd house at the back and how close is it to this one?

Jan & Ed: We are three metres apart. We will rent it or sell it when it is finished.

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Posted by DavidReport
Love to drive past and have a look , what is the name of the street.
Posted by Paul291Report
Hi Jan & Ed, more congrats on the build, I had a look through the supplier list and cant find who supplied/built the fence and also the fence gate, any chance of advising?
Posted by JanReport
We built the fence but the powder coated capping came from Chatterton Laceworks in Melbourne and the front gate was made for us by Woodworkers at Southport. 6 x 6 posts and 4 x 1.5 rails all hardwood. Good luck and cheers for the kind thoughts. Jan & Ed
Posted by MaccarooReport
Hi Jan & Ed, just watched your reno again, what a fantastic job you have done and you are both still smiling! Definately not your average retirees :)Enjoy, you so deserve it, might have a wander past when we are next visiting the area! :)
Posted by ElizabethReport
I am a descendent of Augustus Gregory, and I was wondering if you could let me know a bit about him please??
Posted by JanReport
Plumbing Matters and Paul O'Connell on 0407706330 and Ryan O'Connell Roca Plumbing on0418 919 050. Great Job Guys
Posted by joey1601Report
What Plumber did you use, can you please give me his number. The plumbers have done a great job. Loved the episode and visiting it again on Grand designs website.
Posted by JanReport
Thank you so much - we are delighted that people appreciate our hard work, effort and finished result. Cheers, Jan & Ed
Posted by JanReport
Yes thank goodness. We are approx. 14 metres above sea level so high and dry thus far. The floods were devastating for Queensland and we really feel for the poor souls that suffered so badly.
Posted by JanReport
Hi Mark & Jeanette - I thought I answered this one but it appears to have come up blank. We would love to chat about your big adventure and canbe contacted through the Southport Yacht Club reception. Happy New Year. Cheers, Jan & Ed