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Over the past 5 years, Grand Designs Australia has followed over 50 builds from all around the country..... and now we’re targeting YOUR area.

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Are you having trouble selling your property? Do you need the expertise of Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie? The 8th series has wrapped up and we need new contributors for Series 9 now. Please register your interest by clicking on the link below.

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Posted by Natalie1686 •13w ago • Report

My dad is the hardest working man I know. He wakes up at 4am every morning and works 6 days a week. Mostly gets home at around 6.30 - 7pm. But doesn't stop there, on Sundays he catches up on paperwork and tries his best to fix up the house where he can. He used to go every Sunday to his aunties farm (deceased) to feed the cows and fix up the fence.
My dad does his best to provide for me and my brother. Working so hard so we can be happy and know he's doing a good job.
For a year now we have had a dog named Sadie and she has ruined our back yard. Destroying the beautiful grass we once had and she has taken out our Rosemary bush.
i hope this could be a chance to help out my dad to have a fantastic team to renovate the back yard as he never has time to do it.
A bit of a helping hand would be 1000 times appreciated. I would love to put a smile on my dads face and take one heavy weight off his shoulders. As a sigh of relief to having a beautiful backyard.

Natalie Castellan
Posted by Kaylene108 •14w ago • Report
I would love some help from Find My Family to find my father. I only have his name, David Saunderson. My mother was in a relationship with him but they broke up before she found out she was pregnant and then never bothered to tell him. I'm now 39 and have kids of my own and I would love the opportunity to meet my father. Please let me know if you can help.
Posted by Clare443 •23w ago • Report
I'm 38 and just found out 2 weeks ago via DNA that I'm not biologically my fathers. My mother committed suicide after I was born and no one ever suspected I was not my dads. I've just embarked on a mission to find my biological father who most likely does not even know I exist! I have no name but I have leads. Can you help me?
Posted by Susan1666 •25w ago • Report
I was adopted in 1966 and I have no name . I've spend a ridiculous amount of money and used 2 different search company's, and have gotten nowhere I was wondering if maybe this new TV show Long Lost Family could help me or guide me as what and where to go next . Please Help..
Posted by Jodie1021Report
i seen add on tv to find my family
My husbands mother on her death bed told them that their older aunty was her real mum and the lady that raised her was really her grandmother.
since then the mum gran and aunty have all died
my husband would like to find his grandfather... The father of his mum
please help... i believe she met a man or sailor from america. That is all the info he was given
Thank you
Posted by Kathryn571Report
Hi I am writing asking for help with a backyard makeover. My parents are Helen & Mike. We are a brady bunch family which makes us a family of 6 children, I have 2 sisters (twins), 1 step sister and 2 step brothers. My parents bought an eco house in Narara earlier this year as an investment property with view to renovate, which myself and my partner live in to provide them with rental income whilst they renovate. They have been steadily renovating the inside of the property whilst we have been renting the property from them. The backyard is essentially a jungle and has a storm water that runs through it. We don't know where to start and now that one of my sister's has been diagnosed with ewings sarcoma cancer we have no time to even start this backyard renovation let alone the funds as my parents are also supporting my sister's rent in Sydney whilst she is having chemo and my dad is now unemployed. We would love to have a beautiful backyard and entertaining area so that my sister can make it her haven when she visits and also to reward my parents hard work and help them with this property renovation as they are relying on future renting and selling potential to fund their retirement in years to come. Please let me know if you can help. I have managed to save up $3000 to help with the backyard reno but wouldn't know where to start and don't have the time as I work full-time and also do uni full-time.
Posted by Stephen601Report
Don't no if you can help , my stepdad , is very crook his in hospital with a heart condition , he has one arm , had hip replacements , shoulder operations , and takes heart medication, he's been in hospital now for about nine months , my mums at home on the property , which has a two story house with the right touches down stairs could be made into a great living space for him when he gets home , they have put in a chair lift for him but , I don't think he will manage the transfers to another at the top , Thomas Jack man is his name , a very proud man who doesn't ask for help , but I'm one of five kids and since Jack has been with us he's always been there for us , giving all advice , and help where he can , he doesn't want to give up the farm as he enjoys , the cows and having the animals around , , I don't no when he is due home but would love to be able to help this great man live out he's last days where he loves to be , and that's at home with he's animals , he is in Narrabri , NSW , 2390 , he is well known , as is my mum , I know that you probably hear this a lot , but this man deserves a lot , I hope you can help , PLEASE , eagerly waiting a reply , yours sincerely , stephen , kebby ,
Posted by TriestinaReport
I have advertised a few months for Gardener/Landscaper to install 2 water features and 1 pond.I am a great fan of all these Reality Make Overs. But in the real world trades an't that reliable, I just looking for a true trades.
Posted by Jenna272Report
Hi :) I am 25 and worked full time since I left school to buy a block and build my own house. Dream achieved! I have roughly an acre on the coast at kingston S.E. I would really like to build a nice fenced off garden/yard area around the house, money is tight and I'm expecting my first bub in nov :) and still working full time so I'm struggling. If you could help me to build a simplistic, low maintence, beautiful yard you would make my day!
Posted by Alimac127Report
Hi,I am writing to you for some assistance.My father is 72yrs and is the most humble kind man I know.He is my mum's and my rock.He has been fighting cancer for the last 18yrs.Firstly prostate cancer and many doses of raidiation therapy.
Then he was in remittion and he found a tumor in his neck,in his lymph gland and an opperation and more raidiation therapy.To add to his bad luck more cancer in his opposite side of his head in his ear, with it opperated and grafted.
we were so happy he was told 5yrs ago he has the "all clear" and "cancer free"
Now they have just found a tumor in his head behind his eyes and nose.Dad is going to Prince of wales for raidiation therapy and Chemo therapy for 8 weeks.My father has been the family rock.After I became a single mum and now re-partnered,durring all this I had my own health issues of cirvical cancer twice.
My dad is so giving to everyone and the community and always made out his own issues are nothing compared to others.He is a wonderful grandfather a volunteer to perisher ski patrol for the past 50yrs and president to the local car club.
I would just like help to put a court yard on the front of his house and paint his driveway while he is away having treatment in sydney.Please consider my story to put a smile on dads face.
Thank you.