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Posted by Carlie4Report
I'd love to get my mum on Love it or list it, but she doesn't have a partner. Maybe there needs to be a show for renovation fails, or stuff that was started but never finished. M
Posted by Purple NannaReport
I would do anything to have a team of workers come into my 243 year old home on 2 acres in our small country town near the North-East coast of Tasmania My husband is my full time carer, trying to work in the house, outside, with all our animals, but has been working 17 years trying to renovate my home. We need carpet as there are holes between the stunning wood floors, an open fire but we cannot afford the amount of wood to keep me warm in these cold winters. The kitchen still needs the benchtops, skirting, flooring, then there is a bathroom that needs re-doing, it hurts me getting into the shower which is over the bath. I need to win lotto or some renovators.
Posted by Shirley457Report
Looking for a Darrell Triffitt or Triffett, not quite sure of the correct spelling but lived and worked in Popondetta, Papua New Guinea in late 60s and 70s. He left PNG around early 80s and I don't know if he is still alive. Please contact me if you know of him or his family in Australia. He is my biological father and I need to complete my genealogy and currently, his side of the family is still blank. I pray and hope that someone will know of him or his family and help me connect with them. It is very important for me to trace and complete my genealogy. Please email me on, or Bless your heart if you know of any information.
Posted by Kelsey133Report
It hurts when my five year old daughter ask if Daddy will be coming whenever we are celebrating on a round table. Meanwhile I was used to celebrating every holiday season alone for two years after my husband abandoned us for another woman.
But I promised during last Thanksgiving that I will give her an unforgettable gift this Christmas Holiday. I didn’t know it will be possible and at the same time I didn’t want to disappoint my Daughter. It was an impossible request presented to Dr. Wakina’s table through dr. wakinalovetemple @ gmail. com with a time frame, I don’t want to be a lying Mommy.
Believe me when I say it was an unforgettable moment between my Husband and our Daughter when he came knocking on Christmas Eve. Something I never thought will be possible became a reality. Love Spell is real and Dr. Wakina is genuine.
Posted by missy472Report
Hi, I desperately need help for my 7 year old miniature labradoodle who is suffering with a nose problem. She rubs her nose along the ground crying loudly and hysterically. This goes on for about a minute and there is no consoling her while she is doing it. When she stops this action she attempts to sneeze and clear her nose but nothing comes out. She has had lots of tests and procedures carried out at the vet and various trials on many medications but nothing works. She has these attacks almost hourly throughout the day and night and so none of us sleep well. When the attack is over she acts as though nothing has happened. They do not affect her appetite or energy level. It is the most pitiful and extremely loud cry i have ever heard from a dog
Posted by Natalie1811Report
Would love to give a challenge to you guys on a small backyard on a small block that appears impossible to renovate. we so desperately have tried to fix for our 3 daughters. We have had flooding issues since moving here 2 years ago. Lovely Queensland storms!! My husband and I desperately trying to save our home. I have promised my girls somewhere to play. We had to sell our previous home which did have a yard. Although, I am sure there are more deserving people out there, we would still like a chance. My husband and I work just so hard for our family just trying to make ends meet like so many out there. It would be so great to be able to achieve this for our girls.x
Posted by William362Report
Hi, I have just moved into the Glenorchy Gardens Retirement Community in an outer Hobart City. The gardens are reasonably well kept as can be expected, but are like most , in need of a major overhaul. The Community is mostly over 75 year old all with their own needs and aspirations. Originally the surrounding gardens may well have looked great but are overgrown , roses need pruning, weeds galore and dozens of old tired plants.,obviously retired. Some of the residents attempt to do a bit but as you can imagine we all have our own problems, mentally and physically. I was going to start a vegetable garden area, but due to a major Heart attack and minor stroke some two months ago I am limited to just what I can do. It would be a wondrous and thoughtful thing to do if we could arrange for s major overhaul of the Garden area, which , is not all that large but covers a lot of are a fair bit or land. And a raised garden area would also give the residents an added interest and probably a greater interest in life and get them outside instead of hiding away in their units. Up until my Heart attack I loved gardening but I am now limited in what I am permitted and able to do. They have also attempted to put a rose garden and a flag pole area, for Anzac days, but unfortunately that has died a horrible death and looks unsightly.

It would give everyone in the village, a new lease of life should they be lucky enough to have your talented crew look over the area and suggest, help with a make over.

Kind regards,
Posted by Kelly1406Report
Hi I have a best friend who is constantly being bitten, punched,kicked at everyday... you probably say who in there right mind would put up with this.. well she does because it is her 10 year old son that does this to her. She has been battling this for now 6years. She and her family really need a positive to happen in their life. Her house has holes in her plaster and her garden has died due to not having time to maintain it - as all her time goes into her son and also her daughter .Her daughter is 12 years old and has anxiety because of this as well - they can not go on holidays, they cannot go anywhere as a family due to his mental breakdowns as the looks they get are very hurtful. Our society and government are not any help at all. Can you please cover this story as the amount of autistic kids rise everyday! There is a whole in the system for children from 10-16years old, and their is no support for her family - more support is given if they were a foster family. Her son is under going puberty (due to medicine) at 10 years old hence why his hormones are all over the place and he is aggressive. Please please please any help or assistance would be very much appreciated. - re do her garden, home, a holiday anything at all - they are so deserving - they need to smile.
Posted by Bethany170Report
Hello I need Dr Harry's help I have a transgendered cockatiel, he bangs his beak and regurgitates and somethings during spring he mates with himself. The big problem is that he's very aggressive and won't let anyone touch him my mother and I have been whistling the same song to him for the last two years and still won't whistle please help I love my bird and I want my bird to love me
Posted by Jan762Report
Hello, I have a note here from my grand daughter Rachel who wants to help her dad update their backyard in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.
Quoting: ' Hi, Better Homes and Gardens. My name is Rachel and I live with my mum and dad and sister. Mum and dad keep talking about doing up the backyard but since dad (41 years young) started his new job we haven't had the time or money.'
(Explanation: early this year, Rachel's dad drastically changed careers from a senior store manager (21 years service) to a 1st Year Mature-age Apprentice Electrician. This will take 4 years of hard work. Everyone is immensely proud of Rachel's dad, as at last he is following his dream and doing what he likes as a job).
Back to Rachel: 'We have been living in our house for about 2 years and mum has a Family Day Care business at our place. We need to find some things to make the backyard an enjoyable place to play in. Can you help?
I want it to be a big surprise if you can. Dad wants a big shed, he has been talking about it ever since the sold sign went up on this house. All of us want an entertainment area as well, and a place to cover up the caravan. Our dog Zed lives with us, too, he keeps on playing with kids really nicely. I hope you can help us.'
From: Rachel, age 11 years.
PS: we would like a vegie garden too... and can I help you if you come??